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Sona, Support in Perfect Harmony

Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Now let me start off by saying that 1st Deathfire Grasp is a placeholder for Shurelya's Revelrie. When updates their item list i will fix it on my build. Now be sure to read this as i will give you all the information you will need to help your team push and stay in lane.

So for starting off the game you want to grab Aria of Perseverance and charge up 3 spells to get your Power Chord charged up before leaving base. Now weather you lane with someone or solo mid you will need to be sure to grab Mana Manipulator so that you dont run into mana issues too bad. Use your auto attacks to kill minions saving mana for either healing yourself or your team mates while the harrassing goes on. Once you get Hymm of valor at level 2 you can do a little harrassing as well. Just be sure that then enemy Champs are nearest to you when you cast it as to hit them with it. At any time you have Power Chord charged be sure to hit a Champ with it instead of a minon if you can. Now be sure you dont over extend. after you have 1475 gold recall to base to buy your Locket. The CD reduction that was added last patch as well as the tiny heal for mana and health make this a must for this build. This will allow you to be able to use your spells with little worry about mana cunsumption and it adds 50 healing to your Aria as well. Go back into lane and save up 1100-2200 gold before returning to base for boots and your soulstealer. By this time you should be in mid game.

Now mid game with Soulstealer you want to get as many assists as you can. For EG: try to stay in team fites as best you can so you can build up AP. Cresendo is a spell you want to use to stun enemies for your team to kill. Its a great combo for other champs ults such as Miss Fortunes ult. Hold them in place so they can get knocked off by her ult and get the assist. Your ult can also b used as an escape tool as well. Combo that with Song of Clerity and the use effect of Revelrie and your passive boots to sped with boots and you can make a quick getaway with little worry about death. Continue to farm gold and assists [try to KS a little with your own attacks] and you should have your last two items before you hit lv 18. Of course assuming your not getting yourself killed repeatedly as i cannot hand out a guide to teach you to play. That aside try to get Golem buff when you can to help out with mana and stay in team fites as long as you can without over extending and you should have plenty of stacks of Soulstealer.

End game you should have enough MP5 and cd reduction to allow you to spam all three of your buffs ansureing you power up your team during team fite encounters. Make sure you have Hymn up when going for turrets as it allows you to do more damage to it. Also make sure you weave in during team fites without placing yourself in the line of enemy fire. When you die your team loses allot of benifical buffs. I dont have a sixth item cause by the time you have enough gold to buy it the win should be ensured at this time.

This is the build i use when i play Sona and i have been playing her allot as i have a soft spot for support champs. This is my first build post so any feed back you guys can offer would be great. I will also be editing this build as needed such as the description if i missed anything and when adds the new item to the item list. Enjoy this wonderfull champion and have fun :D