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Tahm Kench Build Guide by tradtrad

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tradtrad

Tahm Kench Supp Updated 5.23

tradtrad Last updated on October 28, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 16


Utility: 14

Threats to Tahm Kench with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank A good blitzcrank will pull you when you have your carry inside however you can also save your carry from blitz, your shield can absorb some of his damage too.
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Tahm Kench Lore

Into a sunken town, the Handsome Gambler ran, for he owed gold and blood, and yet had none to spare. Desperate and forlorn, he was about to change his path and walk away, when he heard a song that called on him, to chance his luck again.

Now the singer was a creature, with the biggest mouth the Gambler had ever seen. "Excuse my song," the monstrous siren said. "The tune's purpose was your attention. For I knew you had troubles and I can offer absolutions."

"Can you carry me from this bind?" the youth asked.

"Boy, the world's one river, and I'm its king. Ain't no place I ain't been. Ain't no place I can't go again... And the price is a minuscule thing. See, I got hungers that ain't easily fed. But those finest tables? They ain't never got a seat for me. So I need men, like yourself, and let me in."

Now the Gambler's only hunger was dice and cards. So this bargain? It seemed too easy a price. "If you're offering a ticket," the youth finally said, "that's a deal I will take." And before another word was spoke, the monster snapped him up and fled.

To a faraway land the Gambler was conveyed. At a palace of chance, he was left.

Years passed. And love the Gambler found. His bride? a princess. And the wedding? None would miss.

Now when that hungry beast finally did arise: the family screamed and fought. And although the Gambler tried to cast him out... it ate the gifts, and house, and gold! For its hunger? Nothing satisfied.

"Please, not now, not this time!" the bride did cry.

The beast's response? To her it purred, "This hunger's a burden, but it's the last time, I swear. So please, forgive."

Now the creature's lies, so melodic and sincere, charmed that bride. And thus she failed to recognize when that demon's jaw unhinged. She screamed, just once. As I snapped her bones and crushed her limbs! Now that meal? It left me satisfied.

So cry if you want, boy, 'cause you had a chance to walk away. Instead you're the fool, the fool who let me in.

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greater mark of hybrid penetration
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
-I max Tongue Lash because it has a low cooldown and can be used in a way if timed correctly so your passive never goes off the opponent, it is also great at harassing in lane since it is your only ranged damaging spell.
-Second I max Devour because it scales with cooldown and allows you to eat people more often and the damage it does at later levels is huge.
-Last I max Thick Skin because it does the same thing at all levels with the shield and the healing isn't really that strong anyway since most of the time you just turn it into a shield since it is more useful.
-Takes points in [[abyssal voyage whenever you have it (6-11-16).

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About Me and Why I think Tahm Kench is a strong support.

I'm EpilepticRabbit from the EUW server and I'm in platinum. It is my duty to bring this guide on the new champion as i have played him on the PBE and had a chance to play him earlier than others so I want to share my knowledge, TK is a brilliant support and can easily snowball his carry and decide fights, while being a good tank and having a strong laning phase, much like Thresh who is his main competition. He is a jack of all trades and provides things no one else can, while being fairly new, be sure that he will be banned out but also buffed in the next patch as little people will know how to play him making him seem weak, so play him while you can!

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Pros and Cons


+ Can save his allies
+ Tanky
+ Sustain
+ Can engage and disengage
+ Good lane presence
+ Scales well
+ Can help others engage and can teleport

His main strengths lie within his abilities to help his carry stay safe and get them fed while helping others engage late game to start fights[/columns]
- Lacks CC
- Ult channeling can be disrupted easily
- Has no proper escape
- Is easily collapsed on under tower
- Hard to master

His main weaknesses is are that he can be bursted down and dived early meaning his carry will be isolated and he has relatively low range as a champ so he gets bullied in lanes against poke champs such as Sona and Zyra.

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Spells Thanks to lolwiki

Tahm Kench Wiki Page

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Spells Tips and Tricks

Tongue Lash

- Tongue Lash is an AA reset spell meaning you can get 3 stacks off quickly with the AA-Q-AA combo, however you will not stun them.
-The slow scales with level so it is good to max it first
-It is your main harass tool and costs little mana however spamming it will drain you so keep an eye out on your mana.
-It is good for hitting an enemy through minions or as a minion is about to get killed by a projectile fire out your tongue and it will go through the minion as it dies, catching your enemy off guard.


- Devour can be used to help your adc dodge skillshots such as Thresh's Death Sentence and Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
- Devour can be used to steal scuttle crab and gain control over it, it can also be used to leash at level 1 if you choose to start with it
- Devour/ Regurgitate can be used in conjunction with Abyssal Voyage to help a friendly tank such as Sejuani engage or a squishier target such as Kog'Maw to escape
-This costs a lot of mana so don't spam it too often, also the slow can be reduced through items such as Elixir of Iron and Boots of Swiftness however tenacity will not.

Thick Skin
-Most of the time you will take the shield as the regen isn't that strong however if you back off and stop taking damage then the regen is a better option.
-This can save you in many situations however the shield decays over time as you heal so just remember the shield will not stay up forever.

Abyssal Voyage

-Ping your mouth and an ally to tell them to enter or to back off, also ping where you are going, although the game does it for you, remember you can cancel the channel.
- Abyssal Voyage can be used to engage or get to lane quicker to save your ADC or even gank with your jungler and Devour combo.

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Summoner Spells

- A must have because it can you help you engage escape and even your allies! Do not pass up on this.

- In my opinion it is better than ignite as it can cripple adc's and other auto attack based champs, this is good against champs like Vayne, Jax and Yasuo.

- Strong against healing lanes like Soraka and Sona. It is also good for laning against champs that have a weak laning phase and can be abused such as Kog'Maw or with a lane bully to give them an early advatage such as Draven or ADCs that can help themselves such as Kalista

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16 Defense
As a tank support you will need to build some defenses and defensive items to stay alive as long as you can to make sure you can protect your carries and CC the enemy as much as you can.
Block - Good for early fights and negating harrass
Recovery - Good for sustaining in early game where you will get harassed
Swiftness - Reduce slows on you so that you can engage and run away easier
Unyielding - This is a one point wonder and negates substantial damage at level 1 and 2
Veteran Scars - This gives a bit of health which works well with your quints
Juggernaut - 3% HP is pretty good since you will be building a lot of it, late game it gives between 40-60 hp so that's pretty good
Hardiness - Take 2 points in this as you will need armor in lane against pokes from autos and their ADC
Resistance - 1 point in this to unlock the next tier, it also gives you some magic resist against spells from the support of which most do magic damage.
Tenacious - 10% Tenacity cannot be found anywhere else outside of a few items, this is great and with Mercury's Treads and Elixir of Iron can work well
Adaptive Armor - Extra armor and magic resist is very good since it will "adapt" to whatever you are building.
14 Utility
Supports mainly provide utility and this boosts their gold income and some generic stats such as mana which you won't build as much.
Phasewalker - Meh mastery but you can save about 15 seconds over the game, also spells that could interrupt your recall on the usual 8 seconds might not, you can also get to lane 1 second earlier which could be the difference between life and death for an ADC.
Fleet of Foot - A bit of MS never hurt anyone
Summoner's Insight - This is very strong as you will have your summoner spells up for frequently than the enemy giving you an advantage if you engage as soon as they coe off cooldown.
Alchemist - Makes your potions worth a bit more gold so is very cost effective.
Greed - Pretty sad name for it since you aren't actually greedy, more like poor collecting benefits here.
Culinary Master - We all want to learn how to cook and feed poros, now you can, plus you heal instantly for some health and mana and then some!
Scavenger - Get what gold you can by adding some gold to your pocket by getting gold when your ADC does or doesn't last hit.
Wealth - 40 gold gives you an extra potion or allows you to take 2 potions and a ward, your choice.

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health
greater mark of hybrid penetration - This is good for early harass and makign your autos and spells hit harder.
- Armor is strong against auto attacks early espeically from ADCs
- x6 So that early game you have some spell negation and you take less damage.
- x3 You need to scale a bit and if they have a lot of AP damage this will help.
- 78 extra health at level is almost 2 auto attacks worth of defense which is very strong, granted not so much at later levels but it is early, you can also take health seals and 2 armor quints and 1 health quint.

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Alternative Masteries and Runes

Here are the recommended masteries in 9/21, I will explain the additional points in utility as i have already explained the ones in the defense tree in the previous chapter.

Inspiration - This is a very good mastery for a support as it is free xp for being near higher level units, aka your adc, this can help you get earlier level 2 or an earlier level 6 and essentially win the lane.

Bandit - Get some free gold from your enemies just for landing your q or auto attack as harass which is good as you can proc is frequently.

Intelligence - This is a very strong mastery because it gives you such good cooldown stats for free, it's practically 5% CDR for free and then you get 20% off items such as Face of the Mountain meaning you can shield more frequently, this is a very valuabel mastery imo.

Wanderer - Great along with boots of mobility for roaming, warding and getting back to lane, this is just too good and scales well late game with all the other movespeed you have built.

This is an alternative page which provides more utility in the runes and masteries and more movespeed to give up some armor and health, there is also a bit of mana regen in the glyphs as many of you mentioned he had high mana costs.

- Take 9 of these as you don't lose much armor from taking them over seals, this means you lose some damage at the expense of movespeed since you take 9 Greater Seal of Health and then 3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

- The reason you take this is you cannot pass up on health with Tahm as he scales so well with it and can meatshield early with his Thick Skin and health really helps him here.

- You take 3 of these you get 1 mana regen which is not much but it's something atleast.

/ - Take 3 of each to make up your 9 glyphs as you need some magic resist against them early ap champs such as Zyra and Morgana

- This is really what the altered runes are about, you can take Fleet of Foot for 3% extra movepspeed and the out of combat from Wanderer .

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- Relic Shield is better than Ancient Coin in my opinion because it makes you tankier also gives your adc some sustain so its good against sustain lanes such as Soraka, it also builds into Face of the Mountain which gives your ally a shield

- This item is very similar in functionality to relic shield and is the pathway to Face of the Mountain.

- This gives you free wards and is one of the best gold efficient item in the game since you get so many wards for free as well as some health. Sell your yellow trinket and get the red one when you buy sightstone.

- This makes it easier to dodge skillshots aswell as engage, get back to lane, ward, gank escape.

- This gives you some health and sustain while giving a shield that scales off your health and potentially giving some damage too, it is good for clutch saves and engages.

- This gives AOE magic resist and health regen, it also builds out of aegis of the legion which does the same thing, in addition you get some shieldng and with Face of the Mountain it gives a good shield for your ADC.

- This gives you health and armor so that you can be tankier, it also gives you a slow which is good for chasing and escaping, in addition to this it makes your spells stronger with your passive on Abyssal Voyage.

- This is the replacement I recommend for when you have a bit more gold and since Righteous Glory is pretty bad in late game this is much stronger, I think it synchronizes very well with Tahm Kench and should be bought after locket usually.

- Gives health and mana and a good engage, this is because apart from his easily interruptable ult he actually lacks stickiness due to how his Tongue Lash works and can be blocked plus it is quite cheap so easy to build, the catalyst the protector gives a good passive in lane phase. Due to how cost effective it is you can build it quick and engage early in lane, just remember not to leave your ADC isolated.

- This will help with warding and roaming, also you can get to lane faster, these can be switched out for Mercury's Treads later on in the game.

- This is very good as it reveals invisible champions as well as wards and working like the old Oracle's Elixir upon activation, it also has a 60 second cooldown so it can be used frequently.

- This is good because it works well with Swiftness and Tenacious in the masteries and also makes it easier to engage in the late game where people will be throwing cc at you non stop.

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Alternative items

- This is good along with the Swiftness mastery to reduce how you are slowed with an enemy in you as well as escaping ganks, take this if you have 9/21 and you have the points in Swiftness . With Boots of Swiftness, Elixir of Iron and Swiftness you have 52.2% slow resistance, that means you will reduce the 95% slow on your Devour to about 170 instead of 30.

- If you are 14/16 then consider this as it scales well with Tenacious which you don't get for Juggernaut in the 9/21 however you can take it if you don't like Juggernaut .

- This is a very good item as it builds up charges as you move, then damage gets discharged on your next auto attack, this works well with abyssal voyage as you can stack it and then discharge it on the closest ally, however be careful of cc as it makes you lose stacks, it is good against ad team with little defenses.

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Patch Updates and Change Log

{18/07/15}-5.14 Patch notes, Tahm gets a buff! What?? Better damage on his Tongue Lash (coup de langue) and increased scaling on his other abilities from health due to his Abyssal Voyage passive.{17/08/15}-5.15 Found [dead man's plate]] to be a good item so added a description.
{18/08/15}-5.16 Unofficial Patch Notes, although not final very probable to occur and similar, here they are, more buffs as expected. {28/10/15}-5.20 Removed some items, fixed some coding and improved spell and item descriptions.