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Sona Build Guide by Cookienator

sona- the op ad carry

By Cookienator | Updated on August 23, 2011

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For masteries, I chose utility for the improve buff duration, the gold gain advantage and the plus experience gain. An alternative could be to get defense for the extra hp regeneration based on max mana.
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For runes I like my health per level seals and glyphs so that during late game, I am more tank than other champions. An alternative to the health per level glyphs could be flat cooldown glyphs.
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My items are balance for most games but the order that frozen heart and banshee's veil is bought could be switched based on the opposing team. For example, if there is more attack damage champions on the opposing team, frozen heart should be bought first. If there are more ability power champions on the other team, banshees veil should be bought first.
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When farming with attack damage sona, try to keep hymn of valor on as it makes last hitting much easier.
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When playing attack damage sona, try to spam between song of celerity and aria of perseverance so that power chord charges faster and so that spamming skills does not interfere with last hitting creeps. When power chord is fully charged, hymn of valor should be used to do more damage. When chasing an opposing champion, power chord with song of celerity should be used and crescendo should follow up.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookienator
Cookienator Sona Guide

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sona- the op ad carry
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