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Lulu Build Guide by Guest

Support Support/AP Lulu

By Guest | Updated on December 6, 2012

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Hey guys, this is my first guide on one of my favorite champions.
This guide will help you play her effectily, as well as what can counter her. Lulu Can be played in many ways such as flat ap, ad, or support. But I find Support/AP to be most effective.
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Pros 1.) Lulu can silence there carry's during team fights to make then not capable to fight. 2.) Lulu's Ultimate has great CC and can save your carries, thus changing team fights. 3.) Lulu can be played with options, what I mean by this is that you can use her W, and E on either and ally, or an enemy depending on what you think is best.

Cons 1.) Lulu is very squishy early, so play safe! 2.) CC can shut you down extreamly well. 3.) Not very reliable late game.
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These Items seem to work pretty well when I use them, you can switch some items around if you want to go more support like blackfire torch. If you are getting shut down by that CC you can always go for merc treads. I find the new item Sightone a very great item to get early game so you dont have to keep spending spare cash on wards and save it for your core items. Will of the Ancients is a item i've got on lulu from the first time i've played her, this item can help you as well has your AP carries. Blackfire torch I foundn was usefull because of that extra Cd reduction, if you dont like this item you can always exchange it for items like Zeke's, or Abyssal scepter. Ah, Banner of Comand, This is a extreamly good item imo, it can help push lanes well and give that nice boost of AP.
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Passive- This passive is very useful early game. It deals significant damage to squishier targets. This also allows lulu to play ad, though I dont recommend it in ranked.

Glitterlance- This Is a Skill shot that has a good AP ratio, making her able to play AD. As her main damage spell, this is what I max first. Altough sometimes I max my E if our ADC is having troubles.

Whimsey- This is what makes lulu,lulu. This Can litteraly elimate adc's from the fight at higher levels, or even save your adc in early skirmishes. If used on a Ally it gives them bonus AP and signific movement speed boost. If used on a enemy, it polymorphs them and silenving them in the process.

Help,Pix!- This Ability is great in Combonation with your Q, it can make your Q have extreamly long range. This can also be used on a ally to sheild them for a short time.

Wild Growth- This Ability is Great in team fights and is why I picked lulu in the first place. When casted on yoruself or a ally, its nocks surrounding enemies up, and giving the target bonus HP as well as giving them a Aura that slows enemies around them. As you can maybe tell, this could change teamfights.
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Now this is where you can choose Which style you want to play lulu. You can get flat AP runes with Magic pen, Or Gp5 and HP. I choose Mana Regen glyphs for those early levels. If your mid doesnt need blue buff, ask the jungler if you can have it. I also get Magic resistance seals, so not only can you counter other supports, but also there mid lane. For marks I get CD reduction x4 and Flat health x3. And for Quints I get Flat ap, most people might want to switch around depending on your role.
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Videos on Lulu.

If you still have some questions your might want to check out, The Lulu champion spotlight, or Lulu First impressions.
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Overall, Lulu is a great champion and a very reliable support. She can shut down most Supports and can help your carry out alot. If you do decide to play lulu, Remember, CC will be a issue and well and champions who can do lots of damage in little time. I hope this guide helped you and please leave your comments below.

Thanks: Deathglink
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Lulu Guide

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Support/AP Lulu
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