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League of Legends Build Guide Author thecheeseking

Sona, Queen of Support

thecheeseking Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 0

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

Acknowledgements: Credit goes to DEWO for his template on builds and Searz' Guide

About Sona

Sona is a character to play if you want to support your team, while you can get kills this is not your main focus. Please note that this is NOT an AP guide, it focuses on reducing your cooldowns and increasing mana regen so you can spam your skills. This makes Sona into full support instead of trying to make her semi-DPS as so many do.


+great supporter
+good harasser
+short cooldowns
+Great in team fights
+Great chase/escape mechanism in late game


-squishy early game
-mana runs out quickly in early game
-very team dependent (cannot carry)
-cannot solo lane
-horrible creep killer (especially early game, late game isn't so bad because you can spam Q)
-easy to gank if alone
-vulnerable to CC

Summoner Spells


why? Because it is a great escape as well as chase mechanic and i don't want to become flash dependent. It is especially useful early game before you get boots of swiftness as Sona is very slow at this stage.

why? great for even more healing of allies or if your in a tight spot

Other Options

why? I don't use this as i don't want to become flash dependent since it is being removed from the game soon, however it is a great escape mechanic.

why? spammable summoner spell that is useful for stopping ganks, i don't use it as i often forget to spam it andi'm not very good at using it. However if you know you can use it well then it is a very useful spell.

why? another way to help you escape enemies. Combined with flash or ghost it can be very easy to escape almost any situation.

why? useful for reaching allies on the battlefield easier.

Summoner Spells NOT TO GET

why? As soon as you get tear of the goddess this becomes virtually obsolete.

why? I don't think i need to explain this....but basically your opponent still gets the gold so all this will do is save you 30-60 seconds of time and only once every 9 that's 3 times a game if a game lasts 27 minutes, plus i would rather escape death than instantly revive.

why? virtually useless to you except for killing baron.


Power Chord - After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack deals 24 + 12 x lvl bonus magic damage.

Additionally, Sona's Auras persist for 3 seconds after deactivating and set off a 2 second global cooldown.

Hymn of Valor - Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, granting nearby allied champions bonus Damage and Ability Power. Additionally, casting this ability sends out bolts of sound, dealing magic damage to the nearest two enemy champions or monsters.
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, increasing nearby allied champions Damage and Ability Power by 8/11/14/17/20.

Activation: Sona fires bolts of sound, dealing 70/120/170/220/270 (+0.6) magic damage to the nearest two enemies (prioritizes champions).

55/60/65/70/75 Mana

Aria of Perseverance - Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, granting nearby allied champions bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Additionally, casting this ability sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and a nearby wounded ally.
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, increasing nearby allied champions Armor and Magic Resist by 8/11/14/17/20.

Activation: Sona sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and the most wounded nearby allied champion by 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.5).

55/60/65/70/75 Mana

Song of Celerity - Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions bonus Movement Speed. Additionally, casting this ability energizes nearby allies with a burst of speed.
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions 8/11/14/17/20 bonus Movement Speed.

Activation: Sona energizes nearby allies, granting them 8/11/14/17/20% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

55/60/65/70/75 Mana

Crescendo - Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions to dance, taking magic damage over time.
Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions in a line in front of her to dance, taking 150/250/350 (+0.7) magic damage over 1.5 seconds.

100/150/200 Mana


0/21/9 because you only really need the mana regen from the utility tree as cooldown reduction is already going to be maxed with your items. Offensive tree isn't used because you want to be supporting, not damaging. The Defensive tree makes you more able to survive encounters.


I chose my runes with help from Searz' Guide.

Recommended Runes

Marks: Magic Penetration (makes your Q hit harder, especially early game

Seals: Mana Regen per level (i didn't go for flat mana regen as this is a more versatile rune in terms of use with other champs....if you are only playing Sona then go for flat mana regen)

Glyphs: Flat Cooldown Reduction (you don't need per level as your items are gonna max cooldown reductions with just the flat ones)

Quintessence: Flat Health Quints (very good rune for virtually all characters)

Other Options

Marks: Magic Resistance (if you would rather be more tank than have the extra damage on Q)

Seals: Flat Mana Regen (mana shouldn't be a problem late game)

Glyphs: Ability power per level

Quintessences: Flat Ability Power, Cooldown reduction

Core Items

Item Sequence

Catalyst the Protector

Item Reasoning

why? Mana, mana regen and ability power. All round great item for Sona.

why? Your going to want that extra movement speed to keep up with your allies and escape fights when the need arises

why? health, mana, cooldown reduction. This item starts building up your cooldown reduction so your skills are even more spammable. Furthermore every time you use an ability it grants you health and mana and since you will be using abilities constantly this will provide amssive bonuses.

why? Provides cooldown reduction as well as armor and mana. This means you can stay in fights for longer as you will have more armor and can use your heal more often. Once you have this item your cooldown reduction will be at 40%.

A quick note before i continue: You will most likely never get past frozen heart. I have only done so a few times if ever as such the last two items are really concept items.

why? Lets you survive better while also providing increased heals and damage via ability power....if the enemy isn't very magic heavy you may want to swap this for Rylai's or Zhonya's

why? Increased heals and damage via ability power as well as some survivability and a slow effect which is useful for both escaping and chasing.

Situational Items

Note: TBH i don't tend to get any of these items however i have put them here for your consideration.

Situation: You may want to get this instead of boots of swiftness if the enemy is very CC heavy

Situation: If you feel you really need to reach team fights or ganks faster, or if you just want to be more mobile across the map rather than in an actual fight then consider getting these over swiftness.

Situation: If your Team is very low on damage you may want to get this before you finish archangel's. Personally i try to steer away from this as I'm not very good at using item abilities.

Situation: If the enemy doesn't have much melee damage you may want to get this over frozen heart.

Situation: If you find your heals too weak consider getting this.


Early Game

First off charge up your power chord at base, then grab a Meki pendant and go down a lane with your lane partner, whatever you do DO NOT solo or go mid. Once down your lane you should be healing your lane partner as much as possible with aria of perseverance (assuming they aren't on full hp). Once you hit level 2 you should try to harass your opponents with hymn of valor and power chord. Don't be afraid to go for the solo kill if your opponent is low but you shouldn't try if their hp is medium-high unless you are with your lane partner in which case you should be able to take down enemies relatively easily. Try to coordinate a good time to use crescendo with your lane partner and have them take down the enemy while they are stunned. Remember you also have your heal summoner spell if your ally gets low on HP, don't worry about the cooldown as it is mainly there to heal your allies rather then yourself. You should try and have at least 605 gold the first time you go back to base so you can get your Tear of the Goddess and also boots of speed if you have enough. Once you have Tear of the Goddess your mana will run out very rarely. On your next visit you want to have your boots of speed and have started or finished your catalyst the protector.

Mid Game

At this point you should be making your boots of speed into boots of swiftness and then working on your archangel's staff. You want to always be with someone during this stage of the game or else you will be ganked and killed very easily. You should be in all Team Fights unless dead. Once you have Archangel's staff built you can literally spam all your abilities as much as you want without worrying about mana. make sure to constantly use hymn of valor even just on creeps as it can kill creeps very well, especially late game. You want to make sure all your allies are on full health and if they are not you should be using aria of perseverance constantly until they are. When moving down a lane you should have your move speed aura activated.

In Team fights you should be spamming both aria of perseverance and hymn of valor as well as activating crescendo to disable the enemy team. If your team is being beaten badly in a specific fight try to help them get away using aria of perseverance and your song of celerity but don't get too close to the enemy that they will be able to disable or kill you as you will die very quickly when focused.

Late Game

By now you should be working on your Frozen Heart. Get Glacial Shroud before the cloth armors as it gives reduced cooldowns. Always be in team fights and play style is pretty much the same as mid game.

Something to Consider

Crowd Control is your worst enemy if you are stunned ensnared etc it is basically GG you will die, so try to avoid getting hit by these and if the enemy focuses on you try to hang back from the battle and let your allies go in first.

Final Comments

I would love to hear what you guys think of this build and any suggestions for improving it :).

If you like or do not like this build please explain why in the comments section


Some Games i have played with this build

Note: My in game name is moonsaber in case that wasn't apparent ;)