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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kapu

Sona - Who said music was Harmless?

Kapu Last updated on November 30, 2010
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Most people see Sona as a "support only" Champion.
But What they don't know is how much damage that she can actualy do!
This build will show you a guide to be a wandering Guardian Angel to your team. And this guardian angel not only keeps her team alive. But she will also hurt incredibly much.

Remember. Eventhough this build focuses a bit on damage aswell it's main objective is supporting. This however just shows how you can get some kills aswell as a ton of assists

Sona is a champion that is focused around aiding her team. But her passive ability [Power Chord] and her Q, ability Hymn of Valor aswell as her Ultimate Crescendo, are pure hurt machines. This guide will hopefully help you in play�­ng a fantastic supporter aiding your team to victory and meanwhile lashing out painful tinnitus to your opponents.

Summoner spells: I use Flash & Clairvoyance, Flash because Sona is very fragile and has almost no escape mechanism. Flash allows her to "Vanish"(if used over a wall). It will make your enemy confused for a crucial moment if you flash over a wall and use your Song of Celerity. You are almost sure to get away unless you are ambushed by someone in the jungle or something.

My second Summonerspell is Clairvoyance. This is by far the best summoner spell for scouting. I can't remember how many times i have saved myself and my team from ganks by placing Clairvoyance in the jungle when all of our enemies were Missing.
The best way you can use Clairvoyance in lanes is to check the bushes for ganks if you notice someone is gone. And to receal Opponents staying in the bush waiting for a moment to strike. Too bad their plan will be ruined by YOUR Calrivoyance ;) All in all Clairvoyance is a very useful summoner spell for sona. She is (as i mentioned before) Very fragile and being able to avoid ganks like these is the way of getting a very low death rate with her.

Sona has incredibly lane control. If she is laning with a melee or another ranged, they are almost impossible to push back, unless the opposing team has some serious harrass (Kennen, Karthus, Morgana or someone with realy annoyig high range abilitys)
I start out with Hymn of Valor, and charge my power chord to 2 stacks before i head into lane. When i get there i use only my basic attacks to damage minions.
When i have the chance i get close enough to use my Hymn of Valor on an enemy champion. This brings my power chord to 3 stacks and my next basic attack has massively increased damage. This minor combo tends to take at least 1/4 of the health from a lvl 4 champ.
Afterwards i get Aria of Perseverance, I only use mana to heal myself or my team mates when laning. Or to damage enemy champions with Hymn of Valor. As my third ability i take Song of Celerity. I mainly use this as an escape tool or for chasing with my team. Remember though. Even if this gives you a nice boost to movement speed, it isn't a free "get away" tool. It can only be used to flee if you are already ahead of whoever is chasing you. Being in the middle of a combat and trying to use it to get away won't help.

For the items i start out with a Mana Manipulator. This item helps me stay in the lane for longer as i get bonus mana regain (wee who should've known xD)
When i have aquired around 1300 gold i return and buy Catalyst the Protector.
This is a very powerful laning item. It increases your health by 290 and you mana by 325. and when you level up you regain 300 HP and 250 mana instantly.

For your next item you will combine Catalyst and Manipulater and create Innervating Locket. This item is overlooked by many but it is a really powerful tool to Sona. It reduces ability cooldown, Increases your mana and health regeneration, and also to your nearby allies. Also somewhat the best thing with it. Everytime you cast a spell. You regain 20 mana and 50 health over 2 seconds. It has a 3 seconds cooldown.

For your next item you would like to have your boots, Mercury Threads or Sorcorer's Shoes, depending on how the opposite team is. If they have a lot of CC Mercury Threds is the ideal choice, if they don't have you would want to take Sorcorer's Shoes, It gives you some nice Armor penetration, This'll give you something around 20% more damage.

For your third item. Deathfire's Grasp is ideal. Cooldown reduction. Mana regain, ability power, and the most painful [Active] ability in game. it deals 30% of targets current Hp. + an additional 3,5% for each 100 AP you have.(you'll probs want to buy Fiendish Code before Kage's Lucky Pendant)
Now that you have Deathfire Grasp, you have a descent amount of mana regain, cooldown reduction, and some badass damage due to Deathfire, You'll aim for a bit of Survivability. So Rylai's Crystal Scepter now :) I usualy save up for Giant's Belt first to get the extra health. Afterwards i go for Blasting Wand or the whole Scepter if i am doing good.

Once you have the scepter you will go for a staff, Archangel's Staff. I start out with Tears of the Goddess to get some more man regain, I then go back intro the fray and farm for either just Blasting Wand or the rest of the staff. This increases my mana quite heavily, enabling me to spam my spells even more than before. And the most epic part of it, a total of 3% of my mana is converted into Ability Power, and the second most epic part :P everytime i cast a spell my total amount of mana is increased by one (up to a maximum of 1000 mana). Stacking those will grant you immense amounts of Ability power. But it is pretty useless as you won't have any survivability or mana regain/CDR, Meaning: you will be useless because you can't spam your spells fast enough to keep your team alive or deal some steady damage.
Now that you have an Archangel's Staff, You are either pretty fed from a few kills and a ton off assists or the game is taking pretty long. You will now go for your last item: Zhonya's Ring. I shouldn't have to explain it but i will: It is pretty much the most powerful AP item in game. grants 120 ability power, and a passive 25% increase of your total AP. [Active] Grants you immunity to all damage for 2 seconds, you but are unable to move or attack.

You might want to take a Guardian Angel instead of Archangel's Staff if you find yourself getting focussed alot.
Sorcorer's Shoes can be replaced with Mercury Threads if necessary.

Some of the champions that you should take care of are these
Xin Zhao(three talon strike)
Ashe(Enchanted Crystal Arrow)
Blitzcrank(Power fist&rocket grap)
Evenlynn(Shadowwalk = stun)
Annie(if energized, just basicly watch out)
Cho'Gath(rupture & Feral Scream)
Sion(Can't remember the name but his stun)
Garen(grrr Silence T_T)
Twisted Fate(Pick a card)
Kennen(3x Mark of the Storm)
Morgana(Soul Shackles)
Warwick(Infinite Duress)
Soraka(Infuse, She is pretty week but it can still be ****py annoying)
Sona(Crescendo... Hey it's my own spell :O)
Irelia(Equilibrium Strike)
LeBlanc(Sigil of Silence)
Olaf(Ragnarok. Crescendo won't save you. Just hope he sucks at aiming with Undertoe so he can't slow you)

When i play sona and i have a good game i usualy get out with 7/2/20 or 8/0/25 or so.
I hope that this guide will help you to become a living Guardian Angel for your team and a living "death metal" to your enemies :)

Please give Feedback ^^
Kapu-Chuuuu :D