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Talon Build Guide by EpiK l FateS2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpiK l FateS2

Talon - (AD LEBLANC)

EpiK l FateS2 Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Talon - Assassin.

Talon has recently came out and I've been playing Talon for a while now. I see people building ghostblade, etc and those items won't work very well IMO. I've seen decent Talon players, but I have out damaged them in every way.

This is why I am here to show you how to build him correctly. This works really well.

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I use armor pen, flat armor, cd reduction and Flat atk dmg quint.

Armor pen to dmg more. Flat armor for defense and cd reduction because Talon is an assassin. You want to use your skills to assassinate people as soon as possible. And Flat atk dmg quints to help you early game to farm and gank and get some kills easy.

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I use 21/0/9. Dps as much as possible, cd is a must. Greed for money, because you want to get your first 3 items ASAP.

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Skill Sequence.

W whenever you can. W does tons of dmg after it hits around level 3. Very easy to harrass and easy to farm. Then Q whenever you can't put it on W. Get R whenever you can. (6,11,16)
E should be last to max.

Must get E at level 4.

Harrass with W, Farm with W, Farm with Q, when you hit level 4, spam E,Q,W. This will do tons of damage.

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I get dorans blade to help me farm and deal more damage early game. Then I get boots when I have to go back. Then you rush IE. Get BF sword, then Cloak of Agility because Talon IS NOT A DPS character. He is an ASSASSIN. It will help you with your Q. Especially when you E someone, then Q, if you crit with Q, it will deal tons of damage.

After IE, you rush Sheen ofc. Sheen will help you deal big burst damage. Then you get phage for slow, slow = more damage, and more health and damage. Then zeal and trinity force.

Once you have all these, get boots of swiftness. Why boots of swiftness? why not cd boots?
Because if you have played him, Talon is pretty slow. Assassins have to be fast. They will kill you out of nowhere then disappear like a shadow.

After boots of swiftness, you will deal tons of damage because of your IE, and Trinity Force. Then you get Cloak and Dagger. Why cloak and Dagger? no one uses it! but it is so good because of it's tenacity and more attack speed and crit. Think about it. You try to assassinate someone but they stun you or exhaust you and etc. That will ruin everything. You want to kill him ASAP and get out ASAP. It's very useful for Talon.

After Cloak and Dagger, get frozen mallet. Why frozen mallet when you have trinity force to slow others down? Frozen Mallet will give you 100% slow to do more damage, also give you more health to survive a teamfight.

After Frozen Mallet, get Blood Thirst. Blood thirst will give you more damage and also it will give you life steal. This is needed because when you go in a teamfight when everyone is level 18, you will get damaged a lot. Since you deal tons of burst AD damage, you can life steal very easily. This will help you ace the other teammates.

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When you are laning, be a little aggressive. Your W has pretty long range. They won't come and try to hit you because if they do, just press your W, and hit them + slow them down. Max W to get tons of farms and you need CS. More CS = Faster IE + sheen = GG.

Try to get solo top lane, or mid. Talon mid wtf? yes Talon mid. I have mid before against almost many casters and I have won very easily. It might be very hard but when you hit 4, you can deal tons of damage and when you hit 6, you can kill them very easily.

Harrass with W and also Farm with W whenever possible because Talon barely uses mana. Also get Q at level 2 because Q will help you farm easier.

Don't forget. You can Q turrets to deal extra damage.


When you hit 6 and you want to get a kill, then just do, E to him, then USE W. When you E to them, they will likely try to run away. Wait like 1 second and see where they are heading and use W to that direction to slow them down. Then catch up to him and Q him to do more damage. After that, pop your ult right after your Q hits. Do not use any spells because then it will end your ultimate. Out run him to his destination and you wait for your CD on your Q. When the CD is almost done, ignite him, which will end your ultimate, and Q him for the kill.

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Team Fights.

Talon is a squishy champion. Even though after you finish your build and have around 3k health or a little more, you will be squishy.
Always know when to come in. Do not just go in with your ultimate. Play Talon like Nocturne.

Enter the team fights when it has been started. Your job is to assassinate their AD/AP Carry.
Go in while they are busy, E their carry, w, q then pop your ultimate and wait for your cd.

Waiting for your CD is very important. They can't see you and you will just do more damage if your skills are back up. Once it's down, ignite their carry, and Q him. He should be dead by then.

Then you finish the rest by auto hitting, spamming E, Q, W and R whenever it comes up.

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Talon is a great at ganking. When Talon hits 6, hide in a bush to gank.

Pop your ultimate before you go in which will make yourself invisible.
When you are invisible, walk up to your target, and E right away. then W, Q and ignite for the finish. Your teammates will help you and you can easily get a kill and maybe 2 kills.

When you feel like roaming around and you think you have enough damage, which is when you have IE, Boots of Swiftness and Sheen at least. Ward their jungle. Their junglers will be jungling and when you see that their red or blue is up, you can go hide there. When the jungler comes in, e, w, q and ult, ignite and gg jungler.

I have went perfect score, raped solo top against Jarvan, Morde, Gragas, Xin, GP, a lot more.

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