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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Veigar Build Guide by lkycch

Support platinum


By lkycch | Updated on May 31, 2020
161 Votes
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Champion Build Guide


By lkycch
1) Why Play Zilean?

Without a doubt, Zilean has been known for his ultimate: A free, low-CD Guardian Angel. But apart from that, what else does he shine upon?

Let's kick things off with his Bombs. His Q+W+Q combo is an AoE stun and if hit on multiple enemies at once, can literally win skirmishes instantly.

His E+W+E combo allows him to speed up himself or his allies very quickly, to create a powerful engage or escape. He can also use it on his enemies to instantly slow them down and the best part is when the ability reaches Rank 5... Yup that's right, a 99% slow! That's almost equivalent to making a champion stand still!

He flourishes in teamcomps where divers need to get to the back line and put themselves in danger. You compliment plays that require quick decision-making and chain cc.

- Zilean synergises well with any team comp because he is literally, a walking GA!

- He specialises in utility in the form of speed boosts and slows, coupled with powerful waveclear.

- The Support role is all about getting your ADC ahead and Zilean does this perfectly with his high damage bombs and setup cc! As the game goes on, he will also be a great nuisance with his ultimate and help your bruisers reach their backline much quicker with his E.

- Despite all the bad matchups you’ve got thanks to your weak early game, Zilean always comes out strong during teamfights and truly shines when you make perfectly timed saves with your ultimate.

- Finally, if you don't believe in what I have said, I just have to tell you that back in Season 7, I was the 116th Best Zilean in the World and reached Diamond 3! I may not be Challenger but hey Zilean is an awesome champion and this is pure proof that anyone can climb in solo Q! If I can do it, you can do it!
2) Runes Explained! Back to Top

Arcane Comet:
- Easy procs with Q+W+Q combo
- Significant early game damage and win those trades!

Manaflow Band:
- Encourages poke and gives you a bit more mana regen whilst laning

- Get 10% CDR for free!

- Your bombs will deal a little bit more damage when you poke their ADC!

Font of Life:
- Let your allies heal off every stun you make!

- Compensate for your lack of AP; Chronoshift will still heal a lot during the revive!
3) Combos! Back to Top
Main Damage Combo:
Q + W + Q
+ +

Roam/Speedboost Combo:
E (Yourself) + Wait 2.5 seconds + W + E (Yourself)
(Yourself/Ally) + Wait 2.5 seconds + + (Yourself/Ally)

Burst and Run Combo:
E (Enemy) + Q + W + Q + Auto Attack + E (Yourself)
(Enemy) + + + + Auto Attack + (Yourself)
4) Tips and Tricks! Back to Top
Favourite Tip: Summoner's Rift is a 5v5 and not a 1v1! Help your allies and work together as a team! That's what MOBA games are all about: TEAMWORK!

How To Actually Guarantee Landing Your Bombs?

The trick is to use your E to slow your enemies and WAIT 2 seconds! Your E duration lasts for 2.5 seconds, meaning that after 2 seconds you still have half a second to cast your Q+W+Q combo.

This works because your target will often think that you're not going to use your Q+W+Q combo, since you did not cast Q straight away. Also, by being patient and waiting it out, they might even burn their flash, who knows!

All-in-all, patience is key. Just wait out the 2 seconds, then quickly cast Q+W+Q. They won't suspect it!
League of Legends Build Guide Author lkycch
lkycch Veigar Guide