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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hannibal

Stop Hatin' ...HAters! (Yi...MID!)

Hannibal Last updated on April 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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How does this build work?

Basically this build is meant to be used while guarding the mid lane. I've also played Yi using this build in a side lane....but I never got the chance to "own" other champions as much as I usually would while doing MID. So if you are going to use this build I highly recommend going mid.

So... why mid? Well, Master Yi is an extremely squishy champion early, late and sometimes even late game. What we want to achieve by going mid is several very important things. First - we want to farm as much minion kills as possible (going side lane would rarely give us this chance). Second - we want to avoid dying easily against two enemy champions (imagine if your lane partner plays for the first time or... he's just a Noob). Third - unlike many other champions going MiD Master Yi has a very high "Counter-Gankability". What this basically means is that his ultimate ability (Highlander) allows him to easily escape from sudden ambushes from other unwanted champions (ganks). Having those things all cleared up there is nothing to stop you (except a good enemy player) from holding lane and fighting off enemy champions.

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What do we need when going mid?

Well... first thing we need to know is that there's no other ally player except us on this lane (obviously :D). What we want to achieve by going for this Hybrid build is good survivability as well as extreme damage to enemies. I highly recommend maxing out "Alpha Strike" and "Meditate" as quickly as possible to be able to hold ground. A good trick you'll need to learn is counting enemy minions in front of you. When they're 3 or less and your opponent is near them ... well there's a 100% chance he'll get hit by your main damage ability "Alpha Strike". A well played Master Yi can easily take down almost anyone mid. The secret hides in the ability to constantly harass and heal your self. Remember that you still DO count as a squishy champion so DO be careful and tower dive only when having the proper reason.

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Once the build has been complete....

If you do play your game well and earn as mych gold as you need feel free to go for a "Mejai's soulstealer". Maxing it our will provide you with great heal ability while having a team fight and will also help you put the extreme damage output you should.

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Things you might expect at first

There can be no doubt that when your teammates see you going mid lane they'll call you stuff... Don't worry later they will certainly change their minds. Just remember that holding your ground and backing to base only when necessary will do as much good for your teammates as it will do to you. (of course do feel free to go back when at low mana and not so much health)

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For Red runes I usually go for Magic Penetration marks (that's what makes "Alpha Strike" impossible to be fought against no matter your opponent). Remember that this build is an EXTREMELY mana hungry one so... you'll need as much mana as you can get. Try convincing some of your teammates to help you with blue buff early game. once you get it you'll do unlimited harass (at least for the next few minutes). Now when you don't have the aura i recommend going for mana regen per level seals. That will help you use your meditate more often ,thus, giving you the chance to stay in lane longer. For Glyphs I go for Flat ability power. It's most important to get well "fed" early game so that you can do much late game. For Quintessences I use Flat Ability Power as well (same reason)

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Now this is my first champion build I've ever posted but not my first "Mobafire" experience. I will be glad to read your comments. (constructive criticism is well appreciated)

My League of Legends Summoner Name is :


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Pros / Cons

Pros: high mobility
extreme harass
burst damage
great heal
great damage
great killstealer and towerdiver

Cons: squishy
ignite makes all the difference when using "Meditate"
Not so interesting dance moves :|