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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mansiepansie

Spinning Justice

Mansiepansie Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Spinning Justice

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide was mostly created for "Winning" This setup really kicks the *** out of people in early game. I've only came across 1 game where me and my friend had badluck and lost because of a jungler that decided to swap jungle/lane with a non jungler.

It's by me and my friend wich plays Garen like a boss.

Leave comments, disagree or agree with the build. Many might consider it ******ed but it really works out like a glove.

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Garen and Wukong

Can't really describe it more than just to try it out, it's insane if you manage. You can bring down both towers in less than 15 minutes and be totally ignoring SS from mid since you will still bring that F-cker Down in 2 secs if he comes for a gank.

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Runes, Wukong: i go with 3 Arp quintessences 9 Arp Marks 9 Resiliance seals 9 Greater glyph of shielding. I have these runes because of my Passive and because of my Q, i will bring down almost any squishy that wants to build armor and get away without abusing any summoner skills

Garen: I go with 3 Arp quintessences 8 Arp marks 1 Strength Mark 9 Strength seals "not level ones i couldn't find em in the rune page for Mobafire" and 9 Greater glyph of shielding.
These runes makes my early game insane dmg wize, and with Wukong by my side i will squash down any squishy/tanky early game character in a sec.

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Skill Sequence/Team Work "Lane"

The skill sequence goes by priority for Wukong Q-R-E-W "Even if R is the most dmg ability you should always Q first and then R because of the arp. In usuall game laning i do E for harass and W to get away, or W just to get close and than E and summoner spells for a easy kill.

Garens priority skills is R-Q-E-W, Ulti because it litteraly one shots **** at 30% hp, however if you just want to harass it's just Q-E-W in a combo sequence "always get silence in first".

As it's probably understandable you will almost always get a kill instantly if you do the combo at the same time. To open with both players i W with Wukong than E on the squishy enemy target and garen flashes out and Q-E's my enemy target. It usually means death but if it doesnt i pop ignite first and exhaust. If that still doesnt kill him garen does Ignite after mine goes away. It's almost always guaranteed a kill.

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Summoner Spells

Why i pick these "******ed summoner" spells with Wukong is because i have the Skills to get away easily, i get away almost every fight and can jump right back in as strong as ever because of my Exhaust and ignite. And combinating that with Garen is just insane.

Garens: Summoner spells is considerable you could also go Exhaust ignite because of his Q movement speed buff but that makes him less gank mode for the Wukong/Garen combo.

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Pros / Cons

Wukong Pros -

- Awesome mobility skills
- Nice Defense
- Super armor pen
- Nice solo laner "but **** that go with Garen"
- Ulti that rapes akali in stealth :>

Cons -

- He's an Monkey.

Garen Pros -

- Early game damage
- Nice solo laner
- Good sustained laner
- Sick Ulti

Cons -

-Bad endgame damage "hard to execute with ulti"

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Boored to write any longer, i'm sorry. Just try this wacked setup out and you'll have alot of fun, it can be many cons and pros with this setup and build. But i'm faar away from reaching any negative/bad games that we havn't carried the game completely in and won in 20 minutes by surrender.

This was also my first guide, and i will probably have alot of haters. Since even i think it's a lame Guide, but the build, setup and items you will get to understand troughout playing it.

It will be awesome, it will be Trollololmode. You will have fun, atleast i have and will.

THank you for reading this ****py **** guide. - Mansiepansie feat Clundkvist


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