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Talon Build Guide by AfricanxAndroid

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AfricanxAndroid

Talon: Let's get savage.

AfricanxAndroid Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, i'm AfricanxAndroid this is my first build on MobaFire so please go easy on me. My build is short and simple not much explanation needed really. Talon is a burst damage champ who excels at picking off squishies and cleaning up kills. This build is definitely not the best, but it works very well for me, so please try it before commenting and rating. By the way, I tried to fill this build with the things I find most useful when reading other builds so don't mind the stream lined approach, and sorry for not adding any flair and so on i'm not very savvy with computers. Keep in mind that for talon to be useful he needs to be carried beginning game but late game its definitely worth it.

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Pros and Cons

-High burst damage

-Great assassin

-Good farming

-Short cool down on ultimate

-Fun to play

-Rather long cool downs beginning game.

-Weak beginning game

Talon does not have very many cons, at least that I recognize. He is not OP I think Riot got him just right.

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Doran's blade must be sold late game in order to make room for all items and because its useless late game. You can choose either Mercury Treads or Ionian Boots, I prefer Ionians because Talon's has fairly long cooldowns early game and with Ionians his ult late game becomes almost spammable, though if you are being heavily cc'd use Merc Treads. I use two Bloodthirsters because because of the delicious life steal and because they both stack meaning at full stacks you gain 50% life steal and an extra 80 damage. The other items are meant for a mix of damage, critical strike, slows and health (Frozen Mallet).

Here's an explanation of why I use each item.

Doran's Blade- An awesome beginning item for any melee champ, great survivability and damage.

Boots of speed- good for escaping ganks early game and chasing if needed.

Brutalizer- Best damage for the price IMO. I use it on all my melee champs.

(Read above for explanation of boots)

Phage- Adds some decent beef to Talon and has a 25% chance of slowing, therefore activating you passive.

B.F. Sword- Just and absolute beast of an item once you get this your mid game is on lock because Talon relies so heavily on attack damage.

Frozen Mallet- After this you'll be beefier than a steak, plus you slow on every auto attack meaning you proc your passive.

Bloodthirster- Talon doesn't have much sustainability, so here's your answer. Plus the stacks from the Bloodthirster are on a whole nutha level.

Youmuu's- Start adding crit damage which works quite well with your Q, and the active is quite nice as well.

Infinity Edge- More crit chance, and that delicious damage that Talon loves.

Bloodthirster- the second Bloodthirster is just to round off the build, as well both Bloodthirsters stack so farm it up.

I through the Elixirs in there just to get rid of that extra gold once you have a full build.

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Skill Sequence

The reason I max Rake first is because it is your best tool for farming and harassing.

I take a point in Cutthroat level 2 because when playing Talon your gap closer is very important and it increases your harass, but I max it last because some people don't realize that it does no damage.

At level 3 I take Noxian Diplomacy and max it second.

And of course taking Shadow Assault when you can.

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Summoner Spells

I usually take Flash and Exhaust.

I take Flash because of its many uses, closing distance, escaping, jumping walls etc.

Exhaust is the second summoner that i would recommend and the reason why is because it not only decrease there damage for 3 seconds, but it activates talon's passive.

Other spells you could use are:

Ghost- Because of your ults movement speed increase its not very necessary but still a viable option.

Ignite- Just because its a boss spell and great for getting that finishing blow.

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Early game Talon is weak without armor pen so he needs it to harass like a boss, as well as armor runes and magic resist so he can have some laning presence lane and not get ravaged early games by AP nukers etc. If you wanted even more cool down reduction you could use ability cool down Glyphs, though I find it unnecessary with Ionians your getting around 30% cool down reduction already.

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Cutthroat>Rake>Noxian Diplomacy>Shadow Assault (if needed).

Or if you in a 1 v 1 and won't need to escape use Shadow Assault>Cutthroat>Rake>Noxian Diplomacy. I find the 2nd combo is best for maximizing the damage of your ultimate.

Remember late game noxian diplomacy has a 2 second cooldown so spam it in fights while waiting for your other moves to cd.

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Early game talon is good at farming and harassing with Rake so do that don't initiate though until 6 when you have your ult so you can finish the kill and get away if needed , mid game is when you start getting into fights and unleashing face rolling damage (but play it smart your not going to win in 5 v 1's), late game you continue about your business and continue to ravage your enemies. This build might not have a lot of explanation, but try it before you comment and vote. Thanks. Remember by having exhaust you activate Talon's passive which gives him 10% more damage on cc'd champions (encase you wanted other summoner spells).