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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author papasmurgle

Soraka how she should be played

papasmurgle Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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After trying things for a while... this seems to work on her

Early Game
Ok for early game you kinda want to player healer but don't let your teammate think your going to purely heal him... you need cs too to be effective if you let him farm all game he will be a beast and you will be useless which = end game fail

this is why i take star call to last hit a little. I also dont lvl up heal to much because I don't put to many points into mana regen... I try to play smart and not burn out my mana by last hitting and only healing when really needed.

that being said you need to stay in the back... she's squishy... play it smart till you lvl up a little.

your first item should be a dolans ring... followed by CD reduction boots...

Mid Game
after that it really depends on your lane... I usally go rod of ageis... but if ur vs good range carries you may want to get legion shield (or randoins if doing really well)... anyways these are your next two items the order doesn't really make a difference.

when it comes to mid game you need to watch the map for your team closely for ulti heals... and spacebar is your friend for looking back at her quickly... next just play support and try to sneak into lanes to cover them while people are shopping for quick xp / money... but don't push a lane unless no one is around...

Late Game
then late game you want to get your ranodins or finish up your legions probably 5th... once you have these items.. your going to be in the front of the team fights... now your probably thinking soraka's a healer she needs to be in the back... and this is why I chose this build... you can go ap like crazy for some nice heals... but that's all you are. To be an effective soraka u need to use all her skills... her aoe starfall even though it does little damage the cd on it will be around 2 seconds... and your going to be doing around 200 damage to them... if they focus u... you have 3 heals... which puts you at or around 270 armor... and if they hit you chance of being slowed... then u use your exhaust on biggest dps on you... and use ur ranodin active right after you heal yourself so you get the bonus time for having higher armor. then spams starfall when ever you can... silence any burst damage players when you can and really focus your heals where needed... if your being focused... which you probably will kite with starfall and heals on yourself don't stand still but also... dont completly run out of the fight... you need to be in the middle to maximize starfall's damage 200 may not sound like much but... 200 x 5 is 1000 damage every 2 seconds not counting your silence damage which is about 3-400 every 3 seconds which is big and you buy your team some time to do what they need.

lastly end game items... this is where you have to think... do I want to be a better tank if there melee... thorny mail... if they have ap range carries then spirit visage... or is your team doing well and you rather end it if so go rylas for slow supporting range and better tanking... or cap for better heals on squishy teammates... you really just need to see what you team could use more effectivly...

if you follow this guide you should see a huge difference in her play ability... your not going to have a great score but you will be the difference in team fights...

champion skills
Exhaust and Heal.
Heal isn't great but remember your in the middle of team fights so it should hit all and 500 x 5 = 2500 aoe + 700 x 5 = 3500 heal from your ulti and a single target 600+ heal... and croud control you will turn the tide

sorry about my grammer just writing this up rather quickly but try it out
definitly a hard character to play but if you follow this guide and play smart u will see the change in team fights.