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Sona General Guide by Codz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Codz

Sona - Playing Dragonforce on her Etwehl.

Codz Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction aka Hello.

Hello, and welcome to the AD/Attack Speed Sona guide. Please take in note that this is a completely legitimate build for Sona, and it has been proven (by not just this guide, but others). Also on an unrelated topic, my first build/guide as well.

Prepare to dive into the world of Sona's OP passive coupled with damage output!

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Summary aka What we're dealing with here.

Basically what we're looking at here is a simple attack damage and speed guide for Sona. Why? Because her Hymn of Valor and her passive both go perfectly, not to mention her Crescendo is still perfect for any initiations.

All we're focusing on here is mainly damage dealing, sustain late game. With this build, you'll be playing Dragonforce on her etwehl.

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Masteries aka Balancing Strategies.

Alright, so all Sona's abilities are AP based, so we can't rule out the fact that when we need her Hymn of Valor for the buff or the extra heal from Aria of Perseverance from time to time, that it's weak. But still, since we ARE building attack damage and speed, we still need both categories.

Summoner's Wrath is completely optional, the only reason I included it is for Surge. You can apply the extra point anywhere really, even the AP portion of the offense tree.

So what we want is attack damage and speed. Critical Striking? Meh, no. We want the armor pen., the damage and the speed, so focus those. Afterwards with remaining points, fill the good AP portion. Archangel points can be put into the flat AP, cooldown, AP per level, whatever. Just as long as they're there.

The additional mana regen. is there in case you don't want to use Clarity. Optional too.

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Skill Sequence aka Shouldn't even include this because it's so easy.

Straight forward.

You'll want your Hymn of Valor maxed ASAP, Aria of Perseverance coming second. Get 1 into Song of Celerity at level 4, just in case. Max your Crescendo whenever you can.

Easy as that.

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Runes aka Obvious Choices.

Damage penetration? Attack speed? Damage? YEP.

Armor pen instead of attack damage. This with The Black Cleaver will cut right through every high armored or even low armored foe. It's like having 2 Corkis.

Attack speed. 'nuff said.

I looked at this one for quite a while but still, attack speed. None of that armor or health is necessary. You won't be the engager (I hope), just the damage dealer/group stun.

Alright, the big guns! More attack speed, but like I said, we can't factor out damage. So 1 Greater Quintessence of Strength and 2 Great Quintessence(s) of Alacrity.

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Summoner Spells aka What to choose, what not to.

Flash. Don't go anywhere without Flash on Sona. Flash is basically what you'll really want for escaping and securing, since you will be doing both.

I always have a hard time deciding the second spell. Surge is nice because of the AP and attack speed, both benefiting the build. But at the same time, if you really want to be a support, you could also get Clairvoyance. But other than Surge, nothing from with ignite or clarity. Since you won't have a lot of mana benefits, clarity is just sustain purposes.


Cleanse, Heal and Revive.

You don't need Cleanse, unless you feel you can't escape based on your ult and speed buff (then good luck). You already have a heal. Revive? Please, dying isn't your thing anyways.

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Items aka The long part.

There are so many choices. But then again, this is my build. So my own choices will be displayed regardless.

Malady is a perfect item to start (after dagger and 1hp 1mp pot) the build off. That magic resistance remover is perfect for stacking, then you hit with a nice Hymn of Valor. Even your stun would go with it. It's just nice because it benefits both sides of the build, AP and attack speed.

Berserker's Greaves are the top option. You could also get the cooldown reduction from Ionian Boots. Sorcerer's shoes are one option, but this is more about attack speed, not magic pen.

Nashor's Tooth. Beautiful item right here. Get the Stinger first though, then the Fiendish Codex. Once done, your attack speed is beautiful, and the ap bonus and cooldown reduction will definitely help.

Here is where you can mix things up. If you're fed, and going good, get The Black Cleaver first, Trinity Force second. Trinity makes your attack OP after using any abilities though.

I thought about what item to put next, but as soon as I saw Guinsoo's Rageblade, I had no doubts left in my mind. Attack speed and ap stacking? No problem. Your attack speed now is crazy fast, and this will only help push it to it's maximum potential.

Youmuu's Ghostblade. Attack damage, speed and armor pen. What we're looking for. Also a nice escape mechanism, when coupled with Song of Celerity.

Alright, at this point Malady is going to leave, because it's time for the REAL attack damage. Get yourself a Bloodthrister. Damage and your lifesteal will probably go crazy every time you attack.

And that's all the items. Feel free to let me know alternatives.

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Ranked Play aka don't do this.

I don't suggest this build for Ranked. Not that I have used in Ranked. Why? Just leave the ad carrying to ad carry champions who are meant for the role. You can still be a kickass support, though.

But you know what? To hell with my opinion. Do what ever you want.

DO WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE A PIRATE IS FREE, YOU are not a pirate sorry. You're Sona. (Sona>pirates)

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Unique Skills aka a trick I found earlier.

Well well what's this? I found myself a neat little trick with Sona, that which you may or may not have heard of.

When pushing inhibitor, get your Power Chord ready, and switch over to Hymn of Valor. What happens?


That stuffs crazy, but remember, inhibitor only. Doesn't work on turrets, but Hymn of Valor Power Chord is still viable against turrets.

Again, I'm not sure if anyone knew this, even though people probably did. I discovered this yesterday.

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Conclusion aka My fingers hurt let's finish this here.

Thanks for taking the time to look first of all.

Second, if you do really good with this guide, good for you. You really deserved it.

Third, here's a picture of my first time (not fully built):

And finally, fourth, have yourself a wonderful time on the Fields of Justice with Sona.

PS: Didn't include a farming section. It's straight forward. Attack fast and take whatever minions you want.

PSS: All friend request will be accepted. If you do, anyways. Name's Zeldire.


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