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Soraka Build Guide by gwadzila

Soraka Revamped, Healz be damned

Soraka Revamped, Healz be damned

Updated on August 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author gwadzila Build Guide By gwadzila 10 2 52,860 Views 26 Comments
10 2 52,860 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author gwadzila Soraka Build Guide By gwadzila Updated on August 24, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Credit to Sagasu for the name.

It all started when Shurelia inhaled a little too much helium. Then, she got high in her office. She trashed everything in sight before settling down to scribble on a napkin her sustain changes.

After presenting these changes, the community was outraged. However, to keep Shurelia happy, the Riot staff had to go ahead and make them anyways.

Which brings us here. Sona's useless, Soraka's no longer a support, Taric's a little less flamboyant... There is only one hope.

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Runes and Masteries


I run standard caster runes and masteries. 9/0/21 gives me Magic pen, CDR, Mana regen, and 15% less time on my precious summoner spells. You can also go a support mastery build with more in defense, but this isn't a support build, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Now onto the funny looking rocks that cost a lot of IP.


Magic penetration means extra damage on your spells. On old Soraka, AP marks were better because they would also boost your heal. But, this isn't old Soraka, so we use these. Highly Recommended.

greater seal of replenishment Gives some much needed mana regen in the early game. Normally I'd get , but in this case my items cover any mana problems late game. Other options:

Nice for late game CDR on infuse. Other options:

Oh how I love this rune. I use it for everything. Such an easier laning phase when you have these. Other options: [greater quintessence of potency]
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Summoner Spells: The good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

Flash, or, as I like to call it, metagame. This ability is too good to be true. I highly recommend using it.

Ignite can secure kills early and late game, mess up healers, and can just improve your burst overall. Highly recommended.

Personal preference between ghost and flash, I just think flash is in a slightly better place right now.

The Meh

Good for getting around the map when you're hooves don't cut it.

Suddenly... I'm not half the support I used to be... Get this if your team needs it.

Again, get this if your team needs it.

You have infuse, but if you don't have proper runes and masteries, this is a nice choice.

The rest are the bad and the ugly. Don't use them.
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Skills, What they are and how they changed.

consecration Passive: Increases surrounding allies' magic resistance by 16.

Comments: Always has been nice to have, but not noticeable.

Active: Soraka summons a shower of stars to fall from the sky, striking all nearby enemy units for magic damage and reduces their magic resistance by 8/9/10/11/12 for 8 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

Comments: WOAH. This spell used to be the most made fun of in the game, next to Eve's passive. But now? 2.5 second cooldown, .4 AP ratio means with 100 AP and Starcall level 5 you're dealing 320 damage to everyone hit. And if you cast it 4 times (takes 10 seconds with no CDR) you're dealing 1280 damage to EVERYONE AROUND YOU. Not to mention that they'd have almost 50 less MR than they last did. This is new Soraka's bread and butter skill. You farm with it, you kill with it, you teamfight with it. If you have the mana and there's something worth hitting, CAST IT. I max this first.

Active: Soraka blesses a friendly unit, restoring health and granting bonus armor for 4 seconds.

Comments: Used to be Soraka's core ability. Late game you could pump out 500+ heals every few seconds. Now? It's just so-so useful. It doesn't really heal for much until you get a lot of AP, and it's CD just got butchered. One thing to note, however: The armor buff. It's been neglected for so long, but now, It's actually pretty damn good. 25 armor at level 1 and the big one: 125 armor at level 5. You're giving out free Thornmails here without any bonus stats needed. I max this last.

Active: On ally cast: Restores mana to the target and an equal amount to Soraka.
On enemy cast: Silences the target and deals magic damage.

Comments: Very nice burst, but still really what it was: Mana sustain in lane and a disruptive silence. Great for 1v1ing an AP carry. I max this second.

Active: Soraka fills her allies with hope, instantly restoring health to all allied champions regardless of where they are.

Comments: Ouch. This spell was nerfed in the face. However, it really is still pretty nice. It's a solid heal when you have a decent amount of AP, and the fact that it's global means you can help out allies. I get this whenever I can.
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The moment we've all been waiting for...

THE ITEM CHART (start at the top)!!!!!!

CORE BUILD: 2 and gives us incredible lane dominance, also allowing us to 2 shot the caster minions with Starcall. After, solves any mana problems and also stacks quickly, while makes Starcall a CC orgy, constantly slowing everyone around you. Our next two items are standard caster items, but necessary nonetheless. and will do wonders for your AP.

But now what, gwadz1la?

Now you have choices. gives MR and a nice aura. Otherwise, you can get a lichbane, which synergizes incredibly with Starcall, or you can get morello's deathcap for some CDR. If your team is caster heavy, you ALSO have the option of for great buffs to everyone.


I don't buy gold per 5 because your days as a duo bot lane support are over. You're going to be wanting to farm with your buffed Starcall, making their no need for gold per 5.


Ok Troll. Go back to sleep.
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Why Soraka?


Let's compare, shall we?


Level 9 with Incinerate maxed first. 100 AP, 0 MR. Her QWR does 755 damage to a target with 0 MR.

Level 9 with Starcall maxed first. 100 AP, 0 MR. Oh wait! She has her passive. 16 MR. QE does 325 damage, and now Annie has -12 MR.

Now let's do the math again, with magic resist.

Annie's QWR now does 649 damage. Soraka's E now does 141 damage, so her QE does 341 damage.

Now let's say that Soraka can cast her Q twice. 567 damage. 3 times? 829 damage. To cast Q 3 times takes Soraka 7.5 seconds with no CDR. Oh wait! She has a heal. W heals for 115 at level 1 with 100 AP, so now Annie overall did 534 damage. This means that if a Soraka Q's twice and uses W and E, she does more damage than Annie's QWR. That's why you pick Soraka.

TL DR: If Soraka uses Starcall Twice, infuse, and Heals herself, She does more damage than an Annie's QWR combo.
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Early, Mid and Late Game.

Levels 1-3

Start off by grabbing Starcall and (hopefully) going to a solo lane. Solo lane is very important because A: One less champion you have to deal with, B: No allies to have to waste mana healing, and C: Easier time farming. With your buffed Starcall you are perfectly capable of keeping up with a carries CS in a solo lane. The greatest part about Starcall is that, unless you're seriously zoning out your enemy, you can hit them and the creeps at the same time. At level 2 I grab Infuse (Grab W if you're getting harassed) for some extra burst on my combo, plus mana sustain. At level 3 I get Astral Blessing for the sustain and armor buff.

Levels 4-6

If you haven't already, start becoming hyper aggressive. Spam Starcall away on your enemies until they get to around 1/4 HP. Then run up (Flash if needed), ignite, Starcall then Infuse. It's important to use Starcall first because it shreds MR, allowing Infuse to do more damage. At this point, if they aren't dead, they've backed. You can back as well now, and buy what items you need. Rinse and repeat, grabbing Starcall at level 4 and 5 and you ultimate at 6. Try to keep an eye on your allies once you have your ult-It might save them. NOTE: You NEED wards. Soraka pushes like a brother trucker, and you need to make sure your not about to be ganked, since your escape abilities are awful.

Mid Game (Levels 7-13)

Mid game is similar to the laning phase. Continue farming, swap lanes if your team needs help, and continue warding around the map. Just because you're an AP carry doesn't mean your off the warding hook.

In a teamfight? (Late game)

1. Silence AP carry.
2. Give yourself a free thornmail (Astral Blessing)
3. Spam Starcall, ult when necessary.
4. ?????
5. Profit
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Man, the guide just flies by, doesn't it?

Go carry some unicorns for me.


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