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Support Lee Sin

Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Use support lee sin to punish common stuff like sona, soraka, taric, every other support that's not lee sin.
Lane with people with dashes and good easy to hit dps, like Graves/Corki. Constant easy to apply damage is the name of the game.

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Skill Sequence

Generally, R > Q > W > E. Easiest mix of kill potential and survivability. QWE 1st 3 levels

Against other melee supports with stuns prioritize E and take either Q or W after depending on how engagements are going (W if hard to win Q if easy to win and want more kills). The better E is necessary to prevent you from dying in the stun while not sacrificing too much damage like prioritizing W would be.

Only prioritize W if you're a coward.

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Summoner Spells

Heal Ignite just for best early game in existence. No need for flash, ward dragon and tribush so you have warning if you're being ganked and safeguard away.

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Basically, this build is for loads of early armor and attack damage for early game dominance and lots of lifesteal and armor for being unkillable if you're attacking anybody in melee range making you an ideal peeler. An earlier phage is nice if your cripple just isn't cutting it and you should probably get Last Whisper at some point, maybe even skip the Aegis. Very MR light is the weakness but no AP is going to focus you and incidental AoE damage is very easy to deal with if you have lifesteal and summoner Heal.

Start cloth 1 ward and rest pots if you're taking doubles and cloth 2 ward wait in base for 1 pot if not

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The entire point of playing support Lee Sin.

Early on, just Q over and over. If you hit a champion, engage them and wear them down. You might get a few kills this way if the enemy is really dumb, but most of the time this is just set-up.

Once you have level 2 and Q and W it's possible to go aggressive
Once you have level 3 and all three kills are really easy

Do this:
Safeguard to whichever friendly unit is nearest to enemies. Tempest them, Q them, your AD dashes in, dead.

Buy Wriggle's and Tabi, take every dragon, tower dive with 150 armor and Dragon's Rage, gg.

If the jungler comes, just kill him.

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Team Work

Safeguard onto your AD, cripple any tanky DPS running for him and kick away any AP trying to assassinate him. Triple Wriggle's, Tabi, Tempest, and Safeguard means you're immune to every tanky DPS and probably every melee AP so don't be scared, just chain slow them and kill them with your AD.

Unless you're really fed, at which point you just dive the enemy team and kill everybody.

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Pros / Cons

PROS: You can kill everything bot lane while still having a farmed AD carry
CONS: Have to always engage in melee, very dangerous if they have a very strong duelist jungler that has good movespeed.

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Generally, you want your AD to get the farm. You get the kills with your Q.

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Ranked Play

very hard to get your team to let you do this.
play this in every ranked 5s game though