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League of Legends Build Guide Author qweasdzxc

Soraka, the Godmaker

qweasdzxc Last updated on February 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: Why pick Soraka?

Well, this question has a pretty simple answer: If you follow this guide, you'll heal all the way beyond the Gates of Hell. She has two insane healing spells with their respective insane ratio. (Still nerfed, Astral Blessing has a HUGE +0.9 per AP point, not to mention her Wish with +1.3)
Also, Infuse will provide you with all the Mana you can spend this life and your next.
Despite being Starcall a decent spell, we won't max it till late-game. Why? All answers shall be provided. Just keep reading.

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Skill Sequence

Right, let's get down to business. There is just one thing you need to build your skill tree: You are a healer, but you have to max Infuse first. Life costs mana. That simple. We intend to keep both Infuse and Star Blessing the same level whenever is possible. If both are same level, next point goes to Infuse.
Besides, there is more than one way to protect your team. Having Infuse first maxed, you must use it to prevent enemies from damaging allies by its great silence.
Of course, you will spend a point in Wish whenever possible.

At least, the question: Why on Earth would not pick Starcall?
Simple: I play for the Team. Teamplay wins matches. Teamplay, if done well, can turn ordinary champions into Gods of the Arena. And that's where you make your move. The delicate art of Healing, learned from Gods themselves. Use this gift properly and it'll provide you with many victories! Use it wrong, and your soul and your team's shall be doomed.

Translation: Soraka is a great support hero. Your main role within your team is keeping them full of life and mana as much as you can. Be sure you understand this, because it is what will drive you to Glory: FULL OF LIFE AND MANA. You dont have to care about killing, or even making assists. If you do your job good, Heavens will provide both.

We give Starcall a point in level 8 because this is about time you start having infinite mana, so you can literally spamm it over your lane.

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Just get as many AP and CD Reduction as you can.

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Items and Playstyle

So, Item Build, you are probably wondering what did i pick. It is not any weird item. When your time of choosing an item for our hero, we have to be clear on purpose. And our purpose is clear: Heal all the amount of life we can as frequently as we can.

Obviously, im not going to talk about boots. CD reduction and movement speed. This boots are what we need.
Take ordinary boots at level 1 plus 2 life pots and one mana's.
Take a lane and keep your partner full health all time along. Seriously, don't let his life fly. The most important think of Soraka's Early-game is that she has long and boring CD's. You are not God, you have to do what you possibly can do. Stay in line as long as you can, but care when you have gold enough to buy mejai. You want to get it as soon as possible.

Here is a hint that will help us: If you are healing an ally while he's finishing an enemy champion, you will get an assist. That's the secret of Soraka. Heal your team and your team will provide you with gold, which involves items. Think of an item what makes you bigger and bigger: that's Mejai's Soulstealer. Combined with your healing AP ratio... well, let's just say "Fun starts here".

By the moment you get your first serious CD reduction item, AKA Spirit Visage, you should have around 5 or 6 charges on your Mejai, which is translated in fairly big quantities of life restored much more often than enemies would think, besides a great capacity of restoring mana and silencing.

It is a simple guide, but other details are just logical. Get golem as much as you can, ask for help to get it.
Talk to your teammates, you want Teamplay. They have to protect you, or they are seriously in danger.
Have common sense. Dont silence an enemy who has just casted his ulti! Instead of that, try to silence he who has not casted it yet.

By the time you get Mejai, you have to stick your tongue to your team carrier's ***. Do it, and get early charges. When you are ready to kick ***es, get your hole team stick together and push like mad dogs unleashed. Your healing will keep them alive. Priority healing goes logically to the most wounded ally. In case two have same life, heal the most productive champion for your team. Cruel, but this is the Arena, and your team will prevail!

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