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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cloudex

Stun-Lock Annie

Cloudex Last updated on June 17, 2010
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3v3 Annie Build.

Summoner Skills
In 3v3 you need skills that can be used offensively as well as defensively. People like to gank Annie because she is squishy. This, coupled with it's convenient place in the Mastery tree, makes Ghost a nice survival accessory.
This skill is also good if you get jumped, but has great offensive potential as well. Flashing towards an opposing lane grinder and stunning him is a great way to catch him off guard and finish them off.

Disintegrate first, because at rank 1 it deal more damage then incinerate, and CDs in half the time. Great for getting First blood, as the nuke will chase an enemy if they Ghost away, unlike Incinerate (even if you Incin+Stun charge.)
I try to keep the two main nukes even in ranks so that when you stun+combo them together, you maximize damage.

Early Game: Charge stun on minions with Disintegrate. Disintegrate Stun+Incinerate+Disintegrate again.

Mid-to-Late Game: Stun Tibbers+Dis+Int+ chase and Dis usually = Death for enemy champs. (Don't forget to sick Tibbers on them by Alt+Right-Clicking your victim.

Mastery Points
The only debatable thing about my layout is probably the max mana pool VS. mana regen in the Utility tree. Maybe summoner spell points, if you have your own favorites. I stick with the build as shown. It works.

Runes:Marks (red runes) have the highest Magic Penetration budget of all the runes, making it a no-brainer. 8.55 (not percent, but actual points) of MagPen is awesome considering all champions baseline MR is 30. You're melting through nearly a THIRD of that at LV 1!
Seals (yellow runes) are utility types. I would use these towards Max Mana or Mana Regen. I've selected the 62.01 points of mana for 3v3 because Annie needs the extra mana early game. You can then select the Ruby Crystal ( +180 HP) at first to ensure surviving that first clash with the enemy team.
Glyphs (blue ones) are great for Ability Power. If you don't like that, maybe try CoolDown Reduction instead for more Tibbers. Force is better than Potency because by LV 6, you have 9.18 AP, which surpasses Potency entirely.
Quintessences (purple ones) are good as pretty much anything relevant to your character, but I would go for AP on this one. 15 AP at LV 1 will make First Blood easily attainable for Annie.

ItemsRuby Crystal first, since you have runes to give you extra mana. This will actually deter enemy gankers from targeting you for FB since you HP will have 6 bars instead of 4. Disintegrate's fast CD time and range make it better for early team battles then charging a stun.I then go for speed boots. Rank 1 Movement Speed give you a whopping 50 points! Each additional Rank only gives +20. I find these to be worth it for harrassing and advancing, while keeping you mobile in case of a gank.Sapphire Crystal for extra mana, as your skills get more expensive.Catalyst Protector next to keep you laning. Remember, XP, XP XP is the name of the early game.Sorc boots will gives you nice speed and you'll really notice your melting through enemies Health Bars after getting this item.The Blasting Wand is your first real AP boost, and it will go a long way with the MagPen you just built up. This should counter any decent items your enemy has obtained by now, because you'll hit like a brick ****house.Mejai's is insanely good if you're on a roll.(sometimes if I'm not getting many kills, I'll get Rylai's Scepter first to help get some kills.)Rylai's for the slowing capabilities, health and AP. Need I say more?Rod of Ages to round out your character and receive extra stats as the game goes on. It nearly doubles in power within 15 minutes!Void Staff next. I never realized the power of the Void staff until recently, but you will notice your damage output greatly increase. With this you should have 60% MagPen + 15% MagPen from Mastery = 75%, plus the 8.55 from runes. Enemy Champions have the initial 30 Mag Resist, and you're melting through 31.05 points of it (essentially giving them no MR), making every point of AP go towards straight rape, no vasoline!Zhonya's is a nice finish, and the Active Ability to become invulnerable is kinda cool too.

Give this a thumbs up if it's helped your game in any way.
*****Thanks for viewing!***** ~Cloudex