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League of Legends Build Guide Author Refreshment

Swain, Midd is Yours.

Refreshment Last updated on February 11, 2011
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Hello my name is refreshment and I play on the EU server of League of Legends.
This is my first build and the grammar might not be the best (I am trying my best)

Why do I make a guide/build on swain? I do this build since I think swain is a great champ, but there are not alot of detailed builds, so I am going to provide you with this build and hopefully this give you more 'knowledge' on how to build/play swain.

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Pros / Cons

Excellent laning ability.
Great ganking from on level 3.
CC/Snare's and has a big chance to escape 2v1 with Q / W / R.

Cannot escape very good beneath level 6.
Needs last hits.
More difficult to master compared to most champions.

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Quintessene I like to just go HP on this for the early on aggresion since you will need to take the hits you receive untill level 6 and ultimate unlocks.

For Marks Glyphs I go Insight (Magic Penetration).
I find this very usefull, since you will deal alot more damage on early levels since the most champions have around 30 magic resist you will penetrate through around 15 with runes only.

Seals is really your own opinion I like to give my AP a little boot together with my Magic Penetration, but if you would like some mana/defense you can also choose that.

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Masteries 9/0/21 Why in utility? Main reason for that is you want to simply get your combo of cooldown as quick as possible and redo it, also the BLUEis one of the most important things you need in late game for the easy kill pickup farming, and endless ultimate, After that just get the Magic Penetration in offensive, very standard masteries yet very affective.

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Summoner Spells

For this I go with Ghost And Ignite.
The main reason for this is...

Ghost: Excellent escaping manouvre or chasing, its a must have for almost every champion.
Ignite: Your damage is based on DoT's(Damage over Time) So perform a full combo (W,E,Q,R,Ignite) And the job is done.

Flash: Great spell, but not really what you need for swain.
Teleport: If you really feel like you need a quick item or die.

You dont want these
Clarity: Why not? well your passive restores mana per last hit so, its not nescery.
Exhaust: just not a spell you need simply because you have your Q
Heal: Its just not needed with your ultimate!

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Just start of with a doran's ring and a potion, and play VERY aggresive and start to perform combo's on level 3, 1 good combo takes your enemy to 50% hp or less, so second attempt use the ignite + combo and a guarentee'd kill if you do it correct.

1st back: That should be at 1100 gold, it should be around level 6 depending how the match goes buy the Sorceror's Shoes for more penetration!

2nd back: Soulstealer MUST HAVE!!: People may not like it, but it is so required on swain, once you are better with swain you will have probably a 1/2 kill ahead after that just stay with the team and Get kill/assist feeded, Just take it even if the match goes back. a feeded swain is a good ganker, and such a good team support

*After that* Just sell the doran's ring if you need the extra 200g, if not keep it till the end, for the rest just follow the build and it all should work out fine you will most likely end with around 650 AP with a little bit of soulstealer and you can tower dive so easily.

Last 2 items You can either pick the Will of the Ancient, wich in my opinion is very good combined with some 10+ Soulstealer and ultimate, you will just outheal the most incomming damage, also the Hourglass is a very nice option if you want the Use Effect And the extra IP since it stacks with Rabbadon's

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Team Work

Teamwork, its the thing that keeps swain going, if your opponent is laning aggresive, try to get 1 combo of get him to 50% hp, and let a teammate come to 2v1 him, easy kill and you have a 1/2 more soulstealer stacks!

In the midd/late-game you will be easily ganged, you dont want that 1v1 swain is easily killed by the typs such as Yi/Trynda but 5v5 the game is 51% in the hands on swain with nice CC and Slows you can make the difference, so dont solo it and lose your stacks!

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Alright, this is my first build I really tried to help you all, You can leave comments what I should still add to my guide improve's...
What did you like?
What didnt you like, I can and will edit this build, but for that I need your help.
What other subjects would you like?

Thanx to all my friends
And Special Thanks to xYautjax Marcus Fahlen And Abbysal Omen for the great support and friendship

STAY TUNED: As you will comment and help me improve, I will edit my build mabye you will enjoy it more and I might make other builds if this one works out good!

- Refreshment EU.