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Sona - True Support

Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Hello everyone.

This is my build to Sona, to be pure support, nothing more, nothing less.
I've looked around to see what kind of builds people have been using, and i've also tested alot of them out. However, I don't think they did too well for me, so I stuck with the build i'm going for, and I thought you guys would like to try it out too!

Mastery Tree
It's a simple 9/0/21 build. I pick up Improved clarity as it's always nice to help your team mates that use mana also. I did used to take CLairvoyance, however, it always seemed to bug for me, and made the opposing team see me instead of the other way around :|

Magic pen for Reds, Mana Regen per level for Yellows, Flat Cooldown reduction for blues, and Flat Health runes for Quints.
The Mana Regen per level will help you out throughout the game, however, not so much end game due to the items you'll be getting plus Blue buff for the mana regen plus the cooldown reduction.
Flat health runes gives you a boost start game, as starting with 4 bars of health points makes you an easy target.
Cooldown Reduction explains itself. The faster you get 40% Cooldown Reduction the better you'll be with Innervating Locket.

I tend to max out Q first. The reaosn why I do this is because you can keep pushing on your lane, slowing wearing down your enermies and being able to do decent damage always helps with the burst from Power Cord.

I tend to have an aggressive playstyle while I play Sona, because most of the games I play, we either don't have a tank, and/or people are still getting used to having a Sona playing againist them, therefore, I can keep harrasing them before we go in, if our team is abit melee heavy.

Next to level is your W ability. It pretty much says it all. It's your heal, healing yourself and the closest wounded champion.

After that is your E ability. Isn't massively useful, however does help later on in game when you've got it maxed. Remember, if you've managed to push an inhib, and you're waiting for teammates to res up, spam this ability to help your minions get to the base faster, as the boost works for 3 seconds.

And your R ability, this is a 1.5 second stun, hitting champions that are in range. However, this ability has a travel time, so don't expect to hit a champion that is at the very end of the skill shot, it's just not going to happen. Use this ability to combine with other ultimates, which as Nunu's to help him get more damage off, before it's interupted, or Miss Fortune's Ultimate to keep everyone in place, and if your team doesn't have AoE Ultimates, then use it to either score afew kills, helping you and you team mates back off from a fight you know you're not going to win, or combine it for the best CC chain's ever, along with Amumu's ultimate.

Item build
I start with a Mana Manipulator, which I will later turn into a Innervating Locket (Best Item to get on Sona. Period.)

Boots of Speed, which will be later turned into Mercury's Treads. The reason for these boots and not any others, is because the Magic resist will help, even though it is a small amount, but the 35% decreased duration on most CC's will decide whether you and your team mates are dead or alive.

Philosopher's Stone is another Item you will need to get, this will be turned into a Shurelya's Reverie. this item gives nice CDR which Sona needs, and a nice 2 second use effect which increases movement speed by 40%. It may not seem much due to it only being active for 2 seconds, but it does help combined with your E ability.

Soulstealer pretty much says it all. If you're doing well, you're going to have this stacked up alot, or at a high amount atleast from the assists, or kills you've been getting in teamfights and so on. if you get it to 20% it gives you 15% CDR which is always nice. If you don't manage to get to 20% and you're still not at 40% CDR cap yet, go and get yourself the blue buff to hit the cap.

By the time i've gotten these 4 items, the other team has normally surrendered, or we've won. However, if the game goes on even longer, get yourself a Zhonya's Ring, 120 Ability Power + 25% of your Currect ability power, it's going to give you the boost you're looking for and the use is always nice when you can tell incoming CC chains are headed your way.


Early Game

Early on, I tend to harass my lane trying to keep the other players away from minions to lower their exp as much as possible. I normally lane with a friend that plays Jax, and as Jax being such a high health champions at early game, he can always get a leap + stun combo on a low health enermy along with a Q + Power cord combo from yourself to help score a First blood or just a normal kill.

Mid Game

You've managed to push afew towers, and you begin to push mid. You should have Innervatng locket by now atleast. This is a massive benefit to you and your teammates. It should be giving you the ability to spam your abilities enough to keep your mana at a steady rate while healing your team up slowly while waiting for your W ability to come back off CD.
Just keep with your team, supporting them, helping them get out of trouble when needed, and trying to keep them alive at the same time. I tend to go for afew killing blows when I can, however, be careful, being too greedy can lead too a death when you're not even paying attention. just remember, you're a support champion!

Late Game

By this time you should have the 4 first items that I have listed (Zhonya's too, depending how well you've done) By this part of the game, you should be on the push, the other team should be trying to defend off the base from Super Minions, you've helped get to their base faster by giving them the speed boost of your activation of your E ability. In most games, I've had myself and my team in the enermies base either scoring kills from combo's or simply by keeping on the pressure. As with 20 stacks of Souldstealer and Zhonya's Ring you will hurt alot, and you should still be spamming your abilities to keep power cord up just incase to get the last hit on a champion.


Here are afew screenshots of afew good games that haven't been ruined by feeders early game.
This is my first time in making a guide, I hope you guys enjoy it!

/Saint Keo - EU