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Wukong Build Guide by Amazing Monkey

Sun Wukong- Great Sage Equal to Heaven

Sun Wukong- Great Sage Equal to Heaven

Updated on August 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amazing Monkey Build Guide By Amazing Monkey 43 13 66,430 Views 186 Comments
43 13 66,430 Views 186 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Amazing Monkey Wukong Build Guide By Amazing Monkey Updated on August 28, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Wukong
  • LoL Champion: Wukong



Alright, so this is my first guide on Mobafire and I thought I should start by making one for the champ I play the most, Wukong! To be honest, I'm fairly new to League of Legends and PC gaming in general. I typically solo top with Wukong and I rarely lose with this build. I don't expect the best ratings but I really hope you guys give me some input! I'm open to any suggestions (or praise =3). Please give this a go before making your vote!

NOTE: I've taken what you guys have said into consideration and made tweaks accordingly. You'll find two new builds, Bruiser and Off-Tank, as well as small changes in the layout! There's still a lot of work to be done, but I hope this helps and please don't stop giving feedback!

Wukong's Origins and Mythology
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Pros / Cons



  • Cyclone can leave you very vulnerable in team fights.
  • Wukong easily becomes the center of attention with his ult.
  • Wukong is a hybrid champ. Although versatile, he may not work so well with certain teams.
  • Wukong can be rather weak, early game.
  • There are no immortal peach trees in Summoner's Rift, making Monkey very sad =(
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I feel that these runes are pretty straight forward:

Greater Mark of Desolation


These will give you that extra oomph with your Crushing Blow! Plus, a lot of times, if you're solo top, you might be matched against a rather tanky opponent.


Wukong is one of those champs that could always use a little extra defense early game. This will increase your survivability for when you use Cyclone as well.


For much of the same reason as having the resilience runes, it is good to have extra magic resistance. Helps a ton if you decide to mid with Wukong. (Mid works better than you might think!)


It's great to have extra attack damage at the beginning of the game. With these quints, you can start the game with a Doran's Shield and still do substantial harassing damage.
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Pairs great with Cyclone if you don't manage to get a good start with the chase. Also really helps you escape if you're ever in a bind.


If you're ever in a really really bad bind, Flash can help you juke those meanies and save your butt! Also good for getting that last hit. But I wouldn't use it for offense unless you're doing good that game. Ghost is a good alternative for this.


Exhaust just not quite tickling your fancy? Not to worry, Ignite is an excellent alternative. I think we all know how it works. My favorite thing to do is save it for an ulting Tryndamere! ;D


This is a great solo-top spell! You never know when you have to go help mid or even bot, while still keeping an eye on your lane. If no one on your team has this spell, it's not a bad idea to get it for yourself.
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Abilities Explanation


The canon in Wukong's arsenal! This baby drops the hurt on your opponents while also dropping their armor by a delicious 30%! For this reason, it's a good idea to lead with this skill when you can.


Monkey's mobile magic. Useful for initiating, ganking, escaping, and making a bunch of monkeys hop out of your arse! There's a lot of cool tricks you can do with this move and Warrior Trickster.


One of Wukong's....not so special abilities. But it's kind of nice to have. Whenever enemies are close to you, your armor and magic resistance go up by a small amount per enemy. So the most you can get from it is +40 for armor and magic resistance.

Part of being a monkey is to play around and pull pranks and stuff! What better way to this than making a copy of yourself and sneaking around behind them? The best part is when they get donked on the head, just before realizing they wasted all of their moves on a fake monkey!


Wukong's spin-to-win! Monkey's staff stretches out and he spins around getting faster and faster. Each enemy will be knocked up the first time they are hit. Great way to mess up the enemy in a team fight, but also a great way to be targeted like crazy! Careful with this!

When I level up my monkey, I want to put extra emphasis on Crushing Blow! Sometimes, I'll even wait til level 4 for my Warrior Trickster just to give that extra damage for a harass. However, the combination of Nimbus Strike, Warrior Trickster, and Crushing Blow can really give you a head start in your lane. So getting all three early really helps a lot. I focus on Nimbus Strike a bit later on, mostly to have extra attack speed when their armor is down from Crushing Blow.
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Ok, there's a lot to choose from for when it comes to building Wukong. If their enemy team looks pretty AD heavy or your team is without a tank, building Wukong as an off tank is the way to go. If their team is more AP oriented or just squishy, AD Wukong is the way to go. This build satisfies the need for both situations. I will explain and give you alternatives to my preferred build.

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Starting Out

I'm going to lay out an ideal shopping strategy based each time you go back. I doubt you will perfectly be able to follow this every game and that's ok, it's more of a concept. But please do yourself a favor and don't wait in your lane with 18 health for that extra 200 gold! If it takes two recalls for one step, that's fine!

Doran's Shield

Some of might wonder why I chose Doran's Shield opposed to Doran's Blade and my answer is simple: you don't need the extra attack damage. The great thing about Doran's Shield is that it not only gives you an extra 120 Health (a significant amount when starting out) and 10 armor, but it also gives you a lovely 8 Health Regeneration. This ties in well with Stone Skin as well. While many people start with Doran's Blade, giving them +10 attack damage, you'll have +10 armor from the shield and +4 armor from your passive. Dropping a Crushing Blow will drop their armor, giving you a good advantage.

Cloth Armor and Potions



If you're going against some seriously tough opponents top, this is a smart way to go. Health Potions do a lot for you early game (especially if they have Ignite) and the extra armor is pretty nice. It also builds into Wriggle's Lantern, one of the best sustaining items early on.

Boots and Potions



As much as I love my shield, sometimes mobility is the way to go. When you're matched against opponents that use a lot of skill shots ( Ahri, Lux, Nidalee, Brand, etc...) you're going to be doing a lot of dodging. You should be alright with lower defense as a lot of their damage comes from these skills. Just like with the shield, you'll have enough damage with your runes and masteries to get away with no extra attack boost. This will give that extra mobility to keep your moves fresh like Mick Jagger! (I personally like to rock my Jag-Swag when I'm going mid)

Doran's Blade

I bet you were thinking I wouldn't suggest this item after that Doran's Shield section! Guess again! Doran's Blade is great starting item! I usually will grab this baby if my opponent isn't likely to put out so much damage early game, like a tank or support. If you end up bottom lane, you'll most likely have your own support. This will give you the freedom to add a little boost to your damage. However, if you're soloing a ranged AD Carry, I would stick with the shield. Those auto-attacks hurt!
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First Recall

> >

There is a lot that can happen before you go back. When you solo top or mid, you can be ganked early. When you're bot, your support can think they are a carry and steal all of your farm. I'm not going to put every little detail as to what you should get when this happens. But I will put what to strive for. (and the alternatives of course)

Boots of Speed

It's always smart to grab these guys early, especially because your opponent most likely will. I personally don't end up going back until the Turn starts up (around level 6). By that time, laners will be moving around and you're going to want to have that mobility for switching lanes.

The Brutalizer

This puppy is handy early on. It's a nice little aggression kit that offers you attack damage, cooldown reduction, and armor penetration. If you go back too early, I'd try to buy at least one of the Long Swords used to create this item.

Health Potions and Wards

sight ward
As the game continues and you gain more maximum health, health potions become less helpful. But with the first recall, they still can do you some justice. I pick some up if I have the extra gold. As far as wards.....GET THEM! Yes, it's great to save your gold for good items. But a measly 75/125 isn't worth a death from a ganker. Plus, it might just give you a jump on the enemy and score you a kill. That's getting your money's worth! Supports and junglers will help you at times, but I always grab a couple whenever I can.

Ruby Crystal

Sometimes you're just not having a good game and your enemy is dropping some serious damage. If I have to go back early because of that, I grab a Ruby Crystal for the extra health and build into Warmog's Armor. I don't suggest a Giant's Belt just yet because, even if you have that much gold, it's better spent on a Long Sword, Health Potions, or a Sight Ward.

Wriggle's Lantern

If you really need sustain, extra health just might not be enough. Wriggle's Lantern is a very useful item for that. You have life steal, extra damage to minions, attack and armor, and an Active Ability that gives you a virtual Vision Ward. This will save you gold for preventing ganks, help with cs (minion kills), and keep you alive in your lane. If you feel the need for this, don't even worry about The Brutalizer. Get Boots and this item as soon as you can.
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Second Recall

> > > >

At this point, you should be in the Turn or just out of it. People aren't calling mia's anymore and your noob Dr. Mundo is calling you out, "NO MIA TOP???" It's going to be ok, Dr. Mundo, Monkey will make it up to you soon!

Mercury's Treads

Here's Monkey's new sweet kicks with a mysterious blue finish! Mercury's Treads work well with this build to put a balance in Wukong's armor and magic resistance. It's also one of the only convenient items with Tenacity , to help against any debuffs that hold you back. Here are some alternatives:
  • Berserker's Greaves-If you don't feel too threatened, these are good for more offense.
  • Ninja Tabi-If a lot AD is coming your way. You might start building tanky if it's that bad.
  • Mobility Boots-They're fun! =D And if you're switching lanes a lot, they can be handy.

Giant's Belt

Since Wukong works better with more health, it's a good idea to get this item soon. It will build into Warmog's Armor, to really keep you safe and sound! If you feel like you're doing just fine, I suggest getting a Ruby Crystal and Avarice Blade for about the same price. The crystal is another part of your soon-to-come armor and Avarice Blade not only gives you a small gold boost, but also builds into Youmuu's Ghostblade.
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Mid Game

> > > > > > > >

Around this time, you're about level 14 or 15, Dr. Mundo has forgiven you, and 1-2 rows of turrets are missing from both sides. Although Dr. Mundo is merciful, Ashe is not. She decides to rage-quit because her noob Mundo support is a KSING SON OF A...Yordle =D! Not to worry! You are the Monkey King! Who needs a malnourished complaining Ashe anyways? Psh! Time to rack up the hurt!

Avarice Blade

Here's a fairly cheap item that I like to invest in around this time. It will boost your critical damage, build into Youmuu's Ghostblade, and give you some extra gold for the pricey items to come! If you had already bought this item, now would be the time to get Giant's Belt.

B. F. Sword

The Best Friend Sword! The Boy Friend Sword! The Big....Fancy Sword! You're eventually going to be buying two of these whoppers and they are not cheap! Part of why Avarice Blade comes first is to help you save for this whacker! But an investment well-made. It will help you build the Bloodthirster.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The cool thing about this item is that it really isn't that expensive! You get a decent boost to your cooldowns, critical damage, and physical damage. You also get a wonderful Active Ability which boosts your attack and movement speed by 40%! Where do you think you're going, Twitch??

Warmog's Armor

Ah yes, it is finally time to get the rest of your life-building equipment! Warmog's Armor is a key-item in almost any tank build and great for the extra health that bruisers need! If you can get this before Youmuu's Ghostblade, by all means do so! The blade only costs 600 gold at this point, so I find that unlikely.
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Late Game

> > > > > > > > > > > > >

So it's getting close to the end of the game and things are getting rough. You're about 40 minutes in and even though you've been kicking butt, you just lost a team fight. But the chance to turn around arrives! Just as your team re-spawns, Gangplank uses Cannon Barrage and steals Baron from the enemy! This is it! Time to bring everything you got for THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!!!

Chain Vest / Atma's Impaler

Now you might be wondering, "if Chain Vest is part of Atma's Impaler, wy doesn't he just put them together??" Glad you asked! Chain Vest is a handy universal building item that can go into a lot of alternatives. If things are going alright, just go ahead and get Atma's Impaler! It's the second piece to the infamous "Atmog" combo. Thanks to this spear's Unique Passive, the more health you have, the more damage you have. If things are going rough however, here are some things that Chain Vest builds into:
  • Thornmail-More detail on this later, great against a fed AD carry.
  • Randuin's Omen-A very tanky support item. If you need to start supporting the team more, this has a great Active Ability that slows enemy attack and movement speed. It will also make you more tanky.
  • Sunfire Aegis-Another tanky item that constantly damages nearby opponents. Careful in the jungle though. You'll upset the monsters!
  • Guardian Angel-I pray it doesn't come to this. If you find yourself dying a lot, this may give you a second chance. Enemy's choose to hover over you for the second kill, so don't rely too heavily on this item. It's a last resort for Wukong.


For the same reason as getting Chain Vest before Atma's Impaler, the next item I get is Pickaxe. Although this is late game and you probably know how your opponents are building, it is good to have a variety of choices available. If you have the gold and feel good about the game, just get Black Cleaver first. Later on, Pickaxe will contribute to Infinity Edge. But if things are changing late game, here are some alternatives:
  • Madred's Bloodrazor]-If you find your enemies have a lot of health, this is great to switch out with Black Cleaver because it deals damage based on their maximum health and also grants attack speed.
  • Last Whisper-One of the best items to have for getting rid of heavy armored foes.
  • Maw of Malmortious-This will give you extra defense against AP carries while also giving you more damage.

The Bloodthirster

Finally, you get to put that B. F. Sword into something even stronger! Bloodthirster is sure to mess up opponents with lots of damage and its Unique Passive. The passive boosts your damage and life steal percentage based on kills you land. You'll get a lot of sustain and damage with this item.

Infinity Edge

What a glorious spectacle! You're going to see a big jump in your attack damage, once this beast is equipped. You'll only have one available slot left with this item, so I suggest getting the B. F. Sword first.


If you completed your build, good for you! You're either dominating or turning things around. Either way....whatever will you do with all of that extra gold???? Elixirs are a great way to spend that extra gold. The cool thing about these is that even if you have no item slots available, you can still buy them! They'll be automatically consumed! Get oracles elixir if you want to clean out wards, Teemo mushrooms, or stealth champs like Twitch.
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Situational Items

As I mentioned before, Wukong is a very versatile champion that can built many different ways. The build for him is really molded off of the situation. I won't cover all of these situations as there are a lot. But here are a few suggestions that I've seen quite often (not prioritized in any particular order).

Last Whisper

If you're fighting a team with a lot of armor. This is an item to get. It will give 40% armor penetration. This means that whatever their armor is, you penetrate 40% with this item! If you have a fed AD carry on your team, you will likely see the enemy's armor go up.

Replace Bloodthirster with this item.


A great counter for that pesky, fed AD carry! Each basic attack they do to you will be returned with 30% of that damage via magic. If they have an AD carry destroying your team, encourage some of your teammates to also get this item! Trust me, it makes a difference.

You're going to have to put Atma's Impaler on hold for this item. I suggest building tanky if their carry persists.

Maw of Malmortius

Here's an item that will give you some magic resist and attack damage. If you're fighting an AP heavy team or their AP carry is causing a bit of trouble, this is a nice item to have. Not only does it give you magic resist, but it also has a Unique Passive that gives your attack damage for health missing AND a 400 magic damage shield that pops up if you would almost die from magic. Eat that, Lux!

If you can sense their AP carry getting fed, don't even finish Youmuu's Ghostblade and shoot straight for this item. The sooner you can get AP defense, the better. If the ghostblade is already built, I don't suggest interrupting Warmog's Armor. Build this right after!

Madred's Bloodrazor

Remember earlier when I mentioned that Pickaxe was a great universal item for building? Here's one of the nifty items that comes from it, Madred's Bloodrazor! I will typically switch from focusing on Infinity Edge to building this item, if the enemy team is rather tanky. The more maximum life they have, the more damage you do. It's not a bad idea to build Infinity Edge shortly after. But it's always nice to be able to show the tanks that you don't care how tough they are!

Because you are a balance of tank and dps characteristics, I don't suggest rushing this. However, your AD carry probably should. Let your team know that it's a good idea to get this item. A good time for you to get it is when I recommend getting Pickaxe. Don't get Bloodthirster anymore.
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Basic Strategy

Wukong is best built as a Bruiser or an Off-Tank. But unlike most of these champions, there are a lot of different mechanics to Wukong. In this chapter, I will give you a better understanding of how to use this champion throughout the game.

Basic Combo





SPACE If you recall the ability sequence from before, the first ability you should select is your E, Nimbus Strike. Why? Because you can harass and farm at the same time! One of the most important ways to take control of the lane is to out-farm your opponent. Now, with Wukong, it's a bit risky to just dash in all of the time. I usually time Nimbus Strike when a group of minions is low and your opponent is nearby them. The ability will kill minions and the boost in attack speed will allow you to drop a couple auto attacks before running back to your minions.

After you've been farming for a little while, you should have the first three abilities available at your disposal. If you look to your left, you can see the Basic Combo that I like to use. It's very simple to execute and quite open to variations:

Early game, this combo can take almost half health from most champions. If you time it right, you won't take very much damage and they'll start to be more careful. Keep in mind that it does cost a lot of mana for the combo. So take advantage of their fear by last-hitting the low health minions!


This leads me into farming. If you are familiar, just skip this paragraph. Farming is essential for getting gold, experience, and the upper hand in a lane. But one does not simply auto-attack minions hoping for gold! That's bad! If you do that, you will push too fast and over-extend (opening yourself for a gank). You will also miss a lot of the minion kills. So instead of auto-attacking, let your minions widdle their minions down and hit them just before they die. This takes a little practice, but the more you do this, the better you will be.

As I said before, wards are very important and you should get them whenever you can! I usually try to buy one after my first recall. The best places to put the ward are the top bush in the river or the intersection to the Blue Golems and Baron.[/center]


Don't forget, you should have a jungler. Sometimes you won't even need to use your ult, if he gives you a solid gank! With that in mind, try to save your Flash and Warrior Trickster for the enemy jungler. If your ward doesn't help, those two abilities will.


At the point of level 3 or 4, you might consider going for a kill! Well, a big part of this decision is just knowing your opponent. Take Pantheon for example:
The Passive Ability for Pantheon is Aegis Protection. This will occasionally block damage that is more than 40 (basically everything). If you use The Basic Combo, you will have to exchange auto-attacks until your abilities cool down. In this predicament, Pantheon most certainly has the upper hand, putting you at high risk!
I don't want to discourage you from going for a kill you're perfectly able to get! If you have been widdling your opponent down, you should have no trouble landing a kill! In fact, that's how I suggest killing Pantheon, if you wish to do so before you reach level 6.

Once you are level 6 and have the ability Cyclone, your enemy will be in trouble! Sure, it's a great crowd control ability, but you probably won't be in a team fight for a little while. Go ahead and indulge! Use The Basic Combo to initiate. Only this time, don't press W for Warrior Trickster. Press R to unleash Cyclone!
A lot can happen here, but your enemy will really be feeling the hurt with their armor dropped! They will start running to their turret, so try to stay in front of them as you spin. Do use Exhaust, if you think they might escape.
After Cyclone finishes, your other abilities will be cooled down and you can finish the job (if you haven't already)! Don't forget that you can stop it at any time with R!

2v1 (TOP)

Nothing sucks more than getting set up to go top and finding out that the other team doesn't have a jungler! Now you have to lane by yourself with two big baddies on the other side! The worst part is that the champions are both likely to be good solo-top or tanky champs!

I recommend reminding your jungler that it's going to be 2v1 top and you'd like a gank first. Tell your team to give him a strong leash (helping kill the jungler's first monster) so that he can get to you faster. Your jungler will appreciate it too, most times.

After leashing, get ready for a rough lane. Your enemy will most likely take advantage of your solitude and be very aggressive! They will do what they can to push you out of your farm and get an early kill. You won't be able to just run up and last hit, like you can with only one enemy, so just try to stay as close as you can to the minions fights (you gain exp for standing nearby).

Now, you are going to need farm. So VERY CAREFULLY harass the more vulnerable of the two. In this circumstance, I usually get Warrior Trickster at level 2. That way you can dash in with Nimbus Strike and pop a Warrior Trickster before they both pummel you! As I said before, this is very mana costly. Try to time it when the minions are weak.

You can also use their aggression to your advantage. With a 2v1, you might be pressed against your turret by two greedy players. It's time to use a little bit of that monkey magic and try to bait them to the turret! Note: This is very risky and if you are uncomfortable, I don't suggest trying it.
  • When you're baitng, have that Exhaust ready!
  • MAKE SURE THE TURRET WILL HIT THEM! (if their minions are too close, the turret will target them instead)
  • Go in for a harass, only this time, be a little more aggressive. You want to trick them into thinking that you bit off a little more than you can chew.
  • Start running back to your turret, they should chase you at this point. (If they're too far behind, turn back to make yourself more tempting.)
  • Once they start taking hits, get ready to Exhaust. (You want to time it just right so that they can't escape the turret)
  • If only one chases past the turret: Go ahead and Nimbus Strike them to secure the kill.
  • If both chase past the turret: Exhaust the one getting hit and keep running. (You don't need to risk actually giving them a kill! Top goes fast that way!)
(I've had success in Exhausting the turret's victim and using Nimbus Strike to the following champ, circling around the turret afterwards. The first champ died to the turret and I chase down the second for a double kill! Kind of a high risk though....)


When in a team fight, your primary objective is to deal damage and draw SOME but not all attention to yourself. You want to focus on killing the weak, squishy carries first, followed by the Off-tanks, Bruisers, and Tanks. The following information will give you tips on how to be a team player while dishing out that the lovely damage.

The cool thing about Wukong is that he can really mess stuff up with his Cyclone. This move can knock up the whole team while the rest of your team takes them down. Simply use Nimbus Strike to initiate and let Cyclone do its thing!

Be careful however, the enemy will target you down! Communicate with your team to make sure you don't get bursted on spot! You want to get Cyclone in as soon as possible to make sure they can't start. But if your takes too long to follow in, you won't get the chance to escape!

Sometimes, it's better to go in and out with Cyclone. Let your tank move in as they fall. But don't just run away! Dash back in with Nimbus Strike and help your team finish them off!


The cool thing about team fights is that there is so much going on at once! With all of this action happening, Warrior Trickster makes a perfect break from being the center of attention (er...sort of). If your team doesn't manage to pick off everyone, they might still target you. So leaving a Warrior Trickster that would normally look obvious, can really trick them into wasting their abilities. Use Nimbus Strike, if you can, to really throw them off and escape any crowd control abilities they might use.
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The beautiful art of juking will come to some easier than others. But, if you're going to be playing as the infamous Monkey King, you should at least learn some basics to help him keep his reputation!

What is Juking?

Before I can go into detail on how to juke, I'd like to just refresh all of you on the definition of juking. You can view this and much more in the Terminology Section of Mobafire.

Juke - The act of tricking the enemy pursuer(s) into chasing the wrong way, which is most often accomplished by utilizing the brush and/or the fog of war to break the enemy's line of sight.

Juking as a Monkey

Part of being so great with Wukong is to think like a Monkey! You know how monkeys are, they bounce around and mess with people and such. Now I can't give you extra elaborate detail on how to be the best juker; after all, it's quite situational. However, I can give you some tips and tricks that will improve your...juke-ability, so to speak.


Warrior Trickster is great for juking because it puts stealth on Wukong for a couple of seconds. When you press W, a copy of Wukong will appear, facing wherever Wukong is facing upon use. Average players will assume that you are still running in that direction and continue to move that way. At this point, you are able to switch directions, gaining distance on the enemy.

Small tricks:
  • Wukong is able to use Warrior Trickster while snared or stunned. It doesn't help much, but can fool the enemy into bursting down the wrong target.
  • Warrior Trickster makes a good barrier. It can act as a minion and block any abilities that would stop at one target, such as Caitlyn's ult.
  • You can tap S on the keyboard to stop your champion, simulating the motion of Warrior Trickster. If your opponent is getting smart and running past your Warrior Tricksters, you can use this to get a head start in the opposite direction. This will save your Warrior Trickster for later as well ;3
  • Don't forget that Warrior Trickster does do a small amount of damage. If it's a 1v1 and you're both at the last hit, go ahead and let your copy save you the trouble. If that doesn't fool them, your Nimbus Strike should be cooled by then!

Things to be careful of:
  • Turrets can see through the Warrior Trickster and you will be visible if you are targeted.
  • Not every player is a sucker. If you do the same Warrior Trickster strategy, count on them to catch you!
  • Oracle's Elixir... Vision Wards. Though doubtful they will get these things just for you, keep an eye out for them.
  • Mana cost and cool downs. You don't need to be spamming Monkeys all day so you shouldn't level this up too much. That means the cost to use it and the time you can use it again will be more. This should be common sense, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't warn you and then you died because you couldn't pop your ult! =O

Jungle Boogie

Yup, that's my jam! Anways, Warrior Trickster gives you a great opportunity to run into the jungle. Your opponent, having seen that you are not visible after Warrior Trickster wore off, will most likely assume you've ran to the bushes. Don't worry though, the jungle is vast and winding! Use the brush, fog of war, and tree barriers to confuse them! Flash can help you a ton here because you can go over walls. If you choose wisely where to use it, you can make almost impossible for them to catch you!

One trick I like to do is Warrior Trickster near a wall and then Flash over the wall while stealthed. Your average customer won't figure out what happened until you've already got some good distance!

Have map awareness while doing this! The last thing you want is to Flash over into an Udyr stun!

Going into the Bush

Bushes are a great way to mislead the enemy. They can be found all over Summoner's Rift and help you quite a bit with the stealth they provide. Wukong can utilize these bushes even further with his Warrior Trickster ability. Remember how I mentioned Warrior Trickster pops out in the direction he's facing? Well you further use that in front of bushes! Two simple ways of doing this:
  • Run to the front of the bush (don't go in it) and plant a decoy. Then turn to a different path and run like hell! Most of the time, the enemy runs into the brush. (I wouldn't run down a lane with this strategy unless you have back up. You'll show up on the map!)
  • You can also do the reverse of that strategy. Run away from the bush, pop a Warrior Trickster facing away from it, then turn around and go into the bush. But don't get too cozy! It won't take them long to figure out you turned the other way!

Here's another simple trick without even using Warrior Trickster. If you're running from the enemy in top or bottom lane, the long bushes in the middle can help you a bit. As you go into the bush, the enemy might try to cut you off (cutting corners means, no bush for them). If that's the case, STOP running and wait for a moment. Then turn and run the other way! The idea is to make it seem like you're still running through the bush so that they don't turn around.

Nimbus Strike and Cyclone

This move does some wonders when you're trying to gain distance, similar to Akali's Shadow Dance. All you do is pick the farthest target from the enemy and Nimbus Strike away! Using Warrior Trickster at that distance and with a switch in direction can really give you some juking power!

The other way to use it is to target the enemy at the back of the chasing herd! Of course run the other way afterwards. This works poorly however and I wouldn't recommend it unless it's a last resort.

But don't let that scare you! If you're not too low on health, you can maybe get away with it with just two or three champs on your tail!

Cyclone is another helpful escape tool. As painful as it may be to waste your glorious ult, you just might need it to save yourself! While they're knocked up, spin away! Wukong gains speed as he spins, so this can really give you a head start!


I don't have any recordings of my own game play. But I did find a video that utilizes almost all of these tricks! Keep in mind that he had full health in the beginning!

As I said, juking is very situational and it will take practice. Have fun with it though! =3
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Enemy Match-Ups (A-E)

As amazing it would be to just summarize Wukong's strategy for every single opponent in one huge paragraph, that just doesn't cut it lol. So I'm going to give you a general strategy for each opponent individually. It will be in alphabetical order to save the hassle of searching. Don't freak out if a champion's section seems somewhat too short. I may or may not fully complete a section. This will take me a lot of time to complete! But you will have everyone's info once I'm finished!

If you like the artwork in this guide, especially this section, feel free to see my Free-Sig Gallery! =3


Most likely Encountered: Mid



Most likely Encountered: Top / Mid



Most likely Encountered: Bot / Jungle



Most likely Encountered: Jungle / Bot



Most likely Encountered: Mid



Most likely Encountered: Mid



Most likely Encountered: Bot / Mid



Most likely Encountered: Bot / Jungle



Most likely Encountered: Mid



Most likely Encountered: Bot / Mid



Most likely Encountered: Mid



Most likely Encountered: Top / Jungle / Mid



Most likely Encountered: Bot



Most likely Encountered: Top / Jungle / Bot


Dr. Mundo

Most likely Encountered: Where he Pleases!

Dr. Mundo


Most likely Encountered: Bot



Most likely Encountered: Roaming



Most likely Encountered: Bot / Mid

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More to Come!

Hey, I know there's already a lot in this guide so far! But there's still more I want to add and maybe tweaks I want to make. It's brand new! Some things to be expecting:
  • Wukong mid guide!
  • Wukong jungle guide
  • Wukong Off-Tank Guide
  • More Pictures! Neater design! =D
  • In-depth coverage on how to 1v1 each champ!
  • More situational items
  • Thoughts and Ideas from YOU!!!!

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I really love Wukong as a champion and as an awesome Monkey Journey to the West! I hope this guide helps you get a handle on him or at least gives you some new ideas on how to use him! I have a lot of fun with this champ and if you haven't tried him yet, I suggest you do!
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