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Sona Build Guide by Yarmin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yarmin

Sona, the supporting Musician

Yarmin Last updated on May 5, 2012
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Hi, I would like to show you how to play Sona!
I don´t think that I am a pro player but I will show you how I play sona.
If you have any opinions ,just write a comment( every opinion is welcome).

This is a guide for a support Sona. Neither mid nor AD!
I don´t expect that everyone will like my guide.

I am a human too so I am sorry for mistakes if I made some.


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Pros / Cons


+3 things in 1 passive ability
+Strong early harasser
+Champion with strong stats in late game


-Very squishy in early game
-She doesn´t have the best heal
-Bad Ability power / Heal ration
-Quickly goes OOM if not played carefully

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Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

You are a supporter so you want to be on your line as long as possible and support you carry.
These quintessences are great for Sona because she will be less squishy with these. I do not recommend any alternetives to these runes!

Greater Seal of Replenishment As I said you want to last as long as possible on your line so you need to have a good mana regeneration. If you want more gold I recommend to take 4 Greater Seal of Gold and 5 Greater Seal of Replenishment

You need to have some magic resistance.

Aromor is as good for you like the magic resistance is.

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Defense Tree:
  • We need a little armor cuz we are squishy
  • We need to have the 4th talen point and little magic resistance
  • Sona has got low HP amount so we need this
  • Same as Durability
    Utility tree:
  • This is a good talent for Flash and Clairvoyance
  • Expended Mind We take this because we need a lot of mana
  • Same as expanded mind
  • If you are a support you need to buy wards. And if the wards have a big range you will recognize gangs and everthing earlier
  • You are a support so let you carry have all the minions on the line. You will have gold from this talent.
  • As I said before a support usually do not even touch the minions so you will need to have more experience points
  • Same as Awareness
  • You will have less cooldowns
  • A very good talent which reduces cooldowns on summoner spells

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Summoner Spells

As a support I like to use Flash and Clairvoyance.

Flash Is a great choice on any champion. It is a good way how to flee from you enemy and with the combination of your Crescendo it will 100% save you and your carry.

This summoner spell is a great tool how to avoid enemy gangs and how to reveal the enemy position

Other alternatives

Clarity It is a great spell if your carry is often out of mana and if you are out of mana too. Usually this spell is not needed in mid and late game.

A good tool whe you want to go often to your base and have you healt and mana regenared.

Heal If you have problems with healing or you yust want to save your ally from a bad situation this spell is good.

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Power Chord is Sona´s passive skill. It is a great passive bacause it has 3 weapons in it. If it is used skillfuly you can save many lives or help to kill an enemy which would escape.

+ Every time when you go to your base or at the begining of the game charge up 2 charges of Power Chord.
+ When an enemy is escaping or tries to kill you or your ally use your Power Chord in combination with your Song of Celerity to slow the enemy.
+ If you want to harass a little bit use your Power Chord in combination with Hymn of Valor. This will result a more powerfull Power Chord

+ If you are kiling a monster with your team use your Power Chord in combination with Aria of Perseverance in order to make the monster do less damage to your tank.

Hymn of ValorThis is your only damage and harass spell. It´s aura causes increased atack damage and ability power to you and your allies in range of this aura.
+ Remember to use this spell in combination with Power Chord to make more damage
+ Do not forget on this spell´s aura because this can be the difference between a killed enemy and a dead ally.

Aria of Perseverance This spell is good because when you activate it you will heal your ally and give him some magic resistance and armor for a few seconds. It´s heal is not big, but it has a lower cooldown then other heals.
+ Don´t forget on this spell´s aura because it grants some amount of armor and magic resistance.
+ This spell always heals the ally with the % lowest health so make sure you have in range the ally with the lowest health not the percentually lowest healthed ally.

Song of Celerity This spell is here to speed up your allies and to slow enemies with power chord.

Crescendo This is your ultimate spell.When you cast it on an enemy it will stun it and do some damage.
+ Never use this spell on only 1 enemy if you or your ally are not in danger or your enemy does not have low health and tries to escape
+ Your ulti is not for stealing kills!
+ Save it for a good moment.
+ If you are ganged try to use it as an escape tool or if you are under an allied turret use it to stun your enemy/ies under it in order to save yourself or gain some kills.

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Items for early game

My recommended items: Sight ward
More wards and mana: 3Sight ward and a
If you will select the second build do not forget to build your Faerie charm into a Philosopher´s stone after gaining enought gold.

Mid game items

Items againist balanced team:
Items againist AP team:
Items againisz AD Team:
These builds are very good and I often use them.

Late game items

Items againist balanced team: Shurelya's Reverie
Items againist AP team:
Items againist AD team:

If you are asking me why I do not build AP items my answer is: Sona has a bad AP/ heal ratio so you will not need it.

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You are a support so you will need to ward a lot.
Here is a map about where you should ward :This is where you should use Sight Ward.

Yellow: Protecion for your team´s jungler
Blue: For lane protection
Red: For guarding Dragon and Baron
Orange: Ward here if you want to Counter-Jungle

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So Sona is a great support which is very flexible: she has got heal, damage, movement speed increase, stun ale great auras.

I hope my guide helped you a lot and thank you for checking my Sona guide.

A big thanks to Jhoijhoi for his guide how to make a guide.

Good luck and see you on the fields of Summoner´s Rift!