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Aatrox Build Guide by ShadowSlayerMain

SSM's Gold Aatrox Guide Season 10

By ShadowSlayerMain | Updated on September 29, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox

Runes: Highest Win Rate Top

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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
The Usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
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Top Lane
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

SSM's Gold Aatrox Guide Season 10

By ShadowSlayerMain
Hello, guys. I am ShadowSlayerMain or SSM, a old Zed main who ended up in Gold Tier During S9. Aatrox got reworked in that season and he has changed a lot. I was inspired by this and now I main him as 1st. Comparing to his pre-rework and rework he was an Auto Attack based champion who was building Attack Speed items and now he is a Spell Caster Bruiser who is building On-Hit and Tank items. On this guide I will show you how to be a blood stealer with my main champion. Be sure to read my chapters well because they have explanations and more. Good luck!
Pros And Cons Back to Top

+ Strong Early Game
+ Lane Bully
+ Be Unbeatable in Late Game
+ Outplay Potential

Thanks to his Life Steal from Passive- Deathbringer Stance and his Spell Vamp from E- Umbral Dash, Aatrox can Outplay strangely by hitting as many Q- The Darkin Blade's as possible.

- Long CDs
- Early Game disadvantages
- Fall off in Late Game
- Heavy Item Dependance

Aatrox's Q- The Darkin Blade has a long CD in Early Game so make sure you build only CDR. You can go to Practice Tool and search for the walls you can pass with E- Umbral Dash. Building Tanky Items can be ideal for Late Game.
Ability Order Back to Top


















Runes and Items Back to Top

Aatrox's most frequent and compatible keystone is Conqueror. Its Life Steal and Spell Vamp Passive is the most compatible part because it can stack along with his own from Passive- Deathbringer Stance and his Q- The Darkin Blade.
Triumph is the best part for Aatrox because it restores some of your missing HP after a takedown. It can also be useful in Teamfights to have the chance for being more aggressive and keep fighting. Overheal can be compatible with his healing.
Legend: Tenacity is the best part for Aatrox for more Tenacity. Legend: Bloodline can be a use that is compatible with his healing.
Last Stand is the best part for Aatrox to have more Outplay Potential. Coup de Grace can be optional for last hitting enemies but in a team you will probably have someone that is based on true damage so Last Stand is recommended.

Aatrox's alternative keystone is Electrocute for mechanical uses and can only be triggered when a quick mechanic is performed. Comparing with Conqueror it can deal true damage when the requirements are done but triggering it doesn't grant any Life Steal or Spell Vamp.
Taste of Blood is Aatrox's best part for true Life Steal and Spell Vamp. Despite healing from damage, Sudden Impact can be a compatible option thanks to Umbral Dash for increasing lethality to reset an Auto Attack or dash while using Q- The Darkin Blade.
As there can be no other rune part you'll be taking Eyeball Collection for much more increased AD along with Life Steal and Spell Vamp.
Ravenous Hunter is the best part you can take here because it's the only one which increases Life Steal and Spell Vamp. Aatrox's mobility isn't low because he has E- Umbral Dash and the MS buff from R- World Ender so you won't need to take Relentless Hunter. Ultimate Hunter can be compatible with his R- World Ender but its CD isn't huge and it's not a usual weapon.

These are other common as secondary runes for Aatrox. Bone Plating reduces the incoming damage from an enemy champion after you take damage from them for 3 times. Revitalize is alternative for Life Steal and Spell Vamp.
This is your Starting Item. Compared to Doran's Blade this is more recommended for HP regen.
One of them is bought along with Doran's Shield as soon as a game starts.
These are your Rushing Items. No matter if Phage is an Item that builds into his basic Core Item, as Aatrox you shouldn't rush with it because it doesn't grant any CDR. These Items will make you OP enough and then your 1st Item depends on your enemy laner. If tanky that will be the time to get Phage for Black Cleaver. If squishy you should get Serrated Dirk for Youmuu's Ghostblade.
This is Aatrox's basic Core Item to start penetrating Armor and increase Q- The Darkin Blade's damage by dealing damage after damage. It is the most usual 1st Item on Top Lane because there are a lot of Tanky champions.
This is your next Core Item for more Life Steal and Spell Vamp and a defensive option with its Bleeding Passive.
Another reason you should build Caulfield's Warhammer is because it builds into this Item. If your enemy laner is squishy you should build this for increased burst and MS buff. You will build it usually on Mid Lane because there are a lot of Squishy enemies.
These are the most common built Boots on Aatrox. You will build them usually on Top Lane.
These are the alternative built Boots on Aatrox and are bought against AP enemies like Teemo and Mordekaiser.
You will often build this on Aatrox. It is very optional for him especially in Teamfights thanks to its Lifeline Passive.
This is your standard MR option. Its Passive ability will increase your Life Steal and Spell Vamp by 30%. Compared to Maw of Malmortius this increases HP but not Damage.
This is one of the best choices for killing enemies quickly either with Auto Attacks or Spells.
You can upgrade Executioner's Calling for increased Armor Penetration. This and Thornmail are your Grevious Wounds options so you should choose one of them depending on the game situation.
This is another MR option. Its Passive ability will increase your Life Steal and Spell Vamp when low HP. This and Spirit Visage are the only items that can increase healing so you should choose one of them depending on the game situation.
Tanky options against On-Hit and Crit enemies that also reduce their Attack Speed. Their Passive and Active abilities are useful in Teamfights for more CC.
This is a unusual MR option. Its Passive ability reduces the incoming damage from a Spell after being hit so you can build it against Heavy AP enemies.
After you full build you can build one of these 2 to increase your Life Steal and Spell Vamp or your Tenacity.
Laning Phase Back to Top
As Aatrox you can farm from both short and long range. At level 1 you'll be starting with Q- The Darkin Blade, your basic spell for dealing damage. This makes Aatrox a lane bully especially when you poke your enemy and when you make wave clears by hitting the sweet spots. At level 2 you'll be taking E- Umbral Dash to start Life Steal against enemy champions without using Passive- Deathbringer Stance and Spell Vamp. Its CD is heavy in Early Game so you should know why and when to cast it. There are 3 reasons for casting it:

-Change position with a dash while Q- The Darkin Blade is prepared
-Reset your Auto Attack Timer
-Pass through walls (you can't pass through every wall)
A Note about E- Umbral Dash: Its Dash trick doesn't act like the way of the easy Flash tricks. For example look at this:

Q,Dash Mistake:


When you trade your enemy laner you should make sure their mobility spells are down or else they will easily get out after they get hit from your W- Infernal Chains. The 2 Q- The Darkin Blade next casts need E- Umbral Dash more than the 1st because the more Q- The Darkin Blade's you cast, the more CD, the shorter range and the more damage it will deal so if you don't hit one of the 1st 2 you shouldn't continue for a 3rd. Keep that in mind as long as you don't have at least 20% CDR. When you get your R- World Ender at level 6, you 'll have increased self healing and MS out of combat when casting it. The MS buff can also be granted right after R- World Ender is casted. This will give you more Outplay Potential for diving and heal when you damage enemy champions.
Jungling Phase Back to Top
As Aatrox you will start from Red Buff and it'll be easier to hit monsters with Q- The Darkin Blade's because they don't move quickly. Auto Attacking on a large monster or a champion will reduce Passive- Deathbringer Stance's CD so it will be ready faster. When you reach level 2 and get E- Umbral Dash you can gank but you shouldn't cast it for hitting your 1st Q- The Darkin Blade because your gank will probably fail. For that reason you will have to hit your 1st Q- The Darkin Blade and then follow them with E- Umbral Dash. Getting W- Infernal Chains at level 3 will give you the chance to perfectly gank a lane with more CC and the possibility for double focus on bot lane.
Late Game Back to Top
Aatrox's Q- The Darkin Blade can knock up many enemies simultaneously as it also has a very short CD and his W- Infernal Chains control the enemy's MS and position. With these, you have heavy control of the Teamfight so you can poke enemies to help your squishy allies take them out with their True Damage. This can happen even if you fall off in Late Game because they will be helped by your CC instead of your damage. If you don't tank enough of the enemies' damage because you fell of in Late Game or you don't heal enough you can build tanky Items like Randuin's Omen. The best you can do to win in a Teamfight easily is casting R- World Ender when it starts and hitting all of your Q- The Darkin Blade's not just for damaging and CC-ing enemies but also for healing yourself. R- World Ender increases damage and healing received and extends its duration with takedowns so it can be compatible with both of your damaging and tanky Items.
In Conclusion Back to Top
That's it for my Aatrox Guide. I hope it helped you improve. If you want, feel free to ask me any questions by commenting and don't forget to vote!
League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowSlayerMain
ShadowSlayerMain Aatrox Guide
SSM's Gold Aatrox Guide Season 10
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