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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Swain: Dr. Mundo style

Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide made by NeonHurricane.
If any questions ask me here or contact me ingame.

Swain is a perfect hero in team fights:
· His skills allow you to attack different enemies at the same time.
· Able to paralyze and slow the enemy to catch them.
· Using your skills defensively to save your mates when running back or being focused.

Those three reasons make of Swain the main point of focus making him die really fast because him weak HP.

This guide will change your mind about him.

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Summoner Spells

Always use those spells when using this build:

· Ignite
Essential to do awesome combos. This spell will allow you to get feeded really fast.

· Ghost
Your enemies will always run back when you get into the fight, so use this spell to not let them escape.

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· Magic Penetration
Combined with Sorcerer Shoes and Archaic Knowledge will make you deal a really great damage since the beggining.

· Ability Power
Using runes increasing every level your AP. If you follow this guide, you will usually be the first to get lvl 18 (when you get your max. AP). This will suppose a big difference between you and your enemies.

· Mana Regeneration
Combined with Swain's passive you will never run out of mana until level 10. (When you MUST try to have the Blue Buff all the time.

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Using basic 9-0-21 for a mage.

9 in offensive is enough to get the +15% M. Pen. bonus, less Cooldowns and a boost of AP per champion level.

21 in utility that upgrade Ghost.
Also getting more Mana Regeneration while decreased Cooldowns in Swain's skills and Summoner Spells. Cool!
Furthermore, speed movement is increased while exp. rate also does and last but not least, +30% duration of neutral buffs will allow us to have the Blue Buff more time.

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- Updating it soon. Sorry! -

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Swain in Ranked

· Always go mid to get experience and gold fast.

· From 1 to 6 play defensively, forget your enemy and concentrate on creeping and getting gold.

· When u reach level 6 your skills should be 1-3-1-1. Now it's time to start the kill.
While playing defensive (always behind the minions), start using "W" to catch your enemy dealing some damage. ALWAYS KEEP BEHIND YOUR MINIONS!
Only using "W" will allow you to damage your enemy without the need of getting close to him. Keep using this routine until your enemy is in half HP.

· It's time to get our first kill. Try to catch him again using "W" again, if you do
run to him while using "R". Boots of Speed will allow us to catch them before immovilization effect is gone. Use Ghost if you are not sure about catching him.
Now the only you need to do is to use "E", "Q" and Ignite obtaining a combo that will make your enemy die.
Use the time of respawning to get Sorcerer Shoes and any Amplifying Tome if not enough gold to get your first Hextetch Revolver.

· Back to mid if your enemy keeps playing offensive, follow the routine (deal damage and combo), if (in most of the cases) he starts playing deffensive go to gang other lanes.
-> GANG: Hide and tell your team to let the enemy push until they are in your range. When they are in position catch them using "W" and then the basic combo we learned before ("R" -> "E" -> "Q" -> Ignite. If your team helps you you will ALWAYS kill at least one enemy.
PD: Not always is needed to use Ignite if your team helps you to kill, it's recommended to save the spell when it's a 1vs1.
-> GANG II: It's also effective to start the gang without hiding.
Use Ghost while you are using "R" and now use firstly "Q" to slow them (that will make it very easy to catch them using "W". Now finish the combo using "E" and Ignite if needed.

· When you have cleaned the lane, your mid enemy will:
1. Have pushed mid lane, thing that allows you to kill him again going from behind. Go to improve your build.
2. Be on the way to help the lane you ganged, in this case tell your mates to hide and catch him while he's crossing the river. If he went safely by any other way, forget him and go to shop.

IMPORTANT: Your priority is not to destroy mid tower. Always play defensively to make sure you won't die. Concentrate on killing!
Bot and Top lanes are who have to push after killing the enemy with your help. Being 3 you will destroy the turret really fast.

1. Destroy Top/Bot turret.
2. Destroy the other. (If Bot destoy Top, if Top destroy Bot.)
3. Mid lane has to be the last to let you farm more time!

· At lvl 9-10 start getting the Blue Buff everytime you can so you won't need to back until the buff is finished.

Late game will be updated soon. Sorry!

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· If the enemy in mid is Vladimir, go to Top/Bot. Vladimir gets healed really fast, so you won't be able to kill him with the combo and won't get feeded!

· With full build you will heal around 600+ per second so you will be almost unkilleable. (better than mundo).
That build allows you to start the fights by catching somebody or to rush them even if they are near the turret!

· Make sure the players you are going to fight with can't use Ignite, if they can you won't be able to start the fight or to rush the towers. Just wait until they use the spell on any other teammate.

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· It's the first time I see this build. Does it really work?
- I promise it does. Using this build i don't die more than 5 times per game. Furthermore nobody uses it so the enemy don't know how to react vs it!

· Your AP is poor, is it enough?
- Of course it is, furthermore you have a amazing Magic Penetration, don't forget it!

· Altough I'm using the runes you said and the Blue Buff I run out of mana very fast, what can I do?
- That happens because you use your ulti a lot of time, you have to know the exact time when you have to use it.
On the other hand if you always are out of mana, change the AP runes for more Mana Regeneration ones.