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Renekton Build Guide by ShadowSlayerMain

Top SSM's Gold Renekton Guide Season 10

By ShadowSlayerMain | Updated on June 24, 2020
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Runes: Most Common

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
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Top Lane
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

SSM's Gold Renekton Guide Season 10

By ShadowSlayerMain
Hello, guys. I am ShadowSlayerMain or SSM, a Zed main who ended Gold Tier during s9. Renekton is one of my favorite Top Lane champions. On this guide I will show you how to slay your victims as the carver of Shurima. Be sure to read my chapters well because they have explainments and more. Good Luck!
Pros And Cons Back to Top

+ Strong Early Game
+ Be Unbeatable in Late Game
+ Outplay Potential

Thanks to his Life Steal with Q- Cull the Meek and his 5 Fury per sec from R- Dominus, Renekton can easily Outplay and have advantage in Teamfights.

- Weak against Ranged champions
- Cooldown Reliant
- Fall off in Late Game

Renekton can do many things when he gets enough Fury so he can easily kill squishy enemies and have advantage in Teamfights.
Ability Order Back to Top


















Runes And Items Back to Top


Renekton's most frequent and compatible keystone is Press the Attack. After a use of W- Ruthless Predator with Fury your damage against that champion is dealt as True. Conqueror can be another compatible keystone for healing as you are playing on Top Lane.
I use Triumph as Renekton's best because it restores some of your missing HP after a takedown. It can also be useful in Teamfights to have the chance for being more aggressive and keep fighting. Also, Overheal can be compatible with your Healing.
Legend: Tenacity is the most recommended part for Renekton for more Tenacity.
I choose Last Stand as Renekton's best for more Outplay Potential and because he doesn't act like a real Assasin who builds lethality for killing squishy enemies like ADCs quickly. Coup de Grace can be optional for last hitting enemies but in a team you will probably have someone that is based on true damage so Last Stand is recommended.

These are common as secondary runes for Renekton. With Demolish, your next Auto Attack against an enemy tower deals bonus damage. You can also see the moment you are able to do it. There will be 5 shards down on a tower. With Revitalize, Spell Vamp from Q- Cull the Meek and Heal from R- Dominus are increased.

These are other compatible rune parts for increased Life Steal and Spell Vamp.

This is the item you start with in classic games. If you have difficult Laning Phase you must buy its alternative, Doran's Shield for HP regeneration instead of Life Steal.
This is your alternative Starting Item for a difficult Laning Phase and strong resist against threats like Teemo and Darius.
One of them is bought along with Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield as soon as a game starts.
This is Renekton's basic Core Item for Life Steal and Attack Speed. Its Active is also optional for trades.
This is your next Core Item to start penetrating Armor and increase his MS by Auto Attacking.
These are the most common built Boots on Renekton. You should build them against AD enemies.
These are the alternative built Boots on Renekton and are bought against AP enemies like Teemo and Mordekaiser.
This is your next Core Item to start being tanky. It is very optional especially in Teamfights thanks to its Lifeline Passive.
You can upgrade Tiamat for more Life Steal when you have late game advantage or for being more tanky.
This is your Attack Speed and another Offensive Life Steal Option. It can be useful on taking out squishy enemies quickly and can restore your HP by using your auto attacks.
This can be optional because of its Life Steal Option and Bleeding Passive.
This is another Lethality option for increased MS and burst.
Tanky options against AA based enemies that also reduce their Attack Speed. Their Passives can be useful in Teamfights.
This is your Defensive mobility option. It can also reduce your target's MS with your next Auto Attack.
This is your MR option. Its Passive ability will increase your Spell Vamp by 30%. It is very useful in Teamfights for being a beast on your enemies. A mistake many may do is building Position Items like Maw of Malmortius on champions that are based on Tenacity. Well, Renekton isn't a Position based champion so you don't need shielding items.
After you full build you can build one of these 2 to increase your Spell Vamp or your Tenacity.
Laning Phase Back to Top
As Renekton you can farm only from closely but you can easily wave clear. At level 1 you 'll be starting with Q- Cull the Meek, your basic ability to heal while farming and wave clear. If your enemy laner isn't ranged you should wave clear as soon as possible to level up fast. When you get W- Ruthless Predator at level 3 you can trade with heavy damage by just empowering it with Fury. When you are getting ganked you can easily escape by using E- Slice and Dice to hit an enemy and recasting it. At level 6 you will get R- Dominus which will make you not to hesitate for engaging thanks to its Fury gaining per sec.
Late Game Back to Top
Renekton's Q- Cull the Meek can apply Spell Vamp and his W- Ruthless Predator control the enemy's position. With these, you have heavy control of the Teamfight so you can approach the enemy team and stun one of them to help your carries take them out with their True Damage. This can happen even if you fall off in Late Game because they will be helped by your CC and your Defense instead of your damage. If you don't tank enough of the enemies' damage because you fell of in Late Game or you don't heal enough you can build tanky Items like Spirit Visage. The best you can do to win in a Teamfight easily is casting your R- Dominus not just for damaging and CC-ing enemies but also for getting Fury to empower any other ability.
In Conclusion Back to Top
That's it for my Renekton guide. I hope it helped you improve. If you want, feel free to ask me any questions by commenting and don't forget to vote!
League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowSlayerMain
ShadowSlayerMain Renekton Guide
SSM's Gold Renekton Guide Season 10
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