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Syndra Y u no attack?

Last updated on September 15, 2012
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So I just finished mid term exams and I start my league of legends and see that Syndra is finally out. So I buy her hot off the oven and start playing her with my usual ap carry build... it didn't work. So I try following what the campion spotlight said... that didn't work either. So I try a few custom games and this is what I've come with... for now.

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Well the runes are pretty straight forward we go for greater Marks of insight for the magic penetration. Next we go for our magic defense, that's what you usually face in mid, so we get some greater glyph of shielding runes. The quintessence choice is easy just go for the ability power in Quintessences of Potency. The hard part is choosing your Seals... we could go for hp, wich has given me the best results so far but only if you get some early kills, or we could do mana regen seals, this work pretty well but later in the game become pretty much obsolete, or armor seals wich are kind of useless since you should rarely be at attack range.

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21 offense and 9 utility, it is that simple. Now in offense you just go for the caster tree. In utility you get the extra mana and mana regen for starts, next I went for 2 points in swiftness for movement speed, I fell they are a must since Syndra is highly dependable on her mobility. Other viable points in utility could be improved recall and runic affinity. But they aren't my favorite for Syndra.

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Here is the tricky part, the items. Boots and pots are a good start since like I said previously you need a lot of mobility. You ccan feel free of changing a health for a mana pot. The other possible start could be Doran's Ring, the problem with it is that it builds up to nothing, so I try to avoid it. Next we build something for our mana regen, Tear of the Godess serves our purpose and builds up to something cool, not to mention that extra mana really comes in handy. Next we need ability power, so we are going to build a Rabadon's Deathcap by starting with the Needlesly Large Rod. For our boot choice we get Ionian boots for the cooldown reduction. After this we finish our deathcap and we build our Tear into an Archangel's Staff. The staff will give us a lot of mana and magic regen, wich we will be specially needing as Syndra since we will be spamming orbs as much as we can. Next we go for health sustain, so spell vamp seems like an obvious choice going for hextech wich we will later build up into a Will of the Ancients, but the revolver will do for now. Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give us a lot of survaivability and a slow integrated to our spells, the later serves greatly for following enemy champions or escaping from them wic is crucial for Syndra. Finally we go for our secondary damage item: Lich Bane. This item will greatly increase your damage output, since Syndra has quite a nice attack range and the Dark Sphere has less than 4 seconds cooldown, so we will be spamming the Lich buff constantly really hurting the enemy champions. We finish our build with a Will of the ancients for extra spell vamp and team support.

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Skill Sequence

Go for Dark Sphere first, since it will be our primary damage tool. Next go for one point in force of will and scatter the weak, any order will do. After this we go for maxing the Dark Sphere, of course getting a point on unleashed power every time we can, since our passive as Syndra will give us a whooping 15% extra damage for our spheres when maxed. I would suggest getting Scatter the weak soon, first because if we knock a sphere into someone he gets stunned, second because it can be used as an escape tool to push champions and minions away from you, so it works great for defense and offense, We max Scatter the Weak last since its a utility spell more than anything. That leaves Force of Will in the second maxing spot, being primarily a utility spell, but it gives more damage than force of will, and we can always just get the last minion tanking our tower so that the tower attacks the enemy champion, not to mention we can throw the minion at him damaging and slowing him in the process, not bad.

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Summoner Spells

I will enphasise again the need for mobility Syndra needs by choosing ghost and flash. we will need them to escape tough situations and when you need to close gaps, either of them should happen quite a lot. Other options could be ignite, or maybe a heal, the first for those kills that manage to escape, it could also be useful for champions such as vilibear and mundo with built-in healings. Heal can be useful for the team and sometimes can be critical for an escape, but its not that versatile.

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Well that sums it up for now, feel free to comment I will try reading as much as possible. I will also try optimizing the build after a few more days playing, in the mean time have some ggs.