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Survivor Karthus

Last updated on December 23, 2012
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Karthus: Survivor or Suicide?

Karthus: Survivor or Suicide?

When you pick Karthus at champ select, there is a big question you must ask yourself. Do I go survivor Karthus, or Suicide Karthus? Suicide Karthus, is when you build ROA, but when you get in-game, people in the Skype call cry about it so you have to build Archangels and go Survivor Karthus. But it's ok, Survivor Karthus is more superior.

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Survivor Karthus: What is it?


- Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un

Survivor Karthus has been analyzed by professional AP mid players, such as TSM's Reginald, CLG.EU's Froggen, WE's Misaya, AZB's Ambition, CLG.NA's Bigfatlp, CRS' Nyjacky, and all have concluded that there is no counter to Survivor Karthus.

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Survivor Karthus: Build & Masteries

Summoners + Build

For the build, you need Tear Of The Goddess for mana stacks. Use your skills RARELY, to get the least stacks possible.

Negatron Cloak is only once you have fed enough kills for your opponent to snowball and eventually be able to 2 shot you. Another way to counter that is to build the Hextech Revolver for sustain.

Rabadons is obviously to do damage with your ult you never use.

Get Flash to escape ganks, but who needs to escape? Go balls deep and try to get the kill on your lane opponent who is low, while the jungler kills you.

Exhaust is to counter your opponents burst once they have snowballed out of control. I think.

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Survivor Karthus: Early/Mid Game

Early/Mid Game

Survivor Karthus is a very intricate and complex strat. You must feed your mid lane oppenent kills, meanwhile farming next to nothing while they roam all mid game, getting kills and snowballing, all while ahead in farm. The magic of this strat is that you sit back and do nothing in lane while your opponent roams, letting them do as they please. Make sure to not push mid tower down while your opponent is roaming, nor follow them to counter gank.

When your lane opponent shows up at other lanes, make sure to say '_______ IS COMING'. Only ult when your lane opponent kills, and make sure to say 'rage ult' as you ult. It unlocks the hidden passive making it do 0 more damage. When you get given 2 successful ganks, make sure to do nothing with your advantage and let your lane opponent get ahead and snowball, eventually 2 shotting you. Only then can you start building defence, thus the negatron cloak. Build a hextech revolver for massive sustain to survive your opponents burst.

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Survivor Karthus: Surviving Late Game/Out of Laning Phase

Late Game/Out of Laning Phase

At this point of the game, while your team is trying to get ahead, you need to sit back and do NOTHING. Only ult ONCE after a trade bot lane roughly 10 seconds after the disengage.

When it comes to team fights, you need to be aware of your positioning. You need to sit back with your defile on, out of range of the enemy team. Use your Lay Waste occasionally but make sure to miss them all. After fights make sure to say 'GET CAUGHT', 'I'VE ONLY DIED ONCE SINCE LANING PHASE', etc. You get the point. Tell them how much you have contributed to the match and it's success. I cannot stress enough that your Defile needs to hit NO ONE, during the team fight. That is vital to the success of Survivor Karthus.

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Survivor Karthus: Tips from a Pro

Chicken McNuggets of Wisdom

    Be like Froggen and farm, farm, farm! I recommend a goal of about 134 farm by 35 minutes.

    Exhaust is to counter the massive damage of your lane opponent once they have snowballed. Don't use it all game.

    Don't forget to tell your team how many times you have died since laning phase and how you are doing so much to help win. Carry those baddies with the power of Survivor Karthus.

    If you get ganked and your lane opponent is full health - take the gamble. Follow them into their jungle even though they are much faster than you and there is no chance of killing them or catching up. Take as much damage as you can from minions and the jungler. It's better to distribute gold to the jungler than no one at all. An economy is in equilibrium when Injections = Leakages.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide on Survivor Karthus. I will soon upload a replay of this strat in action.

This was an MCB Guide.

If only your lane opponent was Africa, you could solve world hunger.


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