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Spam you Q, Ezreal!!!

Last updated on December 11, 2010
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Intro: This is an AD build for Ezreal. Ezreal is not an auto-atk ftw character. His AD is basically spamming Q. AD Ezreal is one of those characters that make you say, "wtf? i just spammed Q a lot, how did he die?" So if u like it when that happens then AD Ezreal is the champ for you.

Mystic Shot:
ur main skill. early game use this to farm since ez is horrible farmer with like 40 base atk. in team fights this is ur main skill and use ur E to get into position.

Essence Flux:
Not as useful as any of ur other skill since ur not building AP but it help in teamfights if u can land one and reduce atk speed.

Arcane Shift:
basically a 9 second flash. use it to escape ganks/last hit/flash over wall in team fights to snipe/or anything that needs a flash.

Trueshot Barrage:
my faourite move in the game. it just amuses me when u last hit runners who thinks they got it and then rages on u.

Early Game:
Farm. Just farm. As much as u can. when u hit lvl6 make sure u let ur teammates know that ur ult is up and see if u can score a kill or two.

dont do it unless u know u wont be taking the focus fire. Ghost/or not(depending whether u feel confident or not) and charge in and hit them with W. save ur Q when u know u can land a clear shot. note that with skill shots, u have to aim in front of them a bit if they're running. tag ignite. when they get slightly far away, E next to them, and keep hitting them. if they have minimal hp when they get away(chances are not >.>), R and win.

Team fights:
first of all, E into somewhere safe(across the wall/somewhere were u can escape easily).
now u have 2 options, use ur R or save it. If u use it first, make sure u hit all their team to maximize dmg and minimize ur casualty. W next to slow their atk speed, ur prolly not gonna hit everyone on their team so aim for the most atk spd reliant one. then Q to win. chase runners with E(makes sure ur not soloing) and R to wipe up if u havent used it yet.

Have fun winning cuz ez is a really fun champ to play ^___^