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Sona Build Guide by Kaiser0217

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaiser0217

Sona The Support, I think not!

Kaiser0217 Last updated on April 16, 2012
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Sona Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first guide, but bare with me. any comments on how to improve will be a big help thanks.

sona is my favorite character, and one of my best. this guide is ment for a 5v5 atmosphere(i use for 3v3)

sona's Q and W are gonna be your main skills to master and use (Very Often) one you obtain an item or 2 (not including boots) your going to be nearly unstoppable.

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i honestly do not use runes on any account except my main account (kasier0217) this guide is built for pretty much any account. as i have 5 accounts 4 of which have no runes. i play my smurf accounts more then my main. because i believe playing with the minimal equipment will make you a better player. for example. playing with no runes. and winning alot and often, and doing well in each match is a great thing because when you do decide to spend 10k+ ip on your runes it will just improve your game. my main account has runes that simply balance the character out. for example dps champs or AD. i have all marks for crit chance (410 ones) so when i go into a game im starting with 20% crit chance with no item add-ons.

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no explanation needed, i put the points into skill of the type of character im using. i use sona more as an offensive champ killer. most would put them into defense or skill. (3rd branch) if ur using an Ad character, put into things pertaining to melee gain. i.e crit chance. damage.

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Items are Key. ap+health is what your going for. health for just generaly have alot of health for better fights. and the ap for your abilitys, and your W which is heal on a 4 seconds cool down. if sona is used right with the right equipment you could keep your whole team alive, (note that W heals player closest to you with the lowest life. so keep in mind if ur trying to save someone, and someone else near you has lower life. it could make or break you when you use your W.

Boots are obvious, and rod of ages is probably one of the most important items any character that uses ap should have. it gives Ap mana+health. and gives the most mana+health over any item in the game except warmogs. and slightly under frozen mallet. and for the price. it does wonders.

lich bane is movement speed+ap + effect. using it right in sync with your unique passive to each character you could roughly 2 hit an opponent this isn't exact or close by any means but this is how it would generaly be worked out. Q+passive does an average of 800 ap damage at level 18. + effect again for using your Q as its a 1.2 second delay on the time it takes to using the Q between your passive so you figure 1 second cool down left. while your chasing your opponent assuming there not full hp. you can do an average of 1600 damage. in all the time it takes them to think about running away.

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Skill Sequence

Q and W are the only thing you need to worry about Q to W back and forth till your level 6. and even then i use sona's ult as a stun and not for anything else. then back to Q to W your E is unimportant as most players dont have above 400 ms. you need not worry about even putting a point into your E untill you have no choice you will find that the more you play around with different items and settings within the character you will discover things that will make you great. :)

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Summoner Spells

summoner spells to me are obsolite, i've played and won many games without using them and like i said with the runes i suggest you stop using those heals, or mana heals. or flash's because you will just get used to running away. because thats basicaly what your doing. is fleeing. i've seen countless flash fails. healing is the same as the mana heal. you will get consumed by using it so often you will rely on it. thinking (i dont need this item. i got heal. or i got the mana heal) my best advice is to stick to exhaust and ghost, can be used for chasing or fleeing. and doesn't effect any items you may or may not get. its simple the best choice i've come up with.

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Ranked Play

i do not suggest any of this guide be used in any form of ranked play, as i've never played ranked because i do not consider myself a good enough player to attempt playing ranked matches.

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if you have the mana. waste ur mana Q'n best farming tool ever. your always gonna be able to get mana if u run out. so the faster you farm the better and easier things will get. altho most would say not to waste ur mana at all on creeps. but in my opinion i do the opposite. and it does wonders.

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Team Work

Team work. title says it all, people should use it more often. listen for ganks, and pings. the main source for a ping is a target. or position to move to. and in most cases its very vital you listen because it could be a game changer. but ofcourse always be sure of your surroundings. is there a guy in that bush your walking to? or is he in the one behind you. and his other 3 teammates are in the one infront of you? who knows be sure. call MIA none stop. and give a re if they come back LET YOUR TEAM KNOW so they can let you know. communication and team work is the Key. listen to each other. as for sona. your a support. the way i play is. i lane usualy always bottom and people come to me. support should go were its needed, but in my aggresive play style, the people needing aid come to me.

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Pros / Cons


Right items, and right person = devastating sona
very team oriented
Wide Array of usable skills

Very Squishy untill an item or two has been obtained
Mana cost
cool down ratio
Heal, only heals 1 person and you can't choose who gets healed
Q will auto select a champion if in range, but somehow if theres a minion infront of them and even if ur in distance if u Q at the wrong time it will hit minion instead.

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okay to just batch everything up.

Communication with your team is key, be aware of your surroundings. Spam that heal.
Death Q minions

not really much else to say. but like i said before this is my first guide, i still dont know how to use all those special characters. like making a picture appear or what not, but let me know what you think of this guide. bad or good. give me your honest opinion any advice would do. and please do not flame me these are just things that i do that i think helps me and that i hope would help others which is the whole point of this guide.