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Super Gank

Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok here is my first shot as a build for LeBlanc.

Summoner Spells:
Flash or Teleport: You already have a skill that is sort of like flash and if you mimic it, you can double it up for an escape. So in my mind you might want to consider teleport to assist in ganking.

Heal: I felt that early game you feel better about being a squishy nuke knowing that you have a handy heal to pop when you need it. Also if you are turret diving for a gank this will help avoid a humiliation after your kill.

Runes: I am not max level yet so this is an asumption for me. Through your gear, masteries, you will have a good mana regeneration durring the game, so having a lot of cool down reduction will help you gank even more! Magic penetration is a must, as that is the core of your damage output and huge tanks are now squishy too!

Masteries: The utility line is chok-full of great extra add ons for this type of character. Feel free to tweak it out, but the cool down reductions and the mana regen are going to be a huge plus for you.

Skill selection:
Sigil of Silence: This is your primary lead in to your combo. This will do direct damage, and if your target is struck again by another skill within 3.5 seconds will do additional damage.
Distortion: A flash area of effect DD, that comes with the option to bounce out of melee. Great to set off your S.S.
Chains: Like Sigil of Silence, this spell is a directional shot to latch on to your target. Note this can be dodged easily, so practice your aim! (This will latch to minions too, so wait for an opening). Great to snag runners. If your target doesn't break the chain it will do a second amount of damage at its end.
Mimic: Exactly what you think it is. It recasts your last used spell with enhanced damage.
Game Play:

Early Game:
Stay in your lane, and go for last hits. At level 1 you will likely not kill any one. Once you get to level 2 and take your Distortion, you can take advantage of over zealous players.

Mid Game: By level 6 you should be full set with all your skills. Now the fun begins.
Best to gank from a flank or from behind an enemy. See combo's for your options.

Late Game: Keep ganking until your team makes a push into enemy base.

Combos: LeBlanc is heavily reliant on being able to chain attacks together, which all revolves around when and how you use Sigil of Silence.

Sigil, Distortion, Chain:
(This basic combo will scare the daylights out of most of your enemies as they see nearly 65% of the health fade away instantly)
By leading with Sigil you do direct damage, you use distortion to blink to them, alot of their health fades away, their first instinct is to run, use chains to slow them down. At this point you will likely be able to wrap things up with another sigil.

Sigil, Distortion, Distortion(Mimic):
Not every person runs. (Maybe they don't like dieing tired.) This will nuke, and double nuke again. They might begin to run a little bit, so you use mimic to catch up with another aoe nuke. At this point if you need, you can finish them with sigil or use the chains.

Versus a skill dependant foe:
Sigil, Sigil(Mimic), Distortion/Chains:
You can potentially silience an enemy for 5 seconds with this combo. The second sigil sets off the first, and count to 1, then pop chains/distortion and you keep the silence going.... That'll shut'em up.

I am sure there are more combos that are just as nasty to use. So be creative!

I tend to focus on a lot of AP to just blast away at my opponents, you can change it up a bit as you need to. I definately suggest taking Meja's early as you will be ganking most of the game and become unstoppable. Rylaj's staff will be useful to slow down the pesky runners as well.

Feel free to tweak as you'd like!

+1 if you like it, -1 only if you tested it and it let you down.

Thanks all!