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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Guest

Support Support Hiemerdinger, The Glass Cannon champion

Support Support Hiemerdinger, The Glass Cannon champion

Updated on November 19, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 5,164 Views 0 Comments
5,164 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Heimerdinger Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 19, 2016
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Howdy, Im King Kire and this is my guide to Support Heimerdinger, the Glass Cannon. This isnt a full guide to Heimerdinger, nor is it a full review to Heimerdinger support, only a specific build. Hopefully as time goes on, i can expand this list out farther and encompass more but its better to have a pen to paper then a blank sheet when all is said and done. Please comment and enjoy this weird build!
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Fountain Game

Welcome to the start of the game, the most important stone to set you up for success or a slower failure. You have several key strategies you can use to help give your team a starting edge and its important to use them.

Jungle Leash: Is your jungler starting on the bottom side buff? Its time to super charge that clear. Set 3 turrets up in the center of the buff spawn to tank any Red/Blue Buffs damage. MAKE SURE TO TELL the jungler to SAVE SMITE in case they need to LAST HIT!!! Your turrets beam attacks can surprise many unwary junglers and steal buffs easily. Once the buff golems spawn, smite it right away, give a single AA, and zoom out of there. If all goes well, the turrets should tank all the Buff's damage and your jungler should be finished with the camp in less then 10 seconds. If your jungler is excellent at judging last hits, they should even have a smite ready for the next camp. Congrats, your jungler is now way ahead of the jungle curve.

Jungle Loan: Is your jungler starting at his or her topside buff? Then its time for them to learn the beauty of charity. Set your turrets exactly like a jungle leash but now the buffs will be going to your lane. Make sure to tell your ADC to take the buff. Not only does this endear you to the ADC's to help "leash" for you,(and side with you when your jungler decides to talk about the pitfalls of communism) but it means that you now dont have to worry about the adc, since they now have a lvl 2 + Buff edge and can help you control the lane. You should both be back to lane just in time before the first melee minion dies.

Jungle Steal: Nothing like adding a little cheese to the cake, now its time to stamp on your enemies throats while boosting your friends! You do the same Jungle Leash/Loan but inside your enemies bottom side buff. This can be very dangerous and the chance to backfire jumps up greatly but if successful really raises the odds in your favor.

Solo Jungle steal: If you want to be sneaky beaky, you can solo steal an enemies buff. You need to tank for your turrets a little bit and it does take your health down low, but you can do it. just make sure not to linger in case an enemy jungler decides to do a double buff run. Creative types can sacrifice the teleport and do cheesy top lane buff shenanigans as well.

Death Bush: The most basic tactic you can do, 3 turrets set on the very edge of the enemies bottom side bush. You forgo the jungle leash and just wait in the bush for your enemies. If set correctly, enemy minions should just BARELY squeeze on by without causing your turrets to shoot the caster minions. With suprise still on your side, watch your enemies get hit by 3 beams and several turret autos, bringing there health to almost critical levels within the first few seconds of the game. If you have a friend wih CC join you, this is a guaranteed first blood.
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Early Game

So, your team should have an edge somewhere on the map, greatly setting the gears in motion for a snowball somewhere. Time to focus on the lanes. If you follow this build, you should have brought a sweeper and a control trinket. Your goal with these is to control enemy vision of your botside bush. This is where youll spend most of the match up waiting on your missles/thunderlords/spellthiefs/godfathers gift Cd's to reset. You always want to use the trinket first and if need be, the control ward next. If you can save the control ward, try to, but dont be stingy. It will be really useful to keep you safe from river ganks if and when you find yourselves pushed up. Beyond life saving to put it mildly for your yordle legs.
Make sure to set your next batch of turrets in this bush, you dont want the lane control to pass this bush before level 5, otherwise its gonna be a much harder lane.

Now youve reached level 2; your powerspike. You now have death missles. I cant not state it enough that you really need to make almost every missle attack count. You dont have much mana to spare, and over the 5ish minutes before your first TP back, you'll only be able to launch about 6-8 vollys before your fully oom. Make sure to wait on those spellthiefs and thunderlord charges. You really need to send the point home to your enemies that this is a kill lane and they should not **** with you. Landing a charged missle volly will do about third to more than half an enemies health bar in one shot at level 2. This is some serious firepower.

Level 3: You should have a strong hold on the lane. Instead of upgrading grenades, upgrade missles. Your charged missles should now be doing 50 to 80% of an enemies health bar on average. This is the real danger point where you can nuke an enemy. This is also the time when your lane is pushed up, and also the time where the jungler delivers their first gank of the day. You need to keep your head on a swivel and always be ready to fall back if you even sense the slightest hint of danger. Although kills are great before your first back, your most important objective is to NOT DIE before your first teleport back. Dont be greedy. The most important idea is to remember that the lane is in your favor as long as you dont die during this critical moment. ITS VERY VERY EASY for the enemy to dumpster your lane as a hiemer support if YOU die. Living is a MUCH greater reward than death as your real powerspike comes during levels 5-6. Make sure to remember your cooldowns and not go hard.

Levels 4-6: The moment you get a chance, as soon as you gather about 500-625 gold, use that teleport to back. Ping your ADC that your backing off. Ping your teleport, your gold, your base. Everything to tell your ADC to WAIT JUST 12 SECONDS. Go back to base, pick up your frostfang, a control ward, and a potion. Teleport back. You now have a very large powerspike over your opponents scince they shouldnt be able to back. Full mana, Full health, Item/vision advantage. This sets your lane completely in your favor. Your teleport spell has finally paid off. Keep watching for Jungle ganks and dont get greedy. your powerful but your still very vulnerable if you mess up. If you play your cards right, you should be able to kill an opponent or two, and now you have the snowball rolling. Make sure to look for dragon grabs, or sneaking into the enemy jungle to steal camps if no-ones in lane. By the time you get your frostfang, you should be set to grab the first tower of the match.
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Mid-late Game

Congrats, your on the midgame, this is where any planning falls out and its onto the intuition of a player. Your next buy should be some boots, you'll need to speed to keep you alive. I personally prefer sorc boots since magic resistance should be low around this time, allowing you to really nail home the poke. After that you should buy an aether whisp to give yourself some more damage and speed. Alright, now the choice of more damage or utility. You can buy a sightstone or you can lock up a nice jungle item. Make sure to keep focus on those objectives, heimerdinger is an objectives champ first and thats where he shines the brightest. You need at least one inhib to seal the game in your favor. Once you get your jungle item and sight stone, you can buy that big rylais and really boost your utility and lifespan. Finish it off with a zzrot portal to gain some extra speed, defense, and pressure. With all that done, your finished with your build well ahead of schedule.
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Final Thoughts

So now you know the basics of playing a Heimer support, the glass cannon. Its not much, but its got its merits. I cant say for certain if this is a strong build or not, but its definitely worth a fun run and will throw people for a loop as they go against the unexpected. I personally have played a record 1.3ish million points of Heimerdinger, and probably an extra several hundred thousand off the record. I've ran all sorts of combinations over the past two years (plenty good, plenty bad) and its always a pleasure finding some quirky solution to every meta with a single variable unchanged. Its not for everyone but for those with a weird obsession for embracing the very definition of science, give it a whirl. To quote this wonderful weird wizard of tech, "Dont Worry! You can learn so much from failure!"
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Pros / Cons

+ Flex Pick = Heimerdinger is known for his strong top and mid lane games. Choosing him in an early pick can easily hide your teams choices and confuse the opposing teams.
+ Tempo based champion: Heimerdinger is a champion that when set up in place is worth two champs at minimum. If he gets a finger ahead of the average enemies teams level he can easily distort the match in his favor, snowballing objective after objective.
+ Global Taunt: Heimerdinger is second only to Teemo in drawing people into trying to kill him. Seeing you without any true combat summoners only makes everyone want to kill you more. Its amazing to see people waste an insane amount of resources to try and put you into the grave but they will.

- Tempo based champion: Heimerdinger counts on being equal to or near an enemy teams average level. If heimerdinger fails to catch that tempo, his damage (therefore his utility) will easily set him into tailspin of worthlessness that he cant recover from till the very end of a match.
- Team Multiplier: Heimerdinger has a hard time carrying games. He can speed a team to a quick victory or slow down a defeat but he has a hard time affecting the flow of a game once its set.
- Tilting: Its really really easy to accidentally tilt your team off the face off the planet. A few mistakes and people will pin you as the culprit, whether or not you deserve it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Heimerdinger Guide
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Support Hiemerdinger, The Glass Cannon champion

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