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Stuck in "elo hell"? Start by changing your miscon

Last updated on March 7, 2013
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I decided to write this small guide in order to help people to have a different approach on "how to increase your elo". The reason is, most people who think they are stuck are having misconceptions on a few essential points, which is the reason they are stuck.
Elo hell isn't an excuse. Teammates isn't neither. Both are some factors that will give you harder time, but they are not the real reasons. Deal with it.

First, being stuck at some elo means, in my opinion, one of the two points below :
1 - you are at the elo you currently belong, and need to improve your individual skill
2 - you have individual skill to deal with games from a higher elo, but you're not able to make a big enough difference in your games.

So, I'm here to propose you thinking on a few points, that would both increase your personnal skill (not by playing better on your lane, but by playing better in your game), and make a bigger difference in game.

Let's go for the most common misconceptions :

I loose but I performed well, I have 15/5/5

You perhaps performed well on your lane, or you perhaps had some good chases, but you didn't necessary performed well actually. One important thing, and I even should say THE important thing, is that killing isn't the objective, it is one way to accomplish it.
The objective is not to kill ennemis, it is to kill the nexus. And the common way to accomplish it is not by getting fed, but by making sure your team is fed more than the opponents one.
Getting some kills is sometimes stupid. Being fed and trying to snowball more is often stupid.
When you are fed, use it as an advantage to get sub-objectives, not to try and snowball more, letting your allies to their situations. Pick your tower and give them golds. Help to dragon and give them golds, denying ennemies to get some. Gank on the other lanes and ensure your allies are fed too.
Chasing (and sometimes failing at it) is often a bad idea when you could instead get a tower. 300 golds for you isn't better than a tower down that is 150 golds for every team member.

so i summarize it :
1 - performing well isn't being good at killing, it is being good at giving a good situation to your team. Stop being selfish, it is a team game
2 - The objective is to destroy the nexus, getting some golds is JUST ONE WAY TO HELP AT IT.
3 - Getting golds for your team is better than getting a little few more golds for yourself. Drake > kill, tower > kill, team kill > solo chase

There were one ****ing troll who claimed my spot, but I picked it first, so we were duo top, ****ing trolls

Learn to deal with the human factor. You will get jerks with your. If you want to have a positive impact on this, think a few seconds about "how can I minimize the negative impact of him?".
If you see someone claiming a role with caps as soon as you enter into the champ select, just ****ing let him.
Just think to what will happen:
scenario 1 : the guy is a troll :
He will pick his champ, whatever happens, or troll you in any other way. You are decreasing your chances to win
scenario 2 : the guy can just play one role :
He will pick something else, but fail hard at it, cause he will probably be both bad at this role, AND in a bad mood. He would probably fail too by playing the role he asked, but probably less hard. And he could still succeed, you can't know.

summarize :
Let the ****ing troll get his pick

My lane is baby sitted by the jungler (and ever worst excuse : I'm ad and my support doesn't buy wards)

Just think to buy wards by yourself. Virtually, you will earn some money (and you won't give some to your opponents).
Cost for a ward : 75 golds = 2/3 creeps
Cost for backing : missing a minimum of one wave = 6/7 creeps. In the real life, often up to 3 or 4 waves if you are push when you back
cost for dying : give gold to your lane opponent, missing a minimum of 2 waves (12/13 creeps). In the real life, up to 5 waves.

The support is buying wards to make sure your get your stuff faster. His role is to help you, indeed. BUT if your support is bad and can't ward, and doesn't want to even if you ask him, just ****ing buy it yourself. Stop complaining, you will still earn more golds buying it yourself instead of dying.

My carries chain die in team fights, so we have no damage

Perhaps it is time to think a little bit about your role in your team, and the way you are using your cooldowns. Real question is : where are you when your carry is dying, and are you right to be there?
Perhaps you are, perhaps you are not. If you are a bruiser, perhaps you might think that you don't always have to jump in ennemy carries (the important word here is "always"). If you are an AP, perhaps you should keep your cooldown a little bit longer and use it to protect your ad. Killing the ap/ad in front of you is good. It is not always the priority. If your carries die faster than ennemy carries, you'll lose almost every teamfight. Choose your targets wisely, and use your cooldown at the right moment. Chaining all your spells and ending with no more cooldowns is not the right solution if your target isn't dead at the end of your burst. Utility is at least as important as damages.

Let's end here with the common mistakes you can see in a wide majority of low elo games (gold is still low elo) :
- You have pushed the inhibitor and you won't finish the game right now. stop staying in ennemy base. You have nothing to take here, only a kill to give to ennemy team. Tell it to your allies, they are most likely doing the same mistake!
- There are no wards on the map. Stop blaming your support, help him instead. Either he is bad, and he won't ward better, or he has not enough golds, and he won't ward more right now.
- You are forced turtling. Stop facechecking, stop warding river. Ward wisely your own jungle, Try to ensure you and your allies won't be trapped by going too far.
- There is one role that can have a bigger impact on the game : the jungler. A good jungler can counter everyone in the ennemy team. You can gank every lane, counter gank every lane, and even counter jungle. A bad jungler can be totally useless for his team and, being inferior to ennemy jungler, give a certain disadvantage to his team. If you fell you are a good jungler, you should try to get that role in every game.
- The support isn't neither a simple heal box, nor a warding box. you must help your ad in more ways. he is agressed? help him trading damages. he has the advantage on the lane? be aggressive and increse that advantage. Support is often underestimated! Have more impact on your lane when playing it.
- your gank didn't give you a kill, but made the opponent use his flash? come back if he does too! You'll kill him now, or force him backing, thus giving a bigger advantage to your ally.
- your ennemy is ganking on the other side of the map and you can't gank right now? Steal his jungle and let weakest creeps if it is a reasonnable decision right now. Make him pay for his gank.
- you are mid or top, and you are getting totally outplayed? Ask to swap lane FFS....Don't make it worse. Begging your jungler isn't the true solution. Even worse, your fails are not his fault. Your opponent probably played better, or you sucked at warding. Actually nobody might care except you. Get a solution before you give your team a strong disadvantage.
- Don't play blitzcrank if you're not good at him. Being good doesn't mean succeeding at hooking, but succeeding at hooking the right person, at the right moment! hooking the tank in your carries is bad, and actually, I'm almost sure I'm winning more when the blitz is in the opposite team.
- Never ever surrender. There is a small portion of games you'll still win. The difference between 50% win and 55% win is a thing that will increase your elo.
- Talk less, play more. even a small rage, a not bannable thing, will make you play worse, and won't help the mate you are raging after!
- If you can't argue your team is making a bad decision, follow them. The issue of a bad 5v5 is probably better than the issue of 4v5 because you were not here.
- Stop blaming your allies for your defeat! They obviously made mistakes. You made a lots too. Lowering your mistakes must be your priority.
- Finally I feel the need to repeat it : stop being selfish. Having a lots of kills isn't synonym of performing well. Kills are a way to get time and money, and help you winning. Use kills as an advantage to get objectives, use your feed in the same way. You must always remind that the objective is the nexxus, not the heroes!


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