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Swift Death

Last updated on July 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So Ive tried alot of builts and ive been reading a few myself i like some but none Seem to use the combo that ive been going lately So i decided to post my own

First Off this Built Is more of a Carry/pusher built. Your Gonna Lack in Health And Armor but What u miss in that you wil make up in speed in dodge. Im gonna Lay out a few things in reguards to how you should match up and what ive notice the best way to play with this built.

How you match up and what to expect
Casters:Against casters if u hit them first they dont have a chance. Between your speed and disable effects they wont have many ways to get away and/or put out enough damage to kill you. The Best way for a Caster To deal with you is to avoid you. Use that too your advantage and pick them off. However If your playing Agaisnt a caster who can slow or trap you be on guard cause these are the type of caster who can cause a problem. Being this built is built more towards dodge and not Health you wont be as tanky as other Xin's

Range dps: Surprisingly you approach range dps the same way you deal with casters how ever, certian skills ( Like blinding Shot) Can really put the ball in there court make sure to pay attention to what exactly there doing. There isnt any shame when( and If) Nimbleness procs to speed Away with that or ghost if your losing a battle

Tanks: These will by Far be your toughest match up but This is when BLood RAzor and your Ulti IS your friend. NO mather how much life there STacking REmemeber your ulti is based on there health.

Option With built: Ghost Vs Flash- I personally Like GHost being It does last longer and when and if your are running thru mobs nimbleness could proc. Dont Get me wrong FLash is Great in most situations but for getting in or gettign out i prefer ghost

Why Exhaust= With cleanse NOt being as good and ignite only beign nuts early game. Exhaust seem like a great option. Beside the fact that it slows someone trying to run away its like teemo's Blind ( but not as good) WHere they have a chance to miss so if you are going up against a melle who u are fighting 1v1 it could be the difference

Play Style: THe thing you need to think of in this built is Ninja your gonna wanan be on the offensive and get in too attack quickly and Fast. But your not gonna wanna stay in long to take lost of Damage.

Item Built:So Each Item In the built is set up to work Well WIth the other items. Phatom dancer and Ninja Hatabi Work to help your dodge Rating along with your Rune Tree Built. BLoodRazor Is to help your ulti and is good in most situations. If you notice your going agianst a higher caster Team you may wanna consider Wit's End And Agaisnt A heavy Melle mostly Armor stacking Team you may wanna consider Sword of the Devine. The Reason The B.F Sword is just Sitting there and not into an actual item is for 2 reasons. 1) Games Usally Dont go that long 2) Any Item you build that has a B.f Sword as its build will be good Pick something that goes with your play style. And Last but not least an Activated Ghost blade Will pick off not only towers But Destroy in Team BAttles. And Rageblade is For tower Pushing and overkill at that point. How Ever if you Feel you need more surivabilty i would suggest a second phatom dancer. If damage B.f sword w/e.

I Do Not claim To Be the best player in the world how ever i do feel as ive played long enough to help those just starting playing and those looking for a few idea's. By All means i welcome your commments and constructive comments But Don't Be a Douche