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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoatMafioso


GoatMafioso Last updated on December 11, 2009
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The basic idea is to take the strong physical dps characters who are generally stopped by massive CC before they can get going in a team fight, give them support and a strong initiator than stack cleanse so they can't be stopped.

You'll notice that trynd and yi's rune builds are not listed. You can put any physical dps rune build in there that you personally like. I tend to do HP Quints, HP per18 seals/ Magic Resist per 18 Glyphs / Armor Pen Marks.

The best way to really setup the lanes are to have sivir solo mid, to quickly get her ulti so you can begin team fights as soon as possible. You'll also want to have one of your strong junglers (either of the physical dps or malphite) to hit the jungle as soon as the players are comfortable with.

Once you have your lanes setup want to actually play rather defensive. Get your last hits, farm up and don't give the enemy team free money. Let your jungle coordinate ganks as often as they possibly can to get atleast one of your physical carries farmed. Once everyone has hit 6, feel free to play this like a pushing team (it really is inately because of taric and sivir).

This is where the team comp shines. When you 5 man push a lane you'll get one of two responses. A 5 man defense or a split push from the enemy. This team can handle either, though you would prefer the 5-man defense. You want to start pushing the tower to purposefully get them to initiate on you. Once you've been initiated on you're in your best position because, generally, they will blow stuns at the beginning and you can cleanse out, ult them back, and rip through their lines. Push the tower and continue the team push/gank tactic.


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