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Udyr Build Guide by PINK PARAKEET

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PINK PARAKEET

Spirit of the Tiger!

PINK PARAKEET Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Hey everyone this is an Udyr guide to jungling (first build) and laning (second build). I use this one online and usually do really well with it.

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Udyr is all about speed. He needs fast attack speed and movement speed to do well, so this is what I base my build off of, a lot of speed with armor and to be less squishy and life steal to last longer and I think it works perfectly.

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The item build posted above is usually the one I follow unless I need more magic resist for against a team with a lot of magic champs then I will probably get and , so don't be afraid to change around the order or add in items as needed.
Trinity is last because it is just so expensive and if you want you can replace with something else that you might find more useful for your money.
The core items are , (unless someone else on your team is getting it), , and . The last two items are up to you, but I usually get defensive items it just depends on what the other team's champs consist of.
If the enemy champs are not very good early game and you find yourself with lots of kills and gold finish early and maybe try to save up for a B.F. Sword so you can get . This way you'll just get more kills and dominate the other team.

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Skill Sequence

You want to follow the skill sequence above pretty closely until level 5 because you're going to need it that way for jungling if you are going to follow the route posted later in the guide. Once you get to 5 the stun from bear is important for you first gank so you need to keep that in the same order and you should go tiger stance at level 6 because later in the game that will be your main killing stance so you want to start it early. After that you don't need to follow the sequence too closely if you feel you need to use a certain stance more or if you level up mid fight and need more points in a certain stance like bear for faster movement speed, but you should try to follow it closely because as bear and tiger stance start to get higher ranks this build starts to do better. Also feel free to upgrade bear or tiger ad 11 and 12 if you don't feel like you need phoenix and turtle, I only do those so that I can get more life steal with turtle and finish people off with the phoenix stance burst.
Late game your going to mainly want to use tiger stance to kill and bear stance's stun to take less damage and chase people down. You can use phoenix stance for a quick burst of damage to ensure that you get the kill when your chasing someone down, but I usually find that tiger finished someone off pretty quick then too. I only use turtle stance then if I'm low on health and then I go kill creeps in the jungle with it.
In fights try to switch skills in the beginning to get the monkey buff. I stacks up to 3 times so I'll usually start with bear for the stun then switch to phoenix for the bust of damage and finish with tiger. If you do this your attack speed can up to over 2 hits a second and you will get some dodge chance too. Try to refresh by switching stances to keep it up.

When laning bear stance is good to start off with for the movement speed and stun, just be careful not to run into anything too dangerous. Turtle is next so that you can heal yourself with the life steal and then phoenix for the damage. Phoenix is over tiger in the beginning because it will do much more damage since you won't be attacking very fast early on.

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Summoner Spells

I think smite and ghost are the best way to go with Jungling Udyr.
is needed for jungling
is good to help you run faster and works great with bear for ganking and chasing down enemy champs as well as running out of danger if you're low on health. You can also use it to get around the map faster.
Other good spells
Good to slow down and enemy champs
can be helpful for ganking to finish off enemy champ

Good to catch enemy champs or getting away if you need too
Great for getting around, chasing, and running away
Other good spells
Good to slow down and enemy champs
can be helpful for ganking to finish off enemy champ

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Creeping / Jungling

Start off by buying a cloth armor and 5 health potions. Then choose turtle and head to the twin golems. Stand off the side and smite the one closest too you so that you take the less damage and attack the one you smited and use turtle. Keep using turtle until the second golem is around 300 health or so. After you kill the pop a health pot. You should have leveled up so choose phoenix stance and head over to the wraiths.
Stand in the center of them by clicking there while it is still in the fog and initiate the fight with a phoenix stance and attack the blue wraith. Through out the fight alternate back and forth between phoenix and turtle. After the blue one dies use a health potion and head to the wolves.
Again initiate with phoenix unless you dont have enough mana then just use turtle for mana. After you kill them put a point into turtle.
After this you you should have a little bit less then 400 gold so i usually just hop in a lane to kill a minion then teleport back to base and buy the dagger. Use ghost to run toward the blue golem once you have full mana and health.
Again run into the middle of them and initiate with a phoenix stance. Once you can switch to turtle and smite the blue golem. Now just switch back and forth between turtle and phoenix until there all dead and head back to the wolf pack.
Kill the wolf pack again same way as last time and use a health pot if you think you need. Put a point into phoenix and head to the wraiths.
Kill the wraiths by starting with phoenix and again and switch back and forth as you can and use a health pot after if you didnt use it after the dogs or during wraiths. Head to the red lizard now.
Your smite should be back or back soon so start off with by smiting the red lizard or phoenix then turtle then smite which ever you prefer and follow the turtle phoenix order again until its there all dead. Put a point into bear stance and head to the twin golems.
Kill them both using phoenix turtle and use a potion so you are ready to go gank.

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Team Work

After jungling you should be level 5 which is a good time to gank because all of the enemy champs should be around the same level except mid unless the also had a jungler. If you want to you can go back to the base and get boots and if you have enough Berserker's Greaves too. To choose who to gank look for a lane that has been pushed passed the middle of the map, has low health, or both and go hide in that lane's bushes. Then make ask whoever is in that lane if there ready and when they are ready. When they are activate bear stance and charge in and if you want activate ghost too. If you can try to come in from behind so you can cut keep them from running. People will sometimes try to run through the river if you do this which can be much better then towards a tower. Once they are stunned activate phoenix for the burst of damage. Keep this stance on until the stun on bear stance is ready again, then switch back to it and your target should be dead by now.
For the rest of early game I usually try to stick to my lane where my teammate was soloing while I was jungling and only go for ganks if I see a good opportunity so that i don't fall behind in xp. You can also kill the buff creeps in the jungle if you want the buff
When mid game comes around level 10 to low teens you should should stick with a teammate or your whole depending on what your team is doing (either travelling together or laning) as you will still be pretty squishy. Team battles may start coming up around here so I'll explain what I usually do when that happens.
In team battles your going to want to try and target squishier dps and stun them with bear stance. Next activate phoenix then tiger as soon as you can. Once bear pops up click it again then it is up to you how to finish them. When necessary you should use turtle and if you need to retreat activate ghost if you have it and sprint off in bear and it will be hard for anyone to catch you. Also if you are winning a team battle watch all of the enemies health because they may try to run which is when you activate bear and ghost if you have it and go in for the kill. If you run low on health after a fight activate turtle and attack some minons or creeps in the jungle and you should get a decent amount of health back especially if you have Stark's Fervor by this time.
End game you'll pry always be sticking with your team and mostly be in team battles so just act the same way in team battles and you should do good.

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For laning try to pair up with a range if you can. I find it just works much better since Udyr cannot harass. Stay back in the beginning for the first couple levels and if your teammate wants to go looking through bushes while waiting for creeps, just don't. Stay back cause All you'll have is a short stun which won't do much and you'll be pretty squishy especially to brands or someone with a lot of burst damage. Later on when you're a high level use the bushes to your advantage to jump them with bear stance then switch quickly to which ever stance is most necessary for the situation.