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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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supersaiyan heimer

Last updated on July 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First off.. this is my first build, so bear with me. After researching Heimer extensively and reviewing a multitude of different builds, along with testing/playing Heimer. I find this build to work the best.

Ok.. so.. summed up this is designed to make you an extreme pusher/defender VERY quickly in a 5v5 game. I find keeping constant pressure on the opposite team allows you and your team to always have an advantage. Being able to solo stop an entire team from taking your tower is always beneficial. This build does NOT make Heimer an OP killing machine. HOWEVER, it will allow you to constantly have mana and spam all your skills early enough to keep opponents away and push like a madman.


I have chosen teleport first off of course for versatility.

Now Flash.. i choose flash over clarity, and ignite (which i find to be the only real abilities worth having on heimer) for survibility more than anything else. Flashing into or past your towers will save you 9/10 times and significantly raise your dmg output. HOW? well, most characters who use a snare, stun, etc, on you, will chase in most cases. Flashing into/past your towers will ensure the opponent to take dmg as they chase. Using your ulti at this point with a well placed stun will land massive dmg and a possible kill and stop any further push.

Clarity is great, however unnecessary. with the amount of mana your going to generate mid game, even with the 40% cooldown you will have early mid game, you wont need clarity. IF you find yourself out of mana, teleport back.

Ignite. I see alot of Heimer players with Ignite.. Ignite is great if you need kills. Unfortunately Heimer should be constantly pushing, not chasing kills, EVER.


9/21 the 3% cooldown and 15% magic pen from the offensive tree is the bees knees, and of course the utility tree, mana regen, 6% cooldown, exp gain, tele, flash. awesome.


Since we are striving for cooldown and mana regen in game, I like to buff the ap a bit with runes. Also Heimer generally levels quickly, so were gonna take the ability quints /18. Magic pen stacks well with the 15% from masteries, so we will take 9 for the reds. Yellow seems more like a utility section in your runes, so i find the extra mana regen to the most beneficial, especially early game.
TO THE BLUE --- i take 7 ability, and 2 cooldown, to give me 1 % cooldown. This stacked with the 9% from your mastery tree will give you 10%. Stacked with the fiendish codex and the glacial shield, two fairly cheap items will give you your 40% cooldown.


Strive for the mana cup asap. (forgot the name off the top of my head) I usually find myself porting home to grab it at 500 gold and porting back to my lane. After that grab your first boots and go straight for the fiendish codex. At this point you have 20% cooldown and very decent mana regen. Once you work up 1600 head back for your glacial shield to provide you with 40% cooldown. The mana and armor are also very nice and allow you stay in the field for longer periods of time.
At this point, you wont need to back very often. Once you do end up heading back, finish your boots, grab the tear of the goddess and possibly start on your scepter of slowing people.. using skills.. of sorts (again.. forgot the name, hopefully you get the idea)

As you see i didnt finish the tear into archangels, the fiendish codex into the sword or deathfire grasp, no did i finish the glacial shield. The idea behind this build is to get these core items ASAP. Allowing to overpower most enemies and keep them at bay before they are able to get any significant items. Of course.. when end game roles around, finish your items.. i would start with archangels, finish your shield.. and go either direction with fiendish codex, neither is balanced for heimer. YES, deathfire grasp's active ability is kindve cool. Too bad you have to be close to an opponent just to drop a fraction of their health. Let the ignite Heimers deal with that waste of time..


Well, everyone has different playing styles.. Im not going to word for word explain how to play him. More or less the best advice i can give, would be not to chase opponents. Just be that heimer in lane who never leaves, constantly is blowing stuns, missiles, and keeping turrets up at all costs. Eventually, and early your opponents should not be able to get near you, or your turrets without getting stunned or barraged by rockets. IF you see a lane getting smashed, dont be afraid to switch, or tele over and defend.