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Not Updated For Current Season

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Talon Build Guide by redrevolver64

[Talon] A Pentakill carved in Every Blade

[Talon] A Pentakill carved in Every Blade

Updated on September 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author redrevolver64 Build Guide By redrevolver64 1,334 Views 0 Comments
1,334 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author redrevolver64 Talon Build Guide By redrevolver64 Updated on September 1, 2012
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There is no BUILD for anyone, this is just a helpful guide to get you to where you want as Talon. You can follow it perfect, but I'd advice making your own parts in it. This is meant for mid or top!
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Summoner Spells

Flash: I chose flash for two reasons: 1.) To flash over walls to: Initiate/fight battle, escape turrets, and/or escape chamption. 2.) Flash straight to escape attack.

Ignite: I chose ignite because of two reasons: 1.) To nerf enemy chamption healing. 2.) To kill off enemy champion if they are running with low health.
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Armor Penetration Marks so you can add some punch in you attacks.

Armor Seals to block the punch of enemy champions.

Health Regeration Glyphs so you don't have to back as often, these are almost like having health runes except the amount of health they're worth is dependent on how much trouble you can stay out of.

Movement Speed Quintessences to help your harass, you can go in, burst, and come out really fast and they'll know to back off.
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I went for Veteran's Scars, because early game that extra health counts, on the way I picked up extra health and defense.

In offense, I got a lot of stuff to d o higher damage on the path to getting Executioner.
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Skill Sequence

First, you get Rake, the main reasons behind this is to have a mid-ranged poke on enemy champtions as well as having a poke tool on minions. Next getting Cuttthroat to jump on enemy champions for harrass. Getting Rake a second time isn't a bad idea, but Noxian Diplomacy is good because it does extra damage and it resets cooldown for basic attacks. Maxing Rake first is best for the same reason you got it first, then max Noxian Diplomacy for extra damage, also Cutthroat is just utility to jump on them and silence, not much changes when you level it up. Get Shadow Assault every chance you get.
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In the beginning, start with with either Doran's blade or boots and 3 potions, depending on whether you want survivability and motion or survivability and damage, I usually go with Doran's blade though, it's up to you. On your first back get Berserker's Grieves for Attack Speed, if you have to choose buy Boots of Speed first to get in the lane faster. Get Bloodthirster for Life Steal, getting B.F. Sword first, if you get Vampiric Scepter it's gg at 20. Next, buy Brutalizer for damage, then Infinity Edge for massive damage, if you have to choose on Infinity Edge, buy anything except the Cloak of Agility until you have both the B.F. sword and Pickaxe. Next, making the Brutalizer a Youmuu's Ghostblade is the next step, for more Attack Damage and the passive it has. Then, you get another Infinity Edge, by the same rules of choosing, finally, one more Infinity Edge buying the B.F. sword in your only slot.
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Poking, keeping the enemy champions off minions, and farming, are the three rules early game for this guide, mid and late game is up to you.

I hope this guide helped you!
League of Legends Build Guide Author redrevolver64
redrevolver64 Talon Guide
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[Talon] A Pentakill carved in Every Blade

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