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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxMindtrickxX

#Still Winning (Builds That Dominate)

XxMindtrickxX Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Urgot (Early To Late Game)

This is a build for Urgot as a DPS AD champion. As Urgot you can play any lane from the start but I highly recommend middle, although he is equally an effective top or bottom as you can space the enemies using your q e combo preventing them from farming. He is very effective with teamates who have cc (crowd control) especially a stun.

--Urgot Specials -
1) If your champ is close enough and your mouse hand is still over the enemy player (while e is active) you can attack them while they are in fog of war.

---Your early game role is to farm and space your enemy preventing them from farming, to do this just land your e and spam the q. I recommend waiting till you are lvl 3 and have acid hunter lvl 2 this way you will have full mana and can harass to the fullest once you land your first e. Once you get your tear spam q to make sure you are gaining the highest amount of mana possible, get your boots then manamune. If you are having a difficult time take the tower I reccomend getting boots of mobility first otherwise get sheen.(this is because of your mid game play). Once you hit 6 it is usually very easy to get a kill, wait till there are few minions then active your w use your ult and immediately hit your e on the spot where you are sitting then spam q and auto attack to get the kill, if your health is a bit lower use flash to move away then continue spamming q as it usually can reach that distance.

---Mid Game Your goal in mid game is to utilize your speed from boots and zeal and quints to gank top and bottom lanes effectively. Once in the bushes use w shield to engage utilizing the slow if they try to retreat use your ult then w, e, q combo to kill. Then move back to mid to protect turret. Also try to utilize blue once or twice so you can max out manamune dmg early on.

--Late Game Your role in a team fight is to harass using your huge range and take out enemy carries once the team fight has fully engaged. Additionally you can use ult to pull people that are slow on the retreat. But, your ult is most effective against ranged carries when entering a teamfight try to run into the middle and use your ult on champs such as ashe or vayne to pull them into the teamfight and you out of the teamfight.

---Side notes
-If you are having difficulty building stacks consider selling your sword of occult and getting a bloodthirster.
-If you prefer dmg over the speed take the deso quints they can create just as many kills
-Take a negatron cloak first if the other teams ap carry is more of a threat
-Randuins can be easily substituted with a frozen heart consider this if the team is more AD based (your opportunity cost is basically the randuins active which can be effective for escaping).
-Dont forget to USE YOUR RANDUINS active it can play a bigger role than you think!
-Flash is a necessity for this build but ghost can be traded for exhaust or ignite

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Cho'Gath (Early To Late Game) (Unfinished)

Cho'Gath is an ap dmg, utility tank, he has great cc and awesome true dmg as well as great laning skills because of his passive.

--Cho'Gath Specials
1) Cho'Gath is great at soling with this build, regardless of what people say, his passive along with philo stone should give you the durability to maintain a lane until mid game or until the jungle can assist you.
2) Use rupture to harass the enemies refrain from using feral scream until you are going in for the kill.
3) People often forget about cho'gath's true dmg ult, this can be used to pull melee champions in for the kill then use feral scream, rupture ult combo to finish them.

---Early Game
Cho'Gath has great laning skills because of his high ap dmg and great cc. Use rupture to harass the enemies and farm, refrain from using feral scream until moving in for the kill.

--Side Notes--
For more dmg consider getting a Rabadon's, and for additional dmg consider getting a rylai's or zhonya's. All three items can be used to replace either the late game items such as banshee's veil, frozen heart or randuin's .

If you prefer frozen heart over randuin's sell you rejuvenation bead and take a glacial shroud in place of the warden's mail.


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