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Talon Build Guide by xXxkenzz321xXx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXxkenzz321xXx

Talon - Burst Ownage

xXxkenzz321xXx Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Talon is a really great champion , one of my favourite

Talon is also an assassin champion , which means he does really high burst damage and is able to take down most of his targets

My build helps to kill almost any champion in their layout , if not , takes down a huge amount of hitpoints off of their champions

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Just a Reminder

Now Just a reminder , this is a guide on how I play Talon , its not the PERFECT guide that'll keep giving you wins , and most of these can be changed with other things but this is how i play him . Most of these are self preferanced , so if i say i dont use it , doesnt mean you should hate me or anything , its up to you on what you like to choose , if you like AD/ATS Talon , play that , if you like having 5 bloodthirsters and 1 boots of lucidity on Talon , play that . Im not stopping you , just play what build you like to play and just have fun

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Pros and Cons

~Great Burst Damage
~Very low cooldowns that are able to get you in and out of a fight
~Very fun , easy and awesomez
~Easy to get kills

~Cant get out when ulti on cooldown and you jump into a fight with Cutthroat
~Gets owned by CC early game
~When in a lane with a ranged champion , you'll have a hard time farming and constantly get harrased

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In this talon build , I've chosen alot of dps runes , and since i had them , i used them for talon as i like to play dps champions and sometimes tank champions.

Greater Mark of Desolation - This is for killing those tanky champions with tons of armor

- This is just needed for this build , as it focuses on using [*] Infinity Edge for pure crit damage as well as Sheen's proc

- Just essential for this build , helps to keep your cooldowns short and fast for chasing and escaping tight situations , especially in early game , but this loses out to late game

- If you guys think you can handle early game fairly well without the flat cooldown reduction that gives , then use this , its better in late game and helps to put out your max damage with talon's

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Just a little help for those really tanky champions with loads of armor , combine this with [*] Last Whisper or [*] Youmuu's Ghostblade and their armor will mean nothing

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Summoner Spells

- Great spell for talon , helps you to solo someone as this summoner spell reduces damage dealt to you . Also , its a great chasing mechanism , imagine after they flash , you'll still be able to reach them with a cutthroat as their too slow already

- One of the best spells to me in the game (self preference) , this really helps for escaping those tight situations . E.g your killing dragon and someone decides to crash the party , just flash over the hill and escape (ulti if needed if he flashes towards you). This is also a great chasing mechanism if your Cutthroat is out of range , just flash and Cutthorat then boom , he's dead

- Hmm , a good spell , especially when you ulti and then you ghost , the movespeed you have is just outstanding , good for chasing , but not that great for escaping fights like flash , none the less , an ok spell only

- I've seen some talon's perform well with this spell but i dont really fancy it , the Bleeding effect + this is actually pretty good , but i've chosen Exhaust over this because of those solo battles , its a good spell anyways .

Note : These Summoner spells are all based on self preference , choose what you fancy and own some champions with them

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My masteries are usually the basic stuff you see on those DPS champions , 21 / 0 / 9 , Self Preferance anyways

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Item Choices #1

Now as i'll explain in this section , Item Choice is VERY IMPORTANT , and i mean VVEERRYY IMMPOORTTANTT . Items can decide a win or a loss . In this part i will explain about your damage items and survivability items

- A must for Talon as it gives great damage output and a load of lifesteal (maximum of 100 damage and 25% Lifesteal) .

- Very Very good item for Talon as well , 80 damage , crit damage increased to 250% , crit chance 25% , what more could you ask for? Now i bet your wondering , 'Talon is an AD burst damage , why are you taking crit items?' . Well i've taken crit items for Talon's Noxian Diplomacy , it stacks with criticals and trinity's proc , so basically your doing 250% more damage with it alongside with trinity's proc .

- A very good item for Talon , gives you Cooldown reduction , armor penetration , and an active thats like a mini-ghost spell that increases attack speed , what more could you ask for?

- One of the best anti caster items in the game . It can block EVERYSPELL in the game as long as you see a barrier on top of your champion , WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR . It even gives more hp , more mana , and a touch of magic resistance to finish it off , very good item and is a must against a pure caster team .

- A very underrated item thats not really used . To be honest , its a really good item as well . It gives magic resistance and an active cleanse , helps if you just need to get our of that situation when your banshee's isnt up .

- Ahh the Trinity Force.. , a really expensive , but great item if you can get it out , this item , is B.A. , it gives 30 Attack Speed(nt that you need attack speed that much) , 30 Attack Damage , 30 Ability Power(not that you need ability power AT ALL) , 15% Critical Strike Chance , 250 Hp , 250 Mana , 12% movespeed . This is all also buffed up with its passives , a 25% chance to slow a target for 35% for 2.5s AND , upon casting a spell , increases your attack damage by 150% for one attack . Do i need to say any more?

- Really good item , gives 45 armor , gives 18% Critical Strike Chance , alongside with its 2% of hp converted into Damage , this combined with warmogs will not only get you a ton of hp , but a ton of damage as well as its armor .

- Really good late game , especially with the stacks you'll be getting , and dont worry about dying and losing the stacks , THE STACKS ARE PERMANENT , usually you'd combine this with an atma's impaler to get more AD and survivability as well .

- Yet another anti caster item , its good because it gives some AD and also because of its passive , gaining a 300 damage absorbing shield if you are brought down below 30% by a magic spell . This is great for fighting those pure AP bursters , like Brand , Karthus , Annie , Kassadin and many more .

- Very good item if those tanks are just TOO armor'd up and you cant finish them even with your runes , gives 40 attack damage and 40% Armor Penetration , i mean , 40%? That is alot if you ask me .

- If your not taking Mercury Threads , you can take this , a very underrated item , gives atk speed , attack damage , and tenacity which really helps talon a whole lot .

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Item Choices #2

In this part , i'll explain about the boots .

- Its good for those AD/ATS kind but this is an AD burst build . AD burst to me is much better than atk spd Talon , and you do more damage output as an AD burst

- I just love these on Talon , gives me the mobility of running away , chasing , and going for a gank in another lane

- The dodge is nice , especially with the masteries and the runes , but i just prefer others , up to your playstyle

- Great item for Talon , especially with its cooldown reduction that makes Talon a huge pain . Really helps burst champions like Talon *depends on how you play him , AD burst , ATS or AD/ATS*

- My friends usually ask me why do i use boots of swiftness when there's boots of mobility out there? Well , i use Swiftness instead of Mobility because i like to be able to constantly have that movespeed . I also like the movespeed because when im running away i dont have to wait for the 5 seconds that they could catch up to me with .

Mercury's Threads - Ahh yes , dont you just love these? To me , this is a MUST against a CC team with loads of stuns , silences , slows . Make that in mind that Talon is VERY WEAK AGAINST CC . Keep that in mind that if you have purchased this , DO NOT BUY CLOAK AND DAGGER , as Tenacity does not stack .

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Why Avarice Blade First? Why Not Brutalizer First?

Well in my opinion , i like to have the 5 gold per 10 item , helps me to get out my items faster than it would . Although Brutalizer gives armor penetration and cooldown reduction , i just prefer having avarice first because of the crit chance and gold per 10 , self preference .

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Mercy - +10% damage if target is under CC of any sort , pretty good passive if you use Rake and start hitting him

- Nuke and applies bleed . Really good nuke, use after you initiate . Your Bread and Butter for this build , with just a Bloodthirster , Infinity Edge ,a Youmuu's Ghostblade and alongside a Sheen , you can do about 1k Critical hits to those squishies . Make sure you have that damage amp from Cutthroat first. Other than that , it applies bleeding effect and vision of the champion , so , you can backstab the enemy champion if he thinks he's safe behind a turret and starts to Recall , just jump in and kill him (flash out if needed)

- Area of effect slow and damage . Use this to prevent fleeing champions , this early game is a really good harrass on enemy champions and good for chasing and escaping , just turn behind and pop this out and start running

Cutthroat - Blink towards enemy champion and silences them for 1 second and amplifies damage taken by 15% from Talon . Really good spell for chasing and escaping , for example , a jungle is warded and the enemy know your in a brush and are chasing you , just pop this on a neutral creep and you can make your escape .
Take Note That By Using This Ability When Having Shadow Assault Does Not Break You Out From The Stealth Mode As It Does Not Deal Damage , This Is Good For Blinking Towards And Enemy Stealthed And Have ALL The Blades Hit Him , Also Good For Juking The Enemy By Blinking Towards Him And Running Behind .

- Great ultimate , low cooldown , high burst damage , great escape mechanism , speed boost + ghost + youmuu's = Usain Bolt , anyways . Remember to place yourself where almost all the blades will hit so you do really high damage to alot of the enemy , the stealth given also is a pretty good thing for escaping or whatnot's . Keep in mind that the blades do pop out in a circle around you , so position youself a lil behind a brush and then start making you move towards the enemy champion . With the speed boost , you should be able to reach the enemy champion unless if it was warded or you were not far back enough and he spotted the blades come out .

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Getting Owned Early Game? / Cant Farm At All Because Too Low HP?

If this happens , try to ask for a lane switch or just get , the 100 health boost early game along with the damage is pretty good survivability . Dont sell the Doran's Blades unless if you have a very good item coming out as they are pretty decent

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Teamwork With Your Team (Teamfights)

Make sure you wait awhile before making your entrance , you can either choose to ult in , or cutthroat in , to me , to ult in is best because if you position yourself correctly , you can do some serious damage to all enemy champions . Keep in mind that you DO HAVE TO WAIT FOR A FEW SECONDS BEFORE MAKING YOUR ENTRANCE , Talon is not and initiator . And also never go in thinking 'Oh , i'll get one kill and then i'll die' , no , never think like that , if you think like that , thats bad , for every death you make , your constantly losing farm time as well as gank time , defend time , killing time , helping time , which is essential for any game , so early game you have to make sure you do not die at all , or your most likely gonna have a bad game unless if your allies can back you up .

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Overconfidence Kills

Never EVER engage somebody alone in a brush when they all missing , you never know whats in the next brush , unless you have it all warded . They could be doing dragon and you see somebody taking Blue Buff , you try to ambush him , next thing you know , its 5v1 and your dead . Also , never ever suddenly say 'GG' in the middle of the game when its only 22-10(team scores) , they can come back and start laughing back at you and you'll make yourself look like an idiot , so yeah , never do that .

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Well , some premade games usually have their teams planned out , and maybe you'll see one of these , so these items really help you get back the damage you need on them

- Gives good armor penetration and cooldown reduction

- A really awesomez item for those hardcore armor pumpers , 40% armor penetration and 40 damage is really high for its price and its awesomez

- And another really awesome item is this , Madred's Bloodrazor . NOTE : ONLY BUY THESE IF THEIR STACKING HP ITEMS , IF NOT , ITS USELESS . Pretty good stuff , 4% of enemy champion's maximum health is turned to damage per hit , 25 Armor , 40 Attack Speed , 30 Attack Damage . Expensive , but really good against those tanks .

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Finishing the Guide

So to sum it all up

-You need map awareness
-You need good positioning in a teamfight
-Always have your ult ready before jumping into a fight
-Take the kills if you are sure you can kill him before he runs towards a turret / another enemy champion
-Teamwork with your teammates , if your teammates are all friends , go on vent with them or Skype to make it even better
-Do not be overconfident
-Do not dive towers when you cant get the kill and just end up dying
-Do not kill somebody if your gonna get killed unless if he's on a legendary or something and you have no spree
-Make sure you and your team have a HUGE ward coverage , helps to ambush the enemy jungler when he's going to jungle at your place or ambush them doing baron/dragon
-Play smartly
-Dont initiate , your not the initiator
-Make sure you ult behind the brush a little bit if not you'll be exposed
-Have fun with the guide and dont forget to comment and vote :D