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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Speedwick, an alternate for WW pros

Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Hey everyone, let's start off by recognizing that this is NOT a normal Warwick build, and this is NOT for people who have never played Warwick, unless you are very good overall. This build is primarily for fun, and in the right hands is very useful. Because of the reduction in damage (compared to attack-damage Warwick), and the drastic increase in movement speed, this build is a hit-and-run fighter--utilize guerrilla and backdoor tactics to steal buffs and push lanes, flanking and kiting whenever you feel the need to join a team-fight. The summoner who chooses this build needs constant map awareness (as ANY good summoner should have) and understanding when it is more advantageous to go solo and when it is more advantageous to flank or kite a team-fight.

Speedwick is a movement-speed/attack-speed build. Good jungling, good pushing, high escape-ability. A hit-and-run fighter that loves guerrilla warfare.

NOTE: Mobafire may not be posting the right movement speed. With boots of mobility, without the buff from E, Warwick should have base speeds above 500. With the buff from E, the speed can pass the 600 mark.

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Attack speed and movement speed. That's the focus. The Blue Runes are your choice. I find that the Magic Resist is more helpful early on than having more attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

Honestly, the name of the game in this build is speed so ghost is really vital to the concept. Remove ghost if you truly want and will use another spell more, but the boost to speed will come in VERY handy with this build. Ghost makes early game chases a breeze. Ghost makes escapes hilarious as you dart past the enemy team that just tried to flank you from the jungle. Ghost gets you back into a fight even when you are in another lane. Ghost just makes Speedwick that much speedier.

As for are jungling--self explanatory.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence matters. The buff from W will be useful the entire game. A maxed out W greatly improves your attack speed early game (negated once you reach an unbuffed attack speed of 2.5 at the endgame) and will greatly buff the attack speed of teammates--very useful in teamfights and tower pushes (the aspect of W that will last all game).

Getting level 2 Q makes early jungling easier, but don't max it out until the end. In the skills selection I put it leveling alongside the E, but honestly, when I play, I max out E before I add a 3rd point to Q. I find that having a maxed out E is useful more often than having a leveled Q would be. A maxed out E increases the range immensely, and since Speedwick is all about speed, a half-dead enemy plus a maxed out E means a great big speed boost. More speed=quicker travelling and positioning.

Obviously, level your ult every chance you get. Max Q last.

W,Q,W,Q,E,R, then Max W, Max E, Max Q, level ult every chance you get.

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Honestly, the heart of Speedwick is in the items. Masteries just give him a different flavor. Because of the boost to jungling exp and ghost, I always pick 9 in utility--1 ghost, 3 time-dead reduction, 4 exp boost, 1 buff duration boost. I only skip the buff boost when I go 1/21/8

21/0/9 will give you faster jungling, higher damage, but you will be squishy. Use your meta-tank, your speed, to stay out of harm's way.

1/21/8 will give you safer jungling, higher survivability, but will reduce your damage output slightly

9/0/21 OR 1/6/23
These will mean 3 potions are necessary early game. The damage output is like 1/21/8, the defense is at it's lowest (unless you take 1/6/23)...BUT it's the fastest version. You get much faster, MUCH sooner. In addition, you can use your W, your R, your Smite, and your Ghost, much more often. Use this to your advantage and you won't feel the loss to attack and defense.

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The first 4 items are key. You need the Razor's for the jungling boost. You need the mobility boots for the roaming speed boost. You need the phantom dancers for the boost to attack speed and movement speed. Attack speed is how you will heal, and the movement speed is how you O.o Seriously though, high mobility is highly useful. Weave in and out of battle, learn how to kite, how to flank, how to stop a minion wave from pushing your lane, how to make your minion wave push their lane, steal buffs, secure dragon, chase the weak, distract enemies in teamfights, suppress the team target, etc etc. Double Phantom dancers, asap after your razors and boots.

After your dancers, it's up to you. The game will dictate your decision. Generally though, I choose a third dancer (Base movement of 566 or higher) followed by a bloodrazor. My role is not "main-damage dealer" so I rush a 3rd dancer before getting Bloodrazor, but sometimes it is better to build more damage into your build before maxing out attack-speed.

If the game lasts really long and the circumstances allow for it, some suggested 6th item are Infinity Edge, or Black Cleaver, or Bloodthirster, or Last Whisper. A Trinity Force would add speed and damage, a Force of Nature would add speed and magic resistance. A Frozen Mallet would make chases THAT much easier. Etc Etc. Play with it to find your favorite 6th.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you are trying out this build, you should already understand jungling well enough. But, for those who don't, here is a sub-guide. If you have a team willing to leash golem for you and protect from enemy gank, you can start with blue golem. Otherwise, I find that starting with double golem is almost equal. Either way, take two or three potions with you because your masteries don't help you for jungling. Your attack speed will sustain you with the potions. These are my usual choices in different circumstances:

1) Your Blue Golem
2) Your Wolf camp
3) Enemy double golem
4) Enemy Lizard
5) Enemy Wraith
6) Recall for Madred's Razor OR gank top/mid and then recall for Madred's. NOTE: Ganking top requires trust that your teammate will make the gank successful. Judge the health of each enemy, the health of your teammate, the resistance/items of your enemy, and the damage output of your teammate. Also, if I haven't popped ghost yet, I can use ghost here to chase the fleeing enemy.
7) Your double golem
8) Your lizard
9) Your wraiths
10) Enemy Blue Golem
11) Enemy Wolves
12) Now at level 6, with double buffs, pick a lane to gank: either mid or bot.
13) After this buy the mobility boots, rinse, repeat, play it by ear.

1) Your Double Golem (W and Smite the first Golem)
2) Your Wraiths (Q and W the Blue Wraith. Q the 3rd wraith. Pop potion)
3) Your Wolves (W the big wolf only. Pop a potion if needed.
4) Your Blue Golem. NOTE: Make sure you have your smite and enough mana for a level 1 Q and a level 2 W.
5) Enemy Double Golem. (Popping Ghost to get there is optional, not necessary.)
6) Enemy Lizard
7) Enemy Wraith
8) Either recall for Madred's Razor OR gank top/mid then recall for Madred's Razor. NOTE: Follow considerations listed in the segment above.
9) Follow steps 7-13 from the previous segment.

1) Your Blue Golem
2) Your wolf camp
3) Choice: If you don't fear the higher risk, enter enemy jungle--BUT your chances of getting red before the enemy jungler is low, and that makes this choice a potential waste of time. If you go to the enemy camps, recall and get madred's as soon as you can afford it, then follow the instructions in the previous segments. A safer choice though is to go to Your wraith camp.
4) If you went to your wraith camp, your lizard camp
5) Your double golem
6) Recall for Madred's Razor OR gank bot/mid and then recall for Madred's.
7) At this point, the enemy jungler has emptied his jungle buffs. You can try to take his other camps, but roaming/ganking may be better. Gain enough gold for mobility boots.

1) Your double golem
2) Your wraith
3) Your wolf camp
4) Your Blue Golem
5) Your Lizard Camp
6) Madred's if you can afford. Otherwise Gank then Madred's.

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Early game: Jungle
Mid-game: Gank, jungle buffs, dragon, lane clears and pushes
Eng-game: Lane clears and pushes, jungle buffs, dragon, assists and killing stragglers in teamfights.

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Team Work

Best when you know your team, but when you don't just use your head. Speedwick is NOT a front line teamfighter; AVOID LETTING YOURSELF GET TEAM CC'D.

He is a backdoor pusher, a pressure applier (late game, he can apply pressure in all three lanes faster than the enemies can get there to stop him), a kiter, a flanker, a distractor, a suppressor, an attack-speed buffer. If the enemy makes the mistake of chasing you, that gives your teammate time to either attack or flee--either way, your speed means you will likely survive, and the enemy wasted his time. Know when to let your team fight without you while you clear and push lanes--but know when to flank a teamfight and provide just the right amount of confusion to give your team the upper hand. Remember most of all: Hit and run. DO NOT stay in the fray. Get in, get out, get in again if you can, get out again if you can. Never stay, you can't survive getting focused. Few champs can. But even fewer champs have the speed to avoid it. THIS is the time to apply the old saying "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day." If the enemy can't catch you, they can't kill you, and can't make money off you. Turn the speed around: If they enemy can't outrun you, they can't flee away from you. Speed works both ways.

In early game ganks, use your ult and ghost to make sure no one gets to run away.

Oh, and I should probably note this too. Is an enemy running away from your team and they can't catch up? You can. Reach him, ult him, hold him for that AD or AP carry to finish the job.

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Pros / Cons

-Speedwick is fast. Very fast. Can reach
a base speed of 533 by mid-game.
-With the Madred's Razor early on, followed
by the boots of mobility, you have quick
and easy access to the lane of your choice.
-With the right amount of map awareness,
you are too fast to be caught, too fast
to be fought.
-The boost to attack speed synergizes with
the heal from WW's passive.
-The higher attack speed plus Madred's Razor
makes jungling an easy task.
-Leveling your W first, and having high
movement speed, means that you are a great
asset when one or more of your teammates are
attacking a tower.
-The buff timer increase, plus the cooldown
reduction, means your ult is up more often.
-A great kiter and flanker. Perfect for
chasing away a half-dead champ from the fight.
-So much fun.

-If heavy cc'd, will die. Then again,
only the heaviest tanks survive heavy cc.
-High AS but damage items don't get added
until late game. This is only an issue if
you don't know how to win fights without
high damage.
-Q's usefulness is reduced in this build,
and replaced with an emphasis on W and E.
-Not for everyone. This WW WILL do damage,
but at a slow and steady pace, not a burst.
-If you play with people who neeeeeeeeeeeed
all five people in a fight, at all times,
because for whatever reason they keep getting
themselves ganked in the enemy
might get raged at. Know how to kite with
Speedwick to distract enemies and help your
team win or flee.
-It will spoil you. You will hate any speed
lower than 533. And even 533 will start to
seem slow.

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So, to say it all in a word: Run. Run in. Run out. Run away. Run around. I LITERALLY RAN CIRCLES around a Skarner trying to defend his inhibitor, all the while hitting the inhibitor as I circled. You WILL be a major distraction to the enemy team because they CAN'T ignore you without losing a lane. They HAVE to at least TRY to stop you, but they can't stop you unless they team-up to CC you. But if they team up against just you, that leaves the rest of your team free to cause havoc of their own. If you play Speedwick correctly, you will add a unique support. And playing right still gets you a good K/D/A ratio too. An average of 8/4/14 ain't too shabby.