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Talon Build Guide by Guest



Updated on May 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 11,071 Views 1 Comments
11,071 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Talon Build Guide By Guest Updated on May 21, 2012
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If you want to win in dominion, this guide is for you

I finally decided to make a guide after I perfected everything in game. Talon is an incredible champion to play. He can burst down any squishy champion with ease, and harass the rest down to know health before jumping in for the kill.


Knowing how to play him will help you win. In my
KEYS TO TALONI'll give you all of the quick tips you need in order to dominate any champion.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a must have for dominion. Getting somewhere quickly can mean the difference between winning or losing a point.

I prefer ignite as my second spell for two reasons. 1) It adds to Talon's early game damage. 2) Between his bleedout from his Q and ignite, champions take much more damage over time as they continue to try to fight you

Other good summoner spells to run are:
Exhaust for a 1v1 fight
Promote! - This is a great choice for a 1v1 lane. This allows you to push to an enemy turret, then promote it right before you begin to capture, which allows you to take turrets much faster.
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Armor Penetration marks and quints are definitely the best choice. In dominion, most people go straight attack damage or ability power builds. This means they have low armor all game. Between Armor pen marks and quints, and add that with the brutalizer as your first item, you will be dealing TRUE DAMAGE at level 1 to 90% of champions.
Flat Armor Seals are a must in dominion. This allows you to be tanky when starting off.
For Glyphs, flat Magic Resist will help you in case an AP champion goes bottom against you.

This is a pretty typical rune build for an AD champion, but in dominion, dealing true damage is a must in order to win against an enemy champion early.
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For masteries I run 21-9-0 for 2 reasons. 1) Having 21 in offense allows Talon to deal the most damage right away. 2) This is important because he is one of the best 1v1 champions in Dominion. Getting early kills and snowballing is vital.

I run 9 in defense for 2 reasons as well. Early tankiness will win a 1v1 fight. The extra health, armor, and magic resist make you much stronger right off the bat. No need for mana regen/reduced death time masteries because this doesn't help as much as being more tanky. You aren't dead long enough to make the reduction count, and you won't use enough mana before porting to need those masteries either. Plus, there are health and mana refills on the map.
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KEYS to Talon - Burst them down!

    There are several things you need to know in order to dominate everyone. Talon is very easy to play once you know a few tricks.
    Talon is a burst champion, especially early game. His attack speed is very slow, so the key is to hit hard and get out.
    At level 3 (starting level in Dominion) there is a sure fire way to get a kill within the first minute or two of the game.
    The KEY is to use your
E ability to jump in. This will silence them, allowing them only to use basic attacks, and also magnify and damage done for 3 seconds. Then use your W abilityto slow them and activate your passive. (deal 10% more damage to slowed enemies)Finally, hit them with yourQ abilityto hit them hard and cause them to bleed out. This will keep them from healing, and deal damage over time.
At this point you have2 options.
If they are almost dead, continue to chase (use ghost if necessary) and finish them for the kill. IF they are a more tanky champion, simply retreat to health restoration center to heal up, and head to the bush to wait for your cooldowns to refresh. As soon as everything is up, hit them with another burst to finish them off!

There is one more thing to note.
1) 99% of the time, since you hit so hard, champions panic and try to retreat during your burst. Aim your W ability towards their base to ensure you hit them.
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Item Build

This build gives you maximum damage for your bursts.

Brutalizer and Boots of Lucidity will give you massive cool down reduction right away, allowing you to constantly harass and burst down champions without having to sit and wait for abilities to refresh.

This is an expensive build. However, Talon snowballs pretty easily, and add that in with quick gold income from dominion, and you can afford all of these items pretty quickly.

Early phage will help your passive activate to deal more damage, as well as give you more sustainability in a fight since you have increased health.

late game you have more items that allow you to auto attack more after your burst is done just in case you need to clean up on tankier enemies
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Pros / Cons

    Talon deals massive damage at level 3 (starting level)
    With this build Talon deals true damage to 90% of champions (many champions only have around 30-30 armor, but your armor pen will work later too!)
    Late game you scale very well, allowing you to silence and burst down pesky champions like
Jax before he can even get his attack speed build.
Talon's W & R abilities are great at stopping champions from capturing towers.
Great escapes! His ultimate allows him to go invisible if he gets too low of health.
Cooldown reduction!! Talon is able to use his ult every 40 seconds! Basically anytime you need it or after you port back.
Talon wins just about every 1v1 match up.

    Teams with a lot of CC can sometimes stun talon before he gets off his burst
    Talon sacrifices early movement speed for heavy early attack damage and CDR
    Since Talon is mostly burst damage until late game, he is reliant on cool downs and is less effective in team fights - which is why I
always play bottom turret in dominion.

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