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League of Legends Build Guide Author ivans

Sweet scent of Death

ivans Last updated on March 17, 2011
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-When i first saw him, I was a bit confused but i decided to try him out anyway. I was going on random build and got 29:7 in first party!!! I must say, this guy is incredible..2 quadra kills!!
-But, he isn't as perfect as he looks. This hero is meant for chasing and killing one opponent at time. His only AoE is his passive which hits enemies even behind him! And let me tell you something about his is evil as it sounds! Range is quite big (on lvl 3 is across half a map - 4000m)

Important notice:


-For runes i chose what is essential for him -> atk speed, armor pen, CD reduction and some HP on the way. There is not much of an argue there. You need some balance for survival.


- At first, i took ghost and exhaust and then realised that when i get myself in a pinch, i can't as easy run away. For example, Javin get's me in his ult and i am low on is really hard to get away from that, or Nunu's ult can be very bad fot you.
- Exhaust is great thing for him because ENEMY WILL NEVER RUN FROM YOU!!!! With your first ability your killing machine. And you can also use flash if enemy is too far for you.
- You can also use Ignite if your having trouble dealing with Life Steal opponents or just Mundo. It can be great thing also combining with your ult, if you don't finish him of...some flame will for sure.

Item Build:

- It's quite simple, you want to dominate on lane,right? That's why we make brutalizer. Let's do some math, shall we? With runes, masteries and brutalizer you do about 30 or more armor pen!!! And almost every champ is starting with that number. Which means you do clean dmg!!! BUT, that's not all. When you cast your first spell, you do extra dmg. And at beggining you do 120 pure dmg!!! Isn't that just great...OFC, and don't forget his insane atk speed with that.
- I chose black cleaver because i want to be sure that I AM threat to every hero i fight against, lowering his armor and even more atk you see where i get with that.
- I like making Frozen Mallet because you get HP, some dmg and SLOW!!! For assassin, slowing enemy means a lot! Take it
- I take some life steal because you DO need it!
- Rest of the items is just as you thing fits more, sometimes there are some hard to kill enemies, so you need to be as one to, then make some armor. Expecially if you are against Xin or some insane champ as that.

Hints and Cheats:

- You are incredible hero, so tactics are in order. First off, when charging your opponent, make sure your near some of you fellas if 2vs2, you can be easy be overrun. Next thing is, when your running away,use your first skill in front of you, don't make stupid mistake and throw it back, you won't do anything by that. Don't save your third skill, cast it whenever you can, it is rly rly great stuff! While lanning, be at some points easy target for spell so you can get atk speed boost, and enemy loss of mana.
- Don't waste your ult just on 5m distances, dude, you can travel across whole map!!! Use it wise, but don't be hasty because you can always come to tea party with whole team, yeah, you just saw one, right?


- I did saw other guides, and this one is quite unique. Didn't chose jungling part because you can surely do a lot of thing on lane. Items are for your survival as insane dmg! Yup, you get extra 60 dmg on trail. I think they'll nerf that soon :(

Anyway, if you decide to play him, pls do so! This guy is dream for those who prefer assassins!