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Swain, the Solo top crowmaster.

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basic introduction

Swain top is a highly underplayed/underestimated meta. Heck, a few games before I made this people trolled me to death, telling me how bad I was for picking it etc. They shut up when they saw i could 1v4 the enemy team and get away with a kill. This guide is specifically for solo top swain, with a bit of tanky damage. Get into the middle of the teamfight, press r, and melt them. I feel like its one of the most fun things to do in the game, especially since people underestimate you so much.

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Pros of top swain:
-Great sustain, can't move you out of lane if you're good at csing.
-Amazing harass, can get an enemy to half health with one rotation
-Can escape from ganks VERY well. his W and Q are so crazy when used correctly.
-Can come back from a death early because of his ability to farm.

-If they have a pokey champion, and you're not level 6, you're gonna have a bad time
-If you aren't able to use his rotation right, you can easily get killed. timing is everything.
-People tend to think they are god with his ult. Remember: if you spam your ult without csing ALOT, you are oom faster than wukong goes after soraka's banana...
-His W isn't easy to hit... beware.

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I choose this item build for 2 reasons:
Lane sustain, and tankiness.
With this build, you SHOULD be able to jump into a fight, get a kill or two, and get out with a bit more than half health, provided the enemy isnt horridly fed and you dont get focused like Zyra to the St. louis botanical garden. Note: I capitalize should. This means IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK, AS DOES EVERYTHING IN LEAGUE. Dont build this and expect to 1v4 the enemy team your first time. You gotta time things, be able to kite, etc. I just got lucky.

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Swain is very synergizable (<-- word?) with his team. He can fit into a HUGE variety of team comps due to his skillset. He can be played as an ap carry, offtank, TANK, and just some dude that stand in the back pressing R (another karthus?) haha. His skillset allows him to be able to chase effectively, and catching enemies and punishing them harshly. If you see your team mid in a skirmish, you can also split push very well with your ult, clearing minion waves in seconds. In a teamfight, you can W the carry, E Q him, and then press r and run by the whole team. That usually melts them enough for your team to swoop in and (ks) everything. :)

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I wanted this to be a quick guide to share with my fellow swain lovers. Please hit a thumbs up if possible, I really thought this guide through. I know it's not as fancy as others, it's short and sweet and to the point. GG summoners, until we meet again.