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Sona Build Guide by Guest

Sona, waiting to get nerfs

By Guest | Updated on May 23, 2017

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About Sona and me I guess.

I'm currently plat 2 and have just recently picked up Sona again. Last time I played it, I played it like a lot of people do, the damage support. It did not suit me. Now that theres so much good support items to grab and with the ardent censor being a huge asset i have finally gotten around to playing it in most games. What i find op about sona is after you get your ardent censor just pressing w and running around a bit to give the shield to your whole team in team fight, you will be giving about 1k shield (about 200x5) and healing you and lowest hp (and here is where it gets funny) you also give them wsb (windspeakers) resistances, the ardent censor on-hit damage and the ardent censor healing on hits, which last for about 6 seconds, which is about when you cast another w. So you'll be giving these buffs to your whole team and healing and shielding at the same time. And thats only w, now obviously you got a big ulti aswell that has a lot of value. You can give them some 25% movement speed for easier kites and dodges and a whopping 500 damage of extra magic damage with pressing q (if everyone gets a hit made). All in all if you can stay alive in the middle of your team and spamming your spells so that everyone gets the buffs + that superb ulti. Sona is one sorta god in team fights. I have run a prolonged fight after grabbing ardent (i had irelia top + adc + yi (perfect guys for ardent) and checking the ardent it healed about a 1400 with just the on hit heals. Not to mention all the shields and w, heals and wsb buffs and on-hit damage buffs and, you know, all your other spells. It's broken, it's amazing.
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Exhaust vs ignite?

You can always run ignite if you want to try to really hard poke which a lot of Sona players play for, and i do think its better if you run against something like a sona since you won't have much kill pressure without it. But as i mainly run the defensive and aim for the mid/late game spikes with ardent censor, I think its more valuable to exhaust that one shotter vi/zed/etc from getting your adc down before you can start spamming your sustains.
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You can either grab the 12/18 or what i prefer the 18/12, your main role is the mid/late game is optimally staying alive and in the middle of your team in the team fight. So that everyone gets your buffs and effects from spells, so you aint doing phenomenal job if you only help your adc. Theres better supports for that (janna etc). As sona you seriously want to give the ardent censor buffs, wsb and the melody effects to everyone possible. And to do that you need to be able to take a bit of beating. If you want to hard poke lane and win through that, or you think your team composition lacks in damage you can take the 12/18 and build the lichbane. Which you imo, should not do unless it is absolutely necessary.
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Nothing new, nothing innovative. Just the standard, best ratio runes giving you some early sustain and poke. I'd really like to think of something else from the magic penetration runes since you dont really get anything out of those in mid/late with the play style and build that i run. They are purely for early poke and because there's not much more other options.
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About the ability order.

For sona you can and should consider how your lane is going and how it is going in general for your team. If you have upper hand on lane and not much threat of cc or getting bursted you can obviously keep taking more damage and trying to win even harder. On the other hand if you are losing, you are getting outpoked, your adc is getting smashed you can and should go for the maxing w first to get more lane sustain and harder for them to dive you. Even maxing e is viable if your team is having good rotations and you are in general having super easy time on lane and can roam and such. So as a good Sona you never really keep anything static. You just take what you currently need and get the best value out of.
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About the items

Obviously you start with a gold item, usually spellthief's edge, a bit more poke, option to run into a frostqueens if you get to roam. If you know you are gonna lose hard and or get outpoked, or theres too much hard cc to not safely be able to poke you can grab the coin and go for the more defensive play. I almost always run the tear if i can keep the lane even or ahead just to get endless poke/sustain and faster rotations. Sighstone is a must as always for support. Supports without sightstone should consider never playing support again. Ardent censor is like first major item in like 90% of the games. The only real situation in which i don't buy ardent is, i don't even know. It's so good on Sona. Redemption an obvious possibility as is Mikael's if enemy team is running high single target cc. Locket obviously viable especially if they got high aoe damage (kennen, brand etc) Lichbane is a possibility, if you are winning by a mile and or if your team requires more damage. I almost never buy it tbh but its certainly more then viable on sona. The upgrades for gold items and sighstone at some point. And, to me staying alive through the fight is always the main goal as a sona. You want to be able to stay alive in the middle of your team to give buffs to everyone. That does require you to be able to take a hit or two or some aoe spells to your face. If you keep getting killed early in team fights you can go for the spirit visage or frozen heart or some other defensive item like that.
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So the play style to be good.

You want to stay alive and to keep everyone alive. All your spells can be used for the benefit of 5 people in your team so you want to keep all 5 in your team alive so you want to play between your backrow and frontline, just in the middle, getting all those sweet buffs and shields and all to everyone. And you gotta stay alive. This is why i run the 18/12 to give myself a bit more sustain. And sometimes i do buy the locket or some defensive item just to stay alive myself. Can't help team if you ain't alive. Obviously your main idea is still to keep your adc alive so he can do the damage adc's do. But also your adc is gonna stay alive longer if you stay alive longer, everyone will. And an extra mention about the ulti, you do not need to make a big play with it. Ofc if you see an opening for a nice ulti-flash outplay to the backrow of enemy team or something you can and possibly should use that opening. But in general just stay alive, keep the ulti defensively and try to keep everyone alive. If your adc is getting hard core targeted by some assasins, use it for that, if the enemy has bruisers running through your tanks, use it for that. Just keep (mainly adc ofc) but preferably everyone alive. The sustain and long duration healing you give with w and ardent will win you the team fight if you can keep people including you alive.
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Pros / Cons

- OP

- Will likely get nerfed
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