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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cam The Bam Clam

Soraka - BOOM HEALS!

Cam The Bam Clam Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The objective of this guide is to get Soraka to her greatest potential, which is late game healing and pushing.

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Don't get flat AP because Soraka is made for end

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Masteries are pretty dang straight forward for Soraka. Why? Because you just have to choose the tree with her picture that is. I've tried out using primarily the defensive tree with multiple item builds but frankly, it sucks compared to utility Soraka because heals are way to too far apart.

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Item Build


Amplifying Tome-I always start with this and sometimes I will buy a Mana Potion.
Why only sometimes? If I take Infuse first I don't buy the Mana Potion because I won't really need it.

The only time I take Astral Blessing first is if I am near a jungler that starts at golems and I want drop a heal on him and leave to my lane. If it takes a while to get level 2, you will have no mana and be useless until level 2. Thats when the Mana Potion comes in handy.

Recall right when you get to 330 gold. Buy Kage's Luck Pick. Teleport Back to you lane. If they have a jungler and are letting your lane push easily, you should wait until you have 405 gold so you can also afford a Sight Ward to avoid being ganked.

Save up 1530 more gold. Buy 2 more Kage's Lucky Pick. Hopefully you will have these by 15minutes because you need them to generate the gold that Soraka has trouble earning with kills and minion score. Sometimes you can get them as early as 8 minutes and if you do, you already have a very good chance of winning.

If I ever recall and have 350 extra gold and I cannot buy another pick quite yet, I'll grab the boots. But it's better to get boots right after your picks because the picks will help you pay for the boots, and then more expensive items later in the game.

I often see people start off with boots. For one you're not going to be chasing anyone down early game, and not very likely late game either. The 2nd thing is you should behind your lane partner or on your tower and if you find yourself in a jam, Boots of Speed aren't going to save you.


Odds are by now, the enemy is starting to try to gank you, and have probably been successful at it a time or two already, and if you don't build some survivability, it will only get worse. Rod of Ages. It has a good amount of AP, and you'll need plenty of it by late game so you can heal for the ACE.

But if for some reason you're just not getting focused and haven't died yet, which actually happens quite a bit because the enemies under estimate you, you should go straight for the Rabadon's Deathcap. This is when you can Wish you're entire team to nearly full HP and entirely turn the tables of a team fight, or any fight anywhere on the map for that matter.

Zhonya's Ring You need the AP. The armor is nice. The Stasis...OP. Put it in you're number 1 slot so you can just press the 1 key to use it. When you're about to die hit it. If you're Astral Blessing is you, hold the ALT key, and spam your W key as fast as you can so RIGHT after you leave your stasis, your health goes back up to almost full. If you think you're going to die reguardless if you get your heal off or not because you are surrounded, spam Wish instead so you can heal your teammates before they have to wait for you to respawn for heals.

Deathfire Grasp One word. Ouch! You also need the cool down reduction.


It just about never ever makes it this far, but i'll usually just get another defensive item. If they are heavy on AD i'll grab a Frozen Heart. If you make that choice, sell your boots, and buy Mercury's Treads for the Magic resist and tenacity.

If they are heavy on AP, get a Banshee's Veil. More often than not, you'll go for the veil.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells:

Heal. Soraka is burst healer. Summoner heal is generally used to heal yourself because it does %50 to allies, but it still can be use to save a fleeing ally in trouble.

Teleport. Used to get out of battle to buy picks early game, and the earlier you get your picks the earlier you will be able to get your late game gears. Later on this spell is extremely helpful to get somewhere quick to save an ally in trouble, where as if you walked by the time you got there, your ally would be dead and then it's just you alone to get ganked by yourself.

Other Spells

Ghost. You really shouldn't put yourself in the position to have to run but to a tower or to a nearby ally.

Ignite. You don't need kills. You need to heal your time and get a ton of assists.

Rally. You just don't need it.

Revive. derp.

Flash. Just like Ghost, you shouldn't be in the position all too often that you're going to need to flash out. Heal yourself as you walk to safety.

Exhaust. This spells used to be a lot of fun with to use when it just stopped all AD damage. It was quite funny to see a yi try to tower dive me when I'm low on HP and he just gets killed by the tower. But now if you do that he can probably still kill you because it's just reduced damage. Might as well just use heal and try to outlast

Clairvoyance. I see Soraka's use this sometimes and it can be helpful, but wards work fine and don't take a spell spot.

Cleanse. You have no escape mechanisms so if you use this, you still have to heal yourself as you walk away anyways.