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League of Legends Build Guide Author Windspin

Tactics: Ashe

Windspin Last updated on October 10, 2010
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Welcome to my Tactics: Ashe guide, breh! *straightens tie* I don't pretend to know much about "bbcode" but I trust you will find this guide both insightful and to-the-point on some advanced tactics that can help players on all skill levels. The tactics and tips reflect all builds but it is a given that you have high damage and low survivability. This is about Ashe being explosive and I will very simply just explain each part of the build, while interjecting higher ideas in Italics. I hope this to be short and brimming with NEW information. I intentionally skip over certain "run of the mill" Ashe tips to get to stuff that's less known.

1) Summoner Spells: Cleanse and Ghost. Subsitutes for Cleanse: Flash, Tele, Exhaust. Do not replace Ghost.

Ghost for tower diving.
You are middle and a ranged enemy has 40% hp, you feign attacks by using volley to last hit 2-3 minions for a wave or two - hiding the fact that you're stacking your passive like secret squirrel. You arrow from a distance and ghost at him like a bat out of hell. First attack is a frosty 100% crit in the face, slowing their movement after the stun, followed by a volley slow. Ghost allows you to chase them into their tower range and finish the job with the movement speed to get out alive.

Ghost for liability.
Ashe and three allies are being chased because that noob Twitch got oracle-pwned before the teamfight even began. Why does a giant mouse have a crossbow anyway? This build has Ashe at 370 movement speed. You cannot be caught offguard trying to outstrip a Yi or Tryn without your ghost. You don't want to be the reason your team slows down or tries to help you escape, just to end up getting aced. Also, you're likely to be the best defense once their team hits clashes with your inner towers late game.

Ghost for moving from middle to top or bottom faster than one would take to call MIA on you.

Ghost for chasing, of course.

Ghost for delivering pizza.

Cleanse is amazing again for all the same reasons. Tower diving and being explosive as Ashe is all very well, but Cleanse is the blanket of security you need not to be taken by surprise and still be hyper aggressive. Also you don't want to be CC'd, you will be a bulk of your teams damage and they are depending on you to kill, not to be stunned and/or afraid to run in for fear of being stunned. Cleanse, on this fragile build, is crucial.

2) Runes:

For runes we will look at Armor Pen and Mana Regen.

Armor Pen is good for:
    More damage on 100% passive crits. 35 armor pen at level 1.
    More damage, meaning more lifesteal from Doran's Blade. (more on this later)

Mana Regen is good for:

Spam spam spam eggs cheese sausage and spam your way to over-harass, over-minion farm and over-exceed expectspamtions. If you play a bit more reserved, you can replace either the Seals or Glyphs with something else, or Quints with Health. I find Doran's Blade (120hp) + Quits of Health (97hp) to be a very respectable amount of level 1 hp for those that wish to take such a route as I have in the past.

I would implore players to use AT MINIMUM: 9 Marks of Desolation and 9 Glyph//Seal of Clarity. Glyphs of Magic resist could be used to your advantage too.

3) Masteries:

As shown, we forfeit a tiny bit of cooldown for some more early damage to minions. That 4 damage, plus your 35 armor pen, plus 6 damage from doran's blade and other offensive mastery talents will make last hitting very easy, allowing you to focus more on other things around you - like harassing your opponent.

Sometimes you want to let mobs dribble themselves down before you last hit, and also keep an eye on your allied minions HP too. When you see one dropping low, and see that an opponent make forward to auto attack it, that is your chance to strike. They make a tiny commitment to move forward and last hit that minion, and when they do this you can bet the farm with 90% certainty that it's safe to put an arrow in their face for every minion they try to last hit. This will lower their HP and eventually push them back into their towers range. I know many guides tell you to hover and last hit only with Ashe, but letting their tower last hit all their minions will destroy their carries gold income. You can do this safely by dropping a ward in one side of your bushes, and favoring that side. If you like carried away with denying, as I do, I will even ult then sometimes just to keep them from clearing a creep wave that has reached their towers range. Most opposing teams with outwardly LOL at you until they see you with 97 minion kills while your opponent has 14.

Now we're going with magic resist and minor hp regen. I like the hp regen because it stacks with doran's blade to give you just a tad more hp regen via lifesteal, which is turn stacks with your 35 armor pen from runes and masteries. This, with a health potion or 2, will serve you wonderfully. Pushing your own minions into their tower to deny also allows you to attack mobs freely with your lifesteal, not just tap last hits. Always auto attack something for hp if you need it. You can work down 1 mob while your minions work down another, and volley to finish them both off in an artistic way that might hit your opponent too. Remember you have 7 arrows flying outta that thing at extreme range.

Finally we get to the two measly points in Utility. I love the ghost buff and if you look closely the first point of preservation gives you 2%, while the 2nd and 3rd only show 1% each. So you get double the bang for your buck sticking a single point there, adding to your other meager hp regen methods. But when it stacks up together it becomes a beautiful machine =].

***Masterlist of Regeneration: Riding out at level 1
    Clarity Runes will make your Mana Pool a non-issue.
    Lifesteal from Doran's Blade, stacks w/ 10+ damage from masteries and ap runes to give even more.
    2% regen in Preservation
    3/3 Strength of Spirit
    Initial Health Potion

4) Items:

You're gonna start with Doran's Blade and a Health Pot.
Staying as long as you can is great but its not a bad idea when you hit like 1350g just to ult your opponent with some heavy harass and go shop. Your ult should be ready soon after you arrive with your new pickaxe and bewtz of speed and you can use them to ult, 100% crit, volley ghost and kill that sucker if he has low enough hp. This isn't always the case but pickaxe and boots are my perfect one stop shop. Pickaxe also adds to your 4% lifesteal.

Next you'll finish your Boots and Infinite edge. I like Sword of the Occult next because I don't die often as Ashe these days. This will give you increasing damage while you get a vampiric scepter and go have fun with farming your opponent and mobs until you get a Bloodthirster. Feel free to get Vampiric Scepter earlier if you think it will help sooner than later.

Once you are at this point you need only look at attack speed and defensive items, since you have "stacks" with occult and Bloodthirster you really won't want to die. And in fact if you are new with Ashe I would omit Occult completely until you deem yourself ready. Use your brain for any items after this, or even before Bloodthirster. Get what you need to stay alive or go all out and get a 2nd Bloodthirster, once they are both stacked to the top your attacks will crit for 1200 or so. I've seen my entire hp bar go from 100 to full in two attacks at this point in the build. Perfect for refilling hp during pre-mayhem harassment.

I understand there's a lack of attack speed in this build but Ashe really just doesn't need more than zerker's in my opinion (Agil elixir lategame). I do, however, have some tests with Malady I want to try as a cost-effective way to get both lifesteal and attack speed, instead of Bloodthirster. I am hoping to edit and re-edit this guide in order to keep it current with my preferences as an Ashe player. All feedback is welcome, and this is a build I created for solo que 5v5, not premade teams.

**Extra Tips on Skills

Volley can be used to reveal people in bushes. If your Hawkshot is down you can Volley into fog of war. Keep an eye on your 7 arrows, if one disappears before it has reached the max distance, it hit something. It also has a long range, you can harass someone that is standing behind their own tower. Very useful for keeping garen from regenerating, for example. Always look for straight line paths into your enemies during lane phase. It's easy to volley between minions, you get 7 chances to hit your target =].

Hawkshot is perfect for CHASING. Don't let anyone disappear through a bush and juke your team out. Use hawkshot to light it right up and disable any trickery before it happens. Hawkshot can also show you a safe path or alert your enemies of your trajectory so be careful. For example lets say your ally died getting someone down to 50 hp in the next lane over. You see the low hp opponent hop into bushes and begin to port home. SHOOT YOUR ARROW not your hawkshot first. Many times the hawkshot is a giveaway and they scramble, but if you know they are in nearby bushes when the fog of war takes over, you can score an arrow that will have both teams cheering. You can also hawkshot in FRONT of a fleeing enemy to set up a well-guided bunker bomb to his face.

Also, have fun. If you are running back to your base and no one is in danger, shoot that random arrow. The cooldown is short, and you can score a good many laughs with a world-range skillshot.

More to come. =]