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Southpark's Kenny on mission

Last updated on July 16, 2010
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It's not:
"Oh my God, they killed Kenny! ...You bastards!"
It is:
"Oh my God, Kenny killed them! ...You noobs!"
Hey Guys :)
Welcome to my Kennen Build!

Please dont rate -1 before reading and without a comment :)
and tell me if there are any mistakes ^^

Summoner Spells:
Cleanse and Flash are no must!
They're just my personal favourites^^
Ghost, Ignite and Heal are also useful

Reason for choosing the attack speed way instead of ability power:
-> Kennen's passive W-skill
(every 5th attack adds another mark. 3 marks -> 1 second stun)
- you can keep the enemy stunned
- D A M A G E ^^ (Trinity Force + 5th attack + Crit... O_O)
- every stun gives energy back, so you wont be out of energy (happens a lot when playing AP-Kennen)

Early Game:
Go mid or get a solo lane while someone is jungling.
Throw your shuriken whenever possible (Q-skill) , of course.
If the enemy is smart and stands behind creeps (or you just fail at aiming) prepare your 5th attack, auto-attack the enemy, press W... et vo���­la it hurts.
always press W after your shuriken hit!!!!
always be careful with Lightning Rush!

Short Form:

Mid and Late Game:
Be careful, use your Brain! and GG

Kennen can stun the whole enemy team...
it can be useful in team fights
but it can also be your death when rushing through a whole team

so be careful with Lightning Rush! sure, you can use it for adding a mark... But IMO for the AS-Kennen its more an escape and chasing mechanism! stuns come enough from your passive!

Guinsoo's is another suitable item (Damage, Ap, Attack Speed). I'm not using it because keeping Guinsoo's at 8 stacks annoys me... (Guinsoo's gets 2 stacks when using the Q skill even when the shuriken doesn't hit anything... So just spam Q and you have 8 stacks). So Guinsoo's is no waste!!
Description will be updated regularly!
Have Fun!

>>> Kennen ist klein... aber oho ;) <<<