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Sound of Strings - Sona the Underrated Support

Last updated on April 19, 2011
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After seriously hating League of Legends for months after watching my boyfriend play few hundred games I got interested on the game as well. He taught me everything I know about LoL, so I have to give him the credits for luring me into playing this game.

In LoL Sona was the champion that caught my eye: I would always nag my bf to play her, but he would prefer Shaco and other assassins. So I ended up buying Sona at lvl 1 and playing her since the days I started LoL.

I will try to thoroughly explain why I think Sona is awesome (and way underrated) as a support. I rarely see people playing her even with her recent buffs and I think players should try her before judging that she's **** (that happens quite often, especially if you try to pick her in Ranked Games).

This guide is meant to tell how I play Sona in the most effective way: great heals and also great damage. It's what I call hybrid support, as I believe that Sona DOES need farm. If you wish to play full support (with Aegis etc) this is NOT the build you're looking for. However with my build you can support your team very well as well as own the enemy team.

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MagPen runes are a must for mages obviously, but I wanna explain why I chose AP/lvl runes over CDR which most players seem to prefer. Sona has quite low cooldowns on her skills and masteries give her around 9% CDR already, so you don't really need CDR runes on with the shoes (and possible Frozen Heart) covering the CDR. However if you prefer Sorcerer's Shoes over CDR shoes, then you might wanna pick those CDR glyphs over AP/lvl.
I picked Mp5 seal runes for early game if you get hardly harrassed or your lane partner decides to be hazardous you might need to heal a lot as your base heal early game is really low. Or if you're the one doing the harrassing you can keep the concert going by spamming your auras non-stop. Mp5 per lvl runes also work just as well if you don't wish to pick Clarity.

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Summoner Spells

My preferable choice for Sona is Clarity and Flash. Early game you might run out of mana for many reasons and you might wanna lane as long as possible without running out of mana non stop even with your Mp5-runes and Meki Pendant/Tear. You WILL run out of mana if you use Sona's passive correctly spamming auras to trigger as many Power Chords as possible (but I shall explain more about it later.) It is also very usefull considering your teammates when they should go back after heavy team fights, you can heal their HP AND mana - therefore you can keep fighting longer than intended.
After lvl 10 (with Tear) I rarely have problems with my mana pool even with aura dancing as Sona is quite mana friendly (all spells cost 65mana at ALL LEVELS), so that's when you can use your Clarity solely on team mates.

If you think Clarity is useless, you can take Clairvoyance instead for better map control, setting up ganks etc. If you take Sona on ranked games your team might flame before the game even starts if you don't, so it's a considerable choice.

Flash is for escaping if you get focused in team fights like most supports usually do (or ganked while laning), but for even greater mobility you can choose Ghost that will give you insane speed with your Song of Celerity. Teleport is also a good spell you can use to ensure you're always there where needed as fast as possible.

Don't even dream about using Smite as Sona is no jungler unless you want to troll hard. Ignite works if you concentrate on stealing kills from your carries instead of supporting first, killing after. Exhaust too, but I think you got AP and AD carries for these spells.