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Amumu Build Guide by QQmoar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QQmoar

Such a bully Amumu...

QQmoar Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first ever build. I some what made this build for our emotional little friend here, after seeing several builds for different play styles. Any feedback would be great. I know this may not be the build for everyone, nor expect it to. I play with a set group of friends and they know my style of play with Amumu, agressive.

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For runes, I use a standard tank build, really any tank-ish runes here will do. While a friend told me dodge runes would be better, I find any extra dodge harms the passive CD on Tantrum. I use flat health marks, flat armor seals, and flat magic resist glyphs. With a mix of the three in quens.

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My tank build has been tweaked with here and there, I find this on works, but really any tank-ish build is fine. Mine is focused around mana/life regen, and reducing damage from champions. Nothing too special.

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The items I grab are VERY situation based. I always grab Dorian's Shield. Then the boots, either Ninja Tabi(If against many auto attack/melee champs.) or Mercury Treads(If against several AP)
Warmogs Armor is a MUST. The life and regen on it is something I would recommend for any tank. In most cases, I build Force of Nature at this point. Life regen, Spell resist, movement speed. Normally I will build for a thornmail next.(Depending on enemy team. Clearly if it were a AP team, trade for another Spell resist item, if having trouble.) Then Sunfire Cape for added life, armor, and added damage. Lastly, I will save up enough for Randuin's Omen, selling Dorian's Shield. Over all this should give you a fairly strong mix of Life/Armor/Spell Resist, making you fairly hard to bring down.

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Skill Sequence

I normally prioritize Tantrum first, as it is not only a fairly strong AoE attack, but it's passive reduces damage taken. Making you even more tanky at a lower level. Grabbing one into bandage toss early on, but focusing on your Tantrum and Despair as main damage. Tantrum will also keep you in lane longer, getting more last hits, and there for, leveling quicker.

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Summoner Spells

This has often brought much debate on if the summoner spells are a joke, or useful. Many I see, grab flash and some other form of gap closer, I.E. Exhaust, Ghost. I honestly prefer Clarity and Teleport. Yes, your eyes do not lie. Teleport is a wonderful skill, allowing a tank to get to a tower, or gank fairly quickly if need be. As well as keeping him in lane longer, and we all know the benefits of that, yes? As for clarity, I don't find it's 'needed' but I do happen to love seeing my mana pool go from none to nearly full, even at level 18. Really useful if they decide to chase you down when oom. While heal may sound good, the amount of life it returns to you at 18, is pathetic. You are better off with another spell in that case.

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Pros / Cons

Very hard to bring down.
Does a decent amount of damage for a tank.
Life regen can keep you nearly topped off, even if attacking a tower alone.
Due to balance of Armor/Life/Life Regen/Magic Resist, it's tough for any one person to bring you down.

Takes time getting used to the style of play this was built around.
Teams with lots of CC/escapes can be bothersome.
Grows fairly dependant on Clarity or blue buff.
Most items are situational in what order to buy them in, depending on fight.

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All and all, I find this build works well for me. I felt like sharing. Not long ago with a group of my friends, I used this build and soloed the entire enemy team. Yes, 5v1. Mind you, they were almost all melee with fast attacks. Yi/Xin/Lee/Cho(Weak against Despair) and I believe the last was a caster of some form, though It escapes me. Not every battle is like this, clearly. Though it gave me the idea of spreading my build around. I have found several amumu play him as I have, and figured I just play far more different than most do. I hope you enjoy playing the bully Amumu as I have. Thank you.