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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cladonis

Sona, Mistress of Aura's

Cladonis Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Item Build

Archangel's Staff:
Archangel's Staff is important to get early on. Start out by getting Meki Pendant with two health pots. I wait until I reach level 6 to go back and get Tear of the Goddess assuming I have 600-700 gold. Go back in lane and start spamming those spells! Go back and get Blasting Wand and then build that into Archangel's Staff. It is very important to spam your spell while you have Tear of the Goddess to build up your mana (Tear of the Goddess gives 4 mana per spell cast permanently, capping at 1000; Archangel's Staff does the same). I usually don't build straight into Archangel's Staff; I usually get Boots of Speed after getting my Blasting Wand so that I have better maneuverability and so i get extra time to stack mana with Tear of the Goddess.

Of course your gonna get boots! Who doesn't? But what boots should you get? I'm not telling you!!! It's really up to you. Boots of Mobility are great for zipping across the map to help your teammates or defend a tower; and you go super fast with Song of Celerity and Ghost on. Boots of Swiftness are good for going fast as well. But both these boots are only good for just that, going fast. It not a bad thing at all, but why not get something that boosts your speed AND gives you something a little extra? Sorcerer's Shoes are good with Hymn of Valor, but attacking should not be your priority considering you are a support character. Berserker's Greaves are nice . . . if your Olaf. Ninja Tabi are awesome too . . . if your Jax. I myself usually get Mercury's Treads. It puts that zip in your step AND gives you 25 magic resist AND reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 35%. What more could you want when your running from Mundo? But it's really up to you.

Nashor's Tooth:
Nashor's Tooth is great. It gives you ability power, cooldown reduction, mana regen, and an attack speed increase. What more could you ever want? Cooldown reduction is crucial with Sona. Her cooldowns are already relatively low, but if you use one spell, all the others spells go on a one second cooldown (except her ultimate). That might not seem so bad. Your probably thinking "It's only ONE second, what could go wrong?" Well, when Mundo is chasing you, every spell and second counts. Mundo is chasing you, throwing cleavers at your face and now you have to decide, "Do I heal myself, or do I speed up?" Since you can't do both because of cooldown, you must pick one. It doesn't really matter though cause your Sona and you get away anyways. TAKE THAT MUNDO! (I don't like Dr. Mundo). If you can get enough cooldown reduction, you can perpetually keep all your aura's up and cast spells super fast. Attack speed just makes me happy and mana regen helps you to keep your crazy high mana up.

Aegis of the Legion:
Aegis of the Legion is one of those cool aura items. Aegis of the Legion gives YOU 18 Armor, 270 Health, and 24 Magic Resist. Its aura gives 12 Armor, 15 Magic Resistance, and 8 Damage to nearby allied units. Its great for supporting your team in a team fight.

Will of the Ancients:
Will of the Ancients is another of those awesome aura items. Not only does it give you 40 ability power, its aura gives your allies 30 ability power and 15% spell vamp. Aura items are great on Sona. Your abilities give off auras so why not add to that with items.

Zhonya's Ring:
If you play a caster on League of Legends, you know exactly what Zhonya's Ring is. It gives you 120 ability power and increases your overall ability power by 25%! This item is insane. You can also activate it to put you in a stasis which makes you invincible for two seconds but leaving you unable to move. Good on any caster champ. Its up to you if you want to build Zhonya's Ring before or after Aegis and Will of the Ancients. If you want to get strong fast, build it. But if your team could use an upper, go for the support items please. They will thank you.


There are other good aura items, but not many. Everyone seems to be in love with Innervating Locket for some reason. Flat health and mana is nice, and the mana and health regen is good too, but team fights don't last so long that anyone will see a noticeable difference with or without it. Abyssal Scepter isn't bad, but I like increasing stats of my teammates rather than decreasing my opponents stats. Mana Manipulator is OK, but just that, OK. I usually keep Clarity on and use it near my allied champs to recover their mana, thus eliminating the need for Mana Manipulator. Emblem of Valor is not that great on Sona, enough said. Soul Shroud gives you 520 health, which is really nice and its aura gives mana regen and 15% cooldown on abilities. Its not a bad item to put on her at all, but I try to think offensively when it comes to my auras. Stark's Fervor is great and there is no reason why it wouldn't be good on Sona, its just not my style and usually someone else build one up when I play. Do not think about putting a Sunfire Cape on Sona. It's only good on tanks, like Malphite or Amumu. It is not recommended for a support character like Sona. Sunfire Cape is not an aura.

In the event that multiple champions are carrying an item with the same beneficial aura effect, each of those will receive two instances of the buff: one from the item they are carrying, and a second from the aura of their ally. No champion can ever receive more than two instances of a unique benevolent aura, regardless of how many nearby allies are providing the buff. I am SO tired of people saying that the entire team should get Aegis of the Legion, thinking that it will give the entire team a 40 attack damage boost. It doesn't work that way. Stop it.


First and foremost, Sona is a SUPPORT character. Her job is to help out her allies, not attack her enemies. Not that she can't attack her enemies, but she is kinda squishy so use caution. Don't forget to farm. Don't be greedy and dont try to tower dive unless your opponent has between 1 to 5 health points left. In other words, don't tower dive. It is your job to heal your allies. Don't priorities killing over the health of your teammates. The best offence is a good defense with Sona. Be happy with getting assists, they still give you gold. Remember, heal your allies and have fun!

Early Game:
Build up Power Chord before you leave the fountain. Farm minions and get gold. Build up Power Chord and hit enemy champs with it, don't waste it on a minion early game. Power Chord rocks and takes out a nice piece of health early game but try not to overextend and get yourself killed. Start spamming your spells once you get Tear of the Goddess to build up your mana. You will love all mana you have late game. Build your items. Be sure to heal your teammates.

Mid Game:
You have two options here, if your team starts gathering up in the mid lane for a push, go with them. If they don't, stay in your lane, push it, and farm. Watch for ganks cause your really squishy. Build your items. Be sure to heal your teammates.

Late Game:
You will inevitably be pushing a lane with your team. Use Crescendo to immobilize your opponents so your team can jump them while they are having a little hoedown. You should have good lane staying power by now so don't leave unless you have to. Build your items. PUSH THE LANE. Be sure to heal your teammates.

End Notes:
Use Ghost to get away, try not to chase with it cause you might need it to run from Mundo later. If and when you use Clarity, use it near a champ with low mana so he/she gets mana too. Heal, heal, heal, heal, heal. Feel free to leave comments about what you think might be better, I'm open to suggestions and I will respond to questions.

This is your Ability Power (Didn't take into account Hymn of Valor's aura, will be higher when Hymn of Valor is on).

[(AP from items + aura from Will of the Ancients + runes X Zhonya's Ring passive) + AP from items + aura from Will of the Ancients + runes) = Total AP

(325.31 X 0.25) + 325.31 = 406.6375 AP

P.S. Run from Mundo.
P.S.S. Anyone with a thumb can play Mundo well.
P.S.S.S. Mundo goes where he pleases.
P.S.S.S.S. If your gonna down vote, please leave a reason why in the comments. Don't down vote for no reason.