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League of Legends Build Guide Author weewee

Sona, The Mark of Victory

weewee Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Sona's main role in a team is as a support. The basic item you would want to focus on initially are items that enhances your role as a support hero, mainly , and . Having morello's evil tome and ionian boots on top of your masteries provides the 40% cd reduction sona desperately needs. I prioritize cd reduction instead of ap as aria of preseverence scales poorly with ap thus cd reduction helps make your job as a support more efficient. From experience, cd reduction increases your healing capabilities much better than ap. The archangel's staff provides you with a bigger mana pool to spam with. After your core items, the remaining items are preety situation. I'll list out a few situation where u should consider what item you get next.

provides additional movement speed to help u move around a team fight for better placing of Sona's ulti or keeping in pace with your team, additional magic resist for some survivability and Lich Bane's passive in addition to sonna's passive can nuke a squishy of a ton of hp. When entering late game, purely supporting your team might not be enough to win team fights. Having lich bane to throw in a nuke once in a while will give your team the edge it needs to climb your way to victory.

provides ap and health for better survivability. If you feel the game would progress long you can consider [*] Rod of Ages instead.

provide plenty of ap and is active helps alot if you are being aimed in teamfight. Examples to these are those pesky tyran who spins straight to you and finish u off in a few hits.

This item i would either after lich bane for a better nuke once in a while and making your heal pack a greater punch.

If you think that someone in the enemy team is stacking health and causing too much trouble for your team, a good example would be vladmir. However do note that if your get deathfire, substitute ionian boots with mercury threads or boots of swiftness depending on situation.

However, it is important to see how the game progress. If your main dps champions are feeding in the start, good examples to this wold be when playing normal games with strangers, sona can be a decent ad champion if she starts off good. Start with getting choose your boots based on what you need in the game, mainly or Mercury's Threads then aim for by starting off with . Sheen provides a great nuke if coupled with your passive.

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When to choose Sona

Choose only when your team has a tank and if possible an off-tank. During champion selection communicate with your team as to roles each of you will be taking. Ideally a team should only have 1 support. Having too many support blunts your teams damage output significantly during teamfights.

Do not choose Sona if your team has too many ranged heroes with only 1 tank. Having too many ranged heroes in a team makes Sona very vulnerable during teamfights as smart teams wouldn't aim the tank to start a battle and having Sona too near the battlefield is extremely dangerous due to her squishy-ness.

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Masteries & Runes

Take the standard 9/0/21 build. The reason why i take 2 ranks of intelligence is cuz morello's evil tome and ionian boots can already provide 40% cd reduc without the third lvl of intelligence.

Many would choose magic penetration runes for marks however, i find that sona is not a dmg output hero and magic penetration doesn't affect the amount that you heal so i'd prefer to go with armor runes. Mana regen runes is self explainatory. The runes choosen provides armor and mr to increase survivability and mana regen for better laning.

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Summoner Spells

I would only consider 4 summoner spells. Flash, Clairvoyance, Exhaust and Heal.

Flash obviously provides u with a escaping mechanism and to get away from enemies when you are being aimed in a team fight. Note that best ways to escape with flash is to flash over terrains. Do not think that song of celerity is a good enough escaping mechanism.

Clairvoyance is a great support skill to prevent ganks. However if you are not one who remembers to spam clairvoyance everytime its usable do not get this spell.

Exhaust is good for helping allies escape, chasing enemies or simply throwing it on a enemy with high damage output on team fights. Note that exhaust not only slows the enemy it also decreases their damage output for quite a bit.

Heal can be considered but not advisable. After all sona already has a heal with low cd.

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In early game you should lane with someone with great early game harassing capabilities. Sona is only as good as your team. Do not attempt to solo lane anytime in the game. During teamfights, its important to know when to use your ulti. A well placed ulti can change the tide of the battle. Do not attempt to use it too early but do not wait too long either. Try to place it to disable as many enemy hero as possible. In team fight stay near behind your team and spam all 3 spell and throw in an auto-attack everytime lich bane or your passive is available. Try to aim your passive on a enemy with high damage output after aria of preseverence as it helps reduce their damage output.

Learn song of celerity when you feel that you and your laning partner is capable of getting kills. Your passive with song of celerity can slow enemy champions enough for your lane partner to get kills. However prioritize on aria of preseverence to keep your lane partner well healed.

By lvl5 or your first return to base, you should have gotten your tear of goddess. After getting that, i cannot stress how important it is that sona get a blue golem buff. You should be able to solo a blue golem at around lvl 6. After getting the blue buff, constantly so spam all 3 skills while walking to build up your mana pool. The blue buff also makes you a fantastic laner.

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End Note

Do know that this is a guide in progress. Please feel free to rate and criticize. I would edit my guide based on constructive criticism provided by readers. Thx for reading the guide!!

PS: Please feel free to post printscreens of how your match turned out trying this build in the comment section.